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Century Heguang Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores

DHgate is NOT for idiots

DHgate is a fantastic E-commerce Store..... and if you try to navigate it like a western society store you will not fair well. I have been using DHgate for a few years and have had a couple snags..... 2 items sent to different states (resolved)but that was in the beginning when I was a bit Naive and still green behind the ears. Here I will brake down the ins AND outs of how to come out ahead and be a winner. Rule # 1. Know the product you want to buy and do your research on it. Rule #2. (Most important) look at multiple stores selling the item you wish to purchase and “ONLY BUY FROM SELLERS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE REVIEWS WITH PICTURES along with multiple sales ” Repeat “ONLY BUY FROM SELLERS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE REVIEWS WITH PICTURES along with multiple sales” very very important. And that just about wraps it up.It’s that easy peasey lemon squeezy. 99% of anything is an UA Repro so don’t think you are going to get real pair of lou V’s ok. Ask sellers to send you actual photos of the product before you buy as well. The cheaper the repro the cheaper the materials the more expensive the repro the better the materials. Have fun and be smart. Know the game play the game.... don’t let the game play you.Follow these rules and guidelines and you should be just fine.... don’t believe the hate. Educate😉🤙🏼

(cj72), Apr 30, 2020
Long Time Buying Jerseys

Hello I’m just gonna stand up for DH Gate and say that it’s not there fault about the shipping charges or the Logistical Services that is happening World Wide for these booth sellers. Listen it will get better but the days of free shipping and getting ur orders delivered in 2-3 weeks r over. Just PRE-PLAN BIG TIME FOR XMAS AND BIRTHDAY STUFF OR IF U NEED STUFF FOR A PRE-PLANNED VACATION FROM NOW ON FOR 3 MONTHS OUT IS UR BEST WAY TO DO IT FOR NOW. And then u will find sellers that can still do free shipping but not slot of them and u still got the good ones that can help u and get u what u need within 2-3 weeks. But for the most part start with 3 month and always always always keep in touch with the seller of the item ur getting. And when it finally arrives and u like it then take care of them on the reviews. These sellers live and die by the reviews that r left. And if by chance ur item shows up and u don’t like it or it’s just wrong then contact the seller to see if he can send u a new one and if that doesn’t work then u open up a claims disputeand DH Gate is the mediator and I can say front the 3 times I had to do this that DH Gate decided to favor me and i endedUp getting what I originally got later on. But this is a great site it truly is and it’s a site that u navigate around and read what other people have said b4 u buy anything fromthem. So have a good time one here

Baylee's, Jan 27, 2022

Been ordering from them since October 2020. Was very surprised at the quality of items I had ordered. Aside from shipping taking extremely long, varies by shipper , could be 3 weeks or longer before you rcv your items. I have been very happy with the goods I have purchased. However, do your research before you buy! Make sure the seller your buying from has made multiple sales, ask for actual pictures of what you wish to order, most of photos on app are stock photos from internet. Legit sellers will send you actual photos of items. Don’t waste your money on quicker shipping, still takes just as long. You may notice that many sellers have same items for different price s, I’ve learned the hard way you get what you pay for, so if it’s real cheap and other sellers are all selling for more money, it’s likely the quality is terrible. Read reviews carefully, it’s pretty easy to tell a fake from real one as the grammar is not correct. I always place my reviews stating they are real. And make sure reviews have photos before you decide to purchase. There is no fast shipping from China! Expect at least 3 weeks to month to receive! That is considered fast.

Cargo Mgr, Feb 21, 2021
Hit or Miss! Watch out for the swing!

I dove quickly in to this app with out really looking into the water. Just purchased with out looking for reviews, photos and ratings. But I did message the seller asking for photos. They showed me good photos, I saw them and purchased! It came in the mail a few weeks later, my wife was extremely happy and so was I. But I have learned some hard lessons about not receiving photos from sellers and just ordering items where the prices just seemed to good. Here is the HIT, message the seller before you purchase. Ask them if they can provide photos before shipping out the item or items. Make sure you like what you see and if the photos aren’t enough ask for more and if the don’t answer cancel your order. The MISS. If the price is to good to be true... it probably is. Stay away from social savings! It’s a scam! You think they are selling by the bulk but it will never reach you! Stay away! Last but not least the SWING! Look for reputable sellers with reviews, pictured reviews and can respond back when you have messaged them. Ask for photos ask all questions before purchasing! After purchasing if you don’t get a photo! CANCEL! Freeze that payment! Because it will be 10X more difficult to get your total amount back if any! Don’t believe the 4 1/2 star rating on this app! It’s a lie!

