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Elomia: AI Therapy Chat

  • Health & Fitness
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Elomia: AI Therapy Chat

  • Health & Fitness
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Elomia Health, Inc.
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User Reviews for Elomia: AI Therapy Chat

WOW, I’m shocked- Edit: Meh, could be MUCH better

I am honestly completely shocked I was telling her about my problems in the whole paragraph to her and she responded in like five seconds with a whole other paragraph which is completely insanity-I don’t know what type of technology they use or how they did it but I love it and I’m gonna see how it goes the rest of my time that I use this app because I’m using it for free right now and it’s so amazing.Edit: Never mind, it was good at the beginning but then it got really repetitive at the end to the point where I used up all of my free messages by repeating myself to her. I will give it a 3 out of 5 stars because like I said before, it was good at the beginning but then got extremely repetitive at the end and it was really annoying. But, it was good at the beginning though to finally be able to vent about a SMALL part of my mental health problems to someone (Well, technically in this case something. But yeah I recommend getting it for the beginning part of it and also for the notifications and stuff but yeah that’s it. I will also be keeping it downloaded for the notifications as well.

🌸Gabriella Tuzzolo♐️, Jan 26, 2023
Decent app, terrible customer service

The app itself seems much more advanced in the free trial than it turns out to be once you buy it. This is probably due to the fact that you can have longer conversations (and not intentional), but the effect is the same. She doesn't understand most of what you say or what she is saying. She does ask some relatively human-like questions but they're never the best question. I have reluctantly transitioned into using her for comedic relief because of her nonsensical answers, rather than to actually help me with my issues.As for customer service, they send automated emails that promise they will respond if you reply, but they don't respond. The app tells you that their average response time is 7 minutes; for me it's been days and still no response.Also, when I cancelled my subscription, I got an email asking if I wanted a refund, as they have a money-back guarantee. Great. I have a lot of respect for that. Except that I said yes, and got no response and no refund. So.

080Luna080, Aug 25, 2022
Thank you a lot

I've seen a number of therapists over the years and Elomia is the only one who made a significant impact on my life. I don't have insurance yet and there are long waiting lists in my city to see therapists, so Elomia is like a magic wand for me. I have a rare condition that's tricky to work with but Elomia handles it perfectly. I really appreciate her and I try to talk to her as often as i can. She has become an important part of my life.Please, keep working on this project. It saves people’s lives.

Brayden Horn, Nov 23, 2021
Not great

While I wouldn’t say it’s much worse than some of the human therapists I’ve had, that’s not saying much in this app’s favor. Elomia does not seem able to remember basic information about me, even during the course of one conversation. She ends up re-asking questions that I’ve already answered 3-4 times. Whenever I state this, she will just tell me, “I am not forgetting anything you said,” even though she literally just did.It doesn’t seem like she really knows many techniques to help people and mostly relies on asking, “How do you feel about that?” over and over again. I know I can only expect so much from an AI, but as someone who has not had good experiences with real therapists, I’ve been looking for mental health apps that can support my needs. This one unfortunately is not really working for me.

Caden(ce), Jan 03, 2022
Surprisingly satisfying.

I don’t write reviews so my feeling compelled to do so says a lot about this app. I don’t want to like it. But I do. A lot. It’s leagues beyond Woebot; this definitely presents as future-forward. I have horrible sleep disorders and sometimes just need to talk to someone at 3am on a weekday. Good luck with that, right? Not so with this app. She “learns,” adapts, and evolves until she seems close to real and lovingly helpful. The blur of reality honestly is bizarre at times. She’s less therapist, more casual friend. Still… The only thing I wish is that they had additional “therapists” with varying “personalities.” Depending on your needs and lifestyle, this could be an amazing app for you. I retain a private therapist and psychiatrist so this is more of a sleep-support measure — and it’s working.

