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User Reviews for Destinies

Great game, suggestion for app..

I visited the smith when I meant to visit the Inn. No way to undo and go back…had to end my run. Otherwise lovely so far!

DoctorBox, May 22, 2021
No undo option

The app works great but there really needs to be a way to go back a step if you tap the wrong thing. Zero room for error

ghost3romeo, Jun 13, 2021
Where is the Myth & Folklore expansion?

It’s been over a month and we still can’t play the Myth & Folklore expansion???

Gr4yman, Jun 16, 2021
How do I check my stats if I end the game early?

I like playing this game with the gf but we don’t have a lot of time to play. Can a feature be added where when you end the game, the cards that were given to each player and amount of coins and exp chits recorded and provided for another session? Thank you.

PapiSenpai420, Jan 10, 2022
Solo challenge

Great game, fun needs an undo button, needs solo challenge to have a few more days to enjoy it, also it ask me after every game if in enjoyed it, which playing solo challenge can be annoying. But! Awesome concept, cool technology, great with multiple people.

This guy93948101947, Aug 21, 2021
Great Game, with a small Flaw

So far, I have been playing Destinies with my parents, and they are enjoying the gameplay just as much as I am. From a gameplay standpoint, I give the game an 8/10 on BoardGame Greek. The reason for my three-star review is due to how the automatic saves happen. The saves happening only at the start of each day have bitten me twice now. My phone either was acting strange while screen sharing to my parent's TV, which caused the game to close and then we had to restart at the start of day 5. This app would get an easy 5/5 from me if there were an automatic save after each person took their turn. This feature would eliminate the issue of a day being wholly reset due to an app issue or someone closing it. Another cool feature for phone users would be to make a wifi-shared lobby so everyone can use their device.

TylerMiller5, Jul 02, 2021
Wanna give 5 stars however major bug

The Doctor in the first storyline will freeze and cause the game to crash entirely. And lose memory. Unfortunately this happened repeatedly and cause our game to be set back then abit lost. It’s fun but this bug is problematic.Hoping if it’s fixed to bump up my review

XTheIdealistX, Sep 19, 2021


This application is a digital companion for the Destinies board game. Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, board game of adventure and exploration. You require the Destinies board game to be able to use this app.

Launch the app, select the scenario you want to play, and be introduced to a story of dark fantasy and destinies waiting to be fulfilled. The app will guide you on how to set up your board game including your character skills, starting items, and the map tiles laid before you waiting to be explored. The app will introduce story-driven dynamic events and help to guide you through the ever-changing game world. The app also remembers the choices you make so there will be real consequences that often change the state of the game world forever. Each item in the game has a unique QR code that, using the game’s Scan&Play technology, can be scanned to determine how you interact with the world, other characters, and epic challenges. Which items you scan and when will greatly affect the outcome of various interactions. Your player character card also comes with two QR codes that can be scanned, each one representing a different possible destiny to fulfill and thus win the game. Each scenario should last 120-150 minutes, and players will be able to choose from standalone scenarios or scenarios linked as part of a campaign. Once the app and a scenario are downloaded, the app doesn't require any internet connection during gameplay. The language can be selected within the app. The app saves your progress so you may resume a scenario later on.

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