Good718, Jul 02, 2020
This one seller

So overall I love DHgate. I’ve been using them for a few years now. So here’s the issue. I purchase a pair of sneakers for my husband in March and they were sent to an address in California and I live in New Jersey. So I send a message to the seller open a dispute and they agree to send another pair. Now it took them almost to weeks to resend it and this was in April. So now here comes June I’m waiting on the second pair. I check the tracking and now this pair has been sent to an address in Texas. No now at this point this possible cannot be the fault of the post office. I have sent a couple of messages to the seller advising my order has been sent to the wrong address again with a screenshot of the tracking on where the package was sent too. They send me a message back saying that the problem has been verified. And I’m trying to tell them that this is the second order that I have sent and now they won’t respond. This is not acceptable. If you keep sending peoples order to the wrong place for the second time you should immediately send a refund not ignore your customer. I can’t dispute it again because if I close the first one then the seller will get my money. And I can’t find a way to contact DHgate directly. Oh by the way to use seller “leeace8889” they don’t communicate with their customers. After all this time of using DHgate I have never had an issue until now.

Jack a Mack, Jul 18, 2020

I have been a customer on this app for probably 3 years. I had no issues at first and then covid happened and I moved unexpectedly and somehow I never got 4 items. Defiantly no ones fault just crazy times. I recently started making purchases again and over all I’m happy just about every time. Granted I do my research. Once I find something I like or if I came looking for something specific I will look for seller with the most sales and positive feedback. I will not purchase for a seller with less than 500 sales but prefer over 1000. It’s hard I would really love to support new shops but there’s so many on this app and generally anyone who has issues it’s with a new seller. Someone’s you’ll 1 or 2 reviews for a new seller and their mind blowing amazing. DO NOT BE FOOLED! It’s not that hard to have your loved one your even yourself purchase something and leave a review. Anyways! I’ve good luck and once I find a seller I like I make I follow them and send referrals. The one thing negative I will say is when I have had issues something the communication between my self and the seller is Difficult because the language barrier and also because how things are Done in the US as far as shipping compared to overseas is a lot different. But nothing ever Going to be perfect when you operate on such a large scale like DHgate.

JaxJenAndy, Jun 24, 2021
Not trustworthy

I had been a good customer and very considerate with so many sellers who had sent me poor quality and false advertised products. I just wanted to help them not to lose their business. But finally I got fed up when I bought a dress for $62 and was not the same as the picture and is too small for me as opposed to their advertisement as one size. This should be at least bigger if one size not small size. They should at least say it’s small size. The design is different from their picture. Totally nightmare. I’m not after a discount or give it to me for free but a matter of principle. On top of that, when I filed a refund/return they sent me an email saying they finalized it and released the payment to the seller. But they did not send an email instructions the format or guidelines for returns. I almost followed up via emails this matter to all the depts concerned who could assist and no one replied. I sent numerous emails and I was helpless. It was a nightmare and I wanted to use this platform to warn the whole world how bad DHgate is. They don’t help or assist if you need help and they have sellers who are scammers and DHgate don’t care. They only care for the money that they will earn. This company should not be trusted. It’s buy at your own risk. I wish there is an agency who should audit their wrongdoings.Thank you for letting me air my grievance as this completely bothered me for months.

Jjwatt567, Dec 22, 2021
Scam, misleading prices, seller will call and threaten you

The seller has had a reputation of contacting people off-line regarding items that are fake and not the original wanting you to buy through WhatsApp. Also, purchased many items spending a lot of money with them and because The seller said it was the wrong price because I got a good deal and I paid what he thought not enough for the items he threatened me many times to return the items and that I should cancel my order which I had already paid for and was waiting for the items to be shipped. Nevertheless, he contacted my credit card and somehow canceled my order saying that it was no longer available or gave them some excuse that they were not doing business, DH canceled the delivery and was horrible to deal with. Dh sells to who they want and if they believe that you are buying too many other items at a good price they will cancel your order even if you’ve paid. Also, please do not buy thinking that you’re buying authenticated luxury items of course you know that they’re fake and they’re not supposed to be selling fake items however if they can’t sell it on DHgate they will contact you through WhatsApp and ask you to buy through the third-party seller which is illegal. Beware of this company I really didn’t want to give them one star but I had to give them something I will never buy from them. The customer is not always right even if you paid they select who they want to sell to. Beware!!

m wmd, Jun 07, 2022
Frustrated !!

