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DogSnap:Dog breed scanner&Care

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DogSnap:Dog breed scanner&Care

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User Reviews for DogSnap:Dog breed scanner&Care

Why this one

I used to use another app and it wasn’t very helpful but I feel like the app will be so helpful and it helps you! I have to start school really soon and I have no idea how to balance my school and my dog. Hopefully this will help me manage my school and my cutie pet by wonderful feeding suggestion. Suprisingly I know more about my dog, being a responsible breeder, I should test eskimo' s breeding stock for health issues such as hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. As with all breeds, an Eskie's ears should be checked weekly to remove debris and avoid a buildup of wax, and the dog's teeth should be brushed regularly. If you have an Eskimo, hope you know this as well!

Chloeeeeellam, Sep 29, 2021
Great app

I love this ap! It’s just become a part of my daily routine. It helps me to get back on track when I fall off the wagon. I love seeing my trends. There are some syncing issues every once in a while but they are usually quickly resolved.

F-1goodbreedersinhusky, Jan 11, 2022
Really need to try harder

My dog is a killer bread I’m in Shepherd and I used it on her and it said that she’s like what it’s not even a German Shepard and I used all my pure bred Yorky and it said that he wasn’t even a Yorky corgi or something and I used it on my purebred corgi and it said that she was like all these different things that aren’t even corgi the rain is the only Maltese and said that she was like A Yorky or something like that

gdjgxucjchkd, Sep 24, 2021
Do not use

It is not free- you have to enter your credit card to access the three free days. Then you have to give them a 5-star rating in order to proceed, before you’ve even used the app. If you think you’ll use the three free days and cancel before it bills you, think again. It’s nearly impossible to find where the charge is. Be careful when using this site. Oh and on top of everything else, I wasn’t sure about the results of my mixed breed dog so I did my 2 lb purebred chihuahua for test purposes. It called her a Great Dane. Yep. Like I said, be careful.

gigithrasher, Dec 07, 2022
Thank you!!!

i’ve been trying to find a dog app like this, when i was watching tiktok i saw a add that says “translate your dog!” so i decided to check out the app! well i’m still new to the app but is still fun! it works! thank you sooo much! p.s. is there a cat one?

jj72919&23, Feb 25, 2022
rated 5 stars so this comment won’t get lost

have the app but don’t know if it’s making me pay $9.99 a week to use it. It lets me use everything but don’t want to spend that much on an app. there’s no way of knowing. please get back to me asap. thank you

katie_fg, Apr 14, 2022
This is my first time in this game

This is my first time in this game and it popped in my tiktok ads and this Is the most best game or dog games I may says I ever tried it’s the best there a lot to it there’s dog translater and other dog stuff it’s a really cool app everything u are looking for dogs it’s in this app I love this app try it now

keelya99, Feb 20, 2022
Not only but also

It’s not only about scan i suppose, also it raises our awareness to care about our dogs. I lived in different country i could see how people treat dogs differeny and dogs act differently. It’s important to care about them and they will treat you back. That’s what this app is doing, it is great.

Lilywanderwson, Oct 19, 2021
Breed accuracy is WAY off

My dog is a dachshund pit, most people call her a chihuahua because of the way she looks. This app can’t even get one of her breeds right. I expected it to say chihuahua, nope. Nothing. She was called a bloodhound a shiba inu (even though she’s a purse sized dog) anything but her breed. This app is a joke, I honestly think it’s random selection for fun because even using the same picture gets different results every time

mk1931, Jan 17, 2022
This successfully gave us the breed for our adopted dog

My gf and I adopted a dog and we couldn’t figure out what it was. We sent off for one of the dna breed tests and it came back with breeds that didn’t make sense.I uploaded a picture to this app and immediately it gave us a clue that it is a Venezuelan Shepard. That is 100% what she is. Couldn’t believe this actually worked!

nickname73838, Apr 20, 2023


By using DogSnap, you can identify various dog breeds by simply taking pictures, DogSnap has an intelligent analyzers and extensive dog knowledge base for you to better know your dogs. You can translate dog's or human language with the touch of a button, talk to your dog easily, breaking the language barrier. You also can participate in fun video challenges with your dog!

If you share the video in a challenge, your dog can get the attention it deserves and you can also connect with other dog lovers like you. Main Function Intelligent dog breed identifier - More than 600 kinds of dogs can be identified, and you can clearly know the composition of their lineage - Identify each breed’s physical traits, movement, and temperament Dog Language Translator -Talk with your dog easily! You can say something to your dog or hear how it sounds in different language -This is an instant translator and you can communicate with you dog in real time Dog Emotion Recognizer -Just take a picture to recognize your dog's emotions. Understand what your dog is feeling now! Explore dog-related knowledge - The most complete database including not only dog breeds but also detailed introductions to all of them, get to know your dog better! Find your match - According to the traits of different dog breeds, choose the most suitable one for you. You may find your ideal family dogs, best guard dogs, etc. Learn dog-related training skills - Cultivate dogs' daily habits and correct some bad habits - Teach the dog to understand the meaning of your instructions and actions Learn professional dog care knowledge - Learn about tips on how to gently groom your dog, such as how to properly perform hair trimming, ear cleaning, nail cutting, bathing, and so on. - You can find out the best and the worst foods for your dog and which ones to avoid Share your dog and participate in a dog game or challenge - Train and guide your dogs as they play, create close bonds with them in the process. - One-click upload to share and get attention from other dog lovers Don't hesitate, come and try this dog scanner app! If you want to know your dog’s breed, don’t pay for an expensive DNA test. Just download Dogsnap and spend a few seconds scanning your dog! You can meet many dog lovers like you here, and share your dog-raising experiences. We cherish our dogs as best friends and family members. Let’s keep them happy and healthy! Privacy Policy: https://globalpage.creativeappnow.com/infos/dogsnap/privacy.html Terms of Use: https://globalpage.creativeappnow.com/infos/dogsnap/terms.html

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