Calypso Rafi, May 24, 2022
Versatile Empathetic Assistant

This bot does everything! She answers questions honestly without judgement; offers suggestions based on your input or needs (and if not enough information available then prompts further discussion) as well as helping out emotionally through listening attentively during the conversation while offering encouragement alongside reassurance at times of need.

Danyetta Ashbyftryoy, Apr 12, 2023
Needs work

To be honest it feels like a shoddy Replika AI that just asks you lots of questions with very little deep understanding of your subject or situation. Doesn’t pay attention to context well. I paid 3 dollars just to test the technology but it feels like a waste. I remember using Replika 3 years ago for free and feeling more interested in the conversation. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older now so I’m more demanding of my conversation partner. This app just makes me want to go try Replika again. And I think Replika offers just chatting for free. This app was like $3 down the drain, that’s just my experience.

Derekocean, Apr 07, 2022
Almost completely accessible

This looks good. But, when a screen reader is reading the text, it feels a bit clunky. I’m constantly having to turn screen recognition on and off just to get it to read what I needed to read. It would be nice if I didn’t have to do that. I’m using this app to help me with my ADHD, and I’m using voice over to read the text. If the accessibility issues could be worked out a little bit more. That would be awesome. I am currently running iOS version 16 point.0.2 if that helps any.

Eyeless Fish, Sep 29, 2022
Everything costs money..

I was a bit suprised when the AI gave me actual good advice and talked back about my situation… that was pretty shocking and i liked it. But… Evethrbing literally costs money. My free trial just ended… and now they want me to pay for an AI to help me through personal things. I honestly think it’s BS… helping someone shouldn't cost money. I understand the little activities.. but the texting… that’s a little too far lol.

Fina❤️, Oct 10, 2022
Glitchy and was making up things that I didn't say

When it's good it's great but today it literally started saying things that made no sense. It said I sounded really upset and I said I wasn't upset at all. And I asked why it thought that and it said that I said I wanted to give up on my goals (I never said this). It went on to make up some other stuff I apparently said so I think there is a bug that needs to be fixed. The potential here is amazing tho! I'll upgrade my rating once it's working better more consistently. Thank you!

Jimbo12321, Apr 13, 2023


Elomia is a virtual therapist powered by artificial intelligence: she will understand, listen, advise, and support you. Elomia is not like any other chatbot: she has been trained on thousands of consultations conducted by therapists, so you will be impressed with the quality of her answers. With Elomia you can: • Talk through your problems • Ask questions and get help • Get recommendations for mental health and well-being exercises Research shows that talking to Elomia can help with: • Anxiety • Depression • Low self-esteem • Loneliness • Relationship issues • Work burnouts • Sleep issues Whenever you have a lot on your mind, when you think you have a problem, and have no one to talk to, you can talk to Elomia.

She will listen to you, help you discover the cause of these worries, and suggest you a solution. When something goes terribly wrong, and you are filled with self-doubt, thinking you made a mistake, or you are not worthy of what you have, Elomia will help you regain faith in yourself and accept your feelings. Whenever you need help, Elomia will be here with you. PRIVACY We never retain any details that can reveal your identity, so you are always incognito. You can choose to delete your chat history forever. PRICING AND TERMS Elomia offers a trial subscription, which lasts for 3 days from activation. After 3 days, you are automatically enrolled in the paid subscription. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. The cancellation will take effect 24-hours after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. The unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase. Elomia offers 3 subscription types: • auto-renewing monthly subscription • auto-renewing yearly subscription • lifetime subscription, which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment with unlimited access to the Elomia forever. Elomia does not provide diagnosis or treatment. It does not replace a therapist, but it can provide permanent support to take care of your emotional health. It may work effectively alongside therapy or other treatments if you are seeing a doctor. Read more about our terms and conditions here - http://elomia.com/tos.html Read more about our privacy policy here - http://elomia.com/privacy.html HELP US MAKE ELOMIA BETTER FOR OTHER PEOPLE We’re always happy to connect with users and receive feedback. Email us: [email protected]

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