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Kadama - Find a Tutor

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User Reviews for Kadama - Find a Tutor

Great for college and high school students!

Firstly I should start off by saying this app is really innovative in what it aims to accomplish. Setting up tutors to help students and letting students be tutors is a great app. Especially during this pandemic many students may suffer from learning disabilities and the tutors here might be able to help with that. The tutors have provided insightful feedback especially in regards to the SAT section. Second, the idea set that a student can help be a tutor is a very good idea as students who have a higher understanding of a subject can help another student who doesn’t. Of course there might be people in it just only for the money but I’m certain a “trust background” or policy could be placed regarding that. The developers take feedback really seriously so a person shouldn’t hesitate to contact them. Lastly, a person even hesitant to try the app should at least try it once, the developers are very nice and take criticism very seriously. If you’re also a student who has a lot of knowledge regarding a subject, I would highly recommend using this app as it could provide a good side hustle, not only that but perhaps it might look good on your college resume as well.

Aadil.Pickle, Feb 21, 2021
Unhelpful Liars

I applied to be a tutor through the Kadama app at the beginning of February, which was over a month ago. When I submitted my application, it said that there was a delay and that they would get back to me in a few days. Two weeks passed and I had not heard anything and it still said my application was being processed. I decided to reach out to the Support team but never heard anything. As of right now, it has been a month of silence. I have sent three emails asking about my application with no responses and I have sent messages on TikTok (which were read), Instagram, and Twitter. I have never gotten a response. The Support team (if it even exists) is terrible. I even decided to try texting Support (which is an option if you contact them through the app) and got an automated response saying it would be 5-7 days before I am helped. The whole Kadama team is full of liars and people who claim to want to help others but never do. This is a horrible company and app.

Ally On High, Mar 16, 2023
Great app for tutors

I've been tutoring on this app for sometime now and the extra income hasdefinitely helped these past few months.Payments are delivered daily and there'sno shortage of students - you earn asmuch as you're willing to stay on the app.One way the app could be improved is ifnew student requests were sent to alimited number of tutors at a time. Thisway, less overall requests would come inbut there would be a higher likelihood ofmaking a connection with a student, asright now there seems to be quite a bit ofcompetition between tutors racing torespond to new student requests. It can bequite frustrating to respond to requestafter request only to get no response back.Overall I've had an excellent experiencetutoring on Kadama. Sure there are plentyof students who have no intention ofpaying you for your work but if you followthe tutor guidelines and pay attention toany red flags you'll have a good experiencetutoring on this app.

Ameen Abuobeid, May 30, 2022
Absolutely Terrible

The support service is unresponsive. I mean, just terrible. Their website doesn’t have any phone number, and the text and email they provide to contact support does not respond at all. It is very difficult to find students, and 99% of them never respond to you. I even had one student give me a bad rating even though they never contacted me. And support does not even respond, so I’m left helpless. I’ve never gone out of my way to write a bad review, but these issues call for one. I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that you NOT join Kadama, especially as a tutor. I hope the service department gets better, coz Kadama has potential conceptually. But for now, things couldn’t be worse. No exaggeration. Just my honest feelings. Hope this helps someone.

Apple83738, May 28, 2021
Do NOT work here as a tutor

I wouldn’t recommend tutoring on this app. Kadama takes a ridiculous chunk of money from you (30% a transaction if you want to message more than three students a day — which they never disclose in the beginning!). Support NEVER responds. It is impossible to issue students a refund via text or email to support. I had a student give me one star (the rest all five stars) because I wouldn’t do free work for him and he lied on the review. I tried contacting support several times. Then I got an email saying I’m at risk of suspension because of lying kid and I can appeal the star. I opted to appeal, and was ghosted! Never made any progress with it because SUPPORT IS NON-EXISTENT. This company is an absolute joke. Good luck to anyone who wants to work for this trash can of a company where they rip off your money and leave you out to dry.

bbabe69, Apr 06, 2023

Changing my review. Before, I’ve rated the app 5 stars. But now the app is just ugh. If you’re trying to contact kadama support, they’ll probably never respond. I’ve texted, emailed, many times and I STILL haven’t gotten a response (keep in mind that this was WEEKS ago). There are many scams, students who don’t even pay you, and the payout schedule is awful and uncoordinated. I received a total of 5 payments from students. All made from the 6th to the 10th of January. It’s the 24th and TWO of those payments have still not been deposited to my bank account. IN FACT, it’a not even showing up in my “earnings” in the app. This is unbelievable. I don’t know, but it really sounds like kadama didn’t count two of those payments and just stole the money I earned.