I am a very new buyer in DHgate, i made my only first order over November 6th i received 3 of the 4 items that i bought, the first one was just junk plastic not replic at all bad print bad quality, i don’t think i am gonna use it at all and i just think about to return it, second one was really good purchase that is the only reason for my 3 stars good quality looks like the original i’ve being receiving very good compliments i am happy with this purse i got my review and pictures over the page, but the third one was just broke the first day that i used and i was in the middle of my trip not even close to the hotel to change it, was really embarrassed, so the number 4 i couldn’t say anything because i just didn’t receive it yet and is almost a month and a half since i made the purchase now i just realize costumer doesn’t exist anymore it’s just closed i am not receiving any response from this seller and i decided send a message to dhgate to ask directly and they said my item is schedule for “February” 3 months after my purchase for me this is very long time for a delivery even from china i have no clue if i am gonna receive it or not but if is not, definitely this is gonna be my first and last purchase over DH gate app i am not waste my money or my time anymore !!

meidamota, Dec 19, 2020
Web site changed for worse

I’ve been loving this dhgate , I’ve been shopping now for 3 years. up until last month it’s been a nightmare . I try to shop for items on my favorite stores . Dh gate won’t allow me to access the full merchandise on that store. When I shop at that store , for certain items I go to category click on pants and it shows how many pants the store has. Before I would be able to see all 547 items of pants. Now with this new system , I go to The stores category and click on pants it says 547 items in category but I can only scroll down to 20 pictures to shop for . then at the bottom of the page it displays NO MORE !! Meaning I can’t shop for the rest of the items the store has . It’s like looking at the clothes in the store window when your shopping at the mall . but you can only see what the window display is, no walking inside to see more clothes. Same situation It’s frustrating for me and the seller. the seller has no items to display because DHGate won’t allow them to show all 547 pants items only20 . It only displays 20 of eachCategory. I’m trying to stay here but I might have to start shopping at Yupoo . I’ll wait for a response from dhgate but I’m thinking it’s not going to be resolved . I wish I can send a short video of what I’m experiencing . I hope I’ve explained it right to you guys . I hope you guys don’t exprience what I’ve been going through .

Niceshots, Jan 23, 2021


The DHgate shopping app allows free access to the DHgate wholesale marketplace on the go – connecting you directly to wholesale sellers and getting you the best prices available. The DHgate app provides one-stop solution for your online purchasing, from international logistics and payment, to internet finance and customer services. DHgate app features over a million Chinese wholesalers, 40 million products for sale and has amassed 10 million buyers from 230 countries and regions.

We provide the easiest and most cost effective all-in-one solution for your business. We enable anyone to buy and sell products in wholesale price globally by providing secure payment services, logistics solutions, escrow protection services, and internet financing. With a variety of over 20 million products in categories ranging from electronics to wedding dresses and from cosmetics to furniture – you’ll never miss what you’re looking for. Simply tell the app whether you’re buying for wholesale or personal use, choose your favorite categories and receive personalized discounts and recommendations. DHgate Shopping APP Features: • Secure, organized and reliable mobile platform. • Shop directly from sellers and enjoy lower-than-retail prices. • Check daily deals to find new discount products every day. • Make purchases individually or in bulk (for additional discounts). • Filter and customize to find the perfect product. • Get smart product recommendations based on preferences and browsing history. • Read customer reviews for insight on any product. • Pay using innovative and easy payment options. • Ship using worldwide delivery on most products. • Scan QR codes to jump straight to a product’s page. • Shop at the $1.99 store for the best discounts. • Join the VIP club to receive exclusive benefits including 24/7 customer support and more. • Redeem seasonal promotions for coupons on all your favorite seasonal items. Shopping Categories Include: • Electronics • Cellphones • Apparel & Clothing • Home & Garden • Jewelry • Fashion Accessories • Watches • Toys & Hobbies • Shoes • And much, much more! Whether you’re an entrepreneur making a bottom line or just a savvy consumer looking for the best deals, the DHgate app offers the value you need at the prices you want. Quick Facts for DHgate Shopping APP • Approximately 1.2 million sellers globally • 10 million enterprise and individual buyers from over 230 countries and regions • 33 million wholesale and retail product listingsA transaction every 3 seconds • Multilingual Sales: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish • Our Partners: American Express, DHL, FedEx, MasterCard, Visa, UPS Download DHgate app and discover the best prices on clothes, electronics, shoes and more!

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