CaitlynG13, Jan 25, 2022
Horrible customer service

I got the app 2 weeks ago and everything was fine it was well deciles and it worked perfectly fine. I was working with a ton of students and i loved it! BUT after those 2 weeks my account got deleted by administrators. I have never scammed anyone, have always been as friendly as possible even to the rude students, and was always on time. The ONLY time I can think of being rude is when middle schoolers were flirting and I quickly said that was inappropriate which might have resulted in them reporting me and getting deleted but I highly doubt that. So, there would be NO real reason to ban me from the app. I've contacted kadama support through text 5 times over the past week and haven't gotten any response, i've contacted support through email 3 times in the past 3 days and haven't gotten a response, and I even went to twitter to see if I could get a response there and didn't. They didn't send a warning or reason anywhere as to why my account was terminated but instead deleted my account in the middle of me helping a student with homework AFTER they had already paid! So now i'm forced to never give this girl her homework after she paid me to do it all because of kadama. This is my last resort to get a response!

hehfbrheinf, Jan 26, 2022
Difficult for Tutors, More like Fiver

Hey all, so I created a tutor account for Kadama because I wanted to actually teach people. But it’s more for answering questions & writing students’ assignments, rather than teaching students to gain understanding to get to that solution. That being said, it’s great for those looking for a Chegg/Fiver type platform. I wouldn’t call this platform so much for “tutoring” though. If you want to get started I think it’s necessary to get the $20 background check, which I didn’t do — so it was extremely difficult for me to get students to respond and engage with me. Once again, I do recommend for Chegg/Fiver services! But I think the title of “tutoring” is misleading. Thanks so much!

itsminju, Mar 28, 2022
Bad app

If I could give it zero stars I would. They have a lot to work on with this app. From the tutors point of view it’s hard to make money because the students request help and are never willing to actually pay you to help them. Next, there are alot of tutors so the competition is heavy and it’s hard to even get kids to help. There needs to be some kind of system to make sure everyone gets helped, and everyone gets paid. Also, most of the kids I have came in contact with were literally asking me to do the work for them instead of helping them which is what I signed up for. I had one girl ask for me to write her entire college application essay for her (750 words) for $10. If you’re using this app as a source of income, you’d be better off going to get another job. And if you’re actually passionate about helping kids, this isn’t the app for that either.

J O R D E N, Dec 28, 2021
Works great once you get going!

I have never written an app review before, but this is one that needs one. I have a few minor qualms, but this app overall works great and does exactly what it claims to do. The sign up process and verification process is a little bit tedious, however once you get past that, it is very straightforward. Payment and student communication is very streamlined, which I love. When I did have a problem, customer support was very accommodating and helpful. My only semi-major issue is many students do not seem to understand that the tutoring is paid. I think this needs to be made a little more clear when using a student account. Otherwise, 5 stars all around.

Jack0W123, Mar 16, 2022



ESSAY HELP! STUDY HELP! The Kadama App makes it easy for students and parents to instantly connect with expert tutors for in-person and online lessons. Finding a tutor has never been easier. You can select from a wide variety of subjects, set your own budget, and get tutored at the time and place of your choosing. BUILDING TRUST - Find your ideal tutor: Easily compare tutors by looking at their ratings/reviews, background check verification, and experience - Give feedback: Add a review to your tutor’s profile after your lesson - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 2-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied EXPERT HELP IN MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE, HISTORY, TEST PREP, AND MUCH MORE We have thousands of private tutors that range from college students to retired teachers. Whether you want your elementary school child to learn core skills or need help with college level or higher classes, we can help you find your ideal tutor. Math Tutoring: From simple fractions to advanced calculus, Kadama has expert math tutors for every topic. We offer algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, accounting, economics, finance, and other advanced classes. Science Tutoring: In addition to elementary school, middle school, and high school science, we have tutors that can help with chemistry, biology, physics, ochem, biochem, and more. Programming Tutoring: Learn to code from computer science majors and software engineers, with coding languages such as Python, C, C#, C++, Java, HTML, iOS, Swift, Javascript, and more. FIND AN EXPERT ANYTIME YOU NEED ONE AT THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOOSING With the Kadama App, you can quickly connect with subject experts—from chemistry to Spanish tutors—anytime, anywhere. If you have a last-minute assignment that is due, you can be instantly matched with an online tutor who would help you do your homework. Whether you need a tutor to help you write your essay or correct your homework, Kadama tutors are ready to assist. Plus, get homework help, prep for an exam, or answers to your questions quickly and easily. HOW IT WORKS Start learning with your ideal tutor today: 1. Select the subject, enter your budget and description, then submit your request 2. Directly message and confirm details with tutors that respond to your request 3. Easily add your payment information and pay through the app 4. See grades and confidence improve! FOR TUTORS Earn money by doing tasks on your own schedule—here’s how it works: 1. Add your subjects and go online 2. Start receiving and completing tasks 3. Anyone can be a tutor; student, teacher, or a professional For more information visit www.kadama.com Follow us on TikTok at www.tiktok.com/@kadama_app Follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/kadama Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/kadama Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kadama For questions or suggestions email: [email protected]

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