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User Reviews for Chinko Go!

Best game 2019

This is a new game so it still has some improvements to do but they’re doing more day by day. I can’t stop playing it’s highly addicting!

aiimeelynn, Mar 29, 2019
Latest update 4/25

The game won’t open now. It just crashes. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Bdf1773, Apr 25, 2019
Download peggle if you want a fun version of this game

This us just a bad version of peggle. The physics of the ball are broken, the launcher is inaccurate and they game is basic.

Carsonk11596, Jun 07, 2019
Very addictive

Just goes from one level to the next. No menu, no reset, pure gameplay. It makes it easy to pick up and play, but difficult to stop. Gets rather repetitive after awhile though. But it’s a good game to have available if you have a few minutes to waste time on here and there.

Fishbowl z, Jun 07, 2022
Love this


gabarouch, Mar 28, 2019
Don’t like the update!!!

Love this game. I’m not even sure what level I’m on because I get sucked in. I’m several hundred in. This latest update though I don’t like. The falling chips is just too much and doesn’t allow for me to watch the balls as they fall. Also I loved the progress of the lighting meter on the sides which is not there now. Whatever level I’m on right now has a glitch and I’ve cleared it but there is 2 pieces that won’t go away and I cannot progress through to the next level.

jay126484957, Apr 09, 2019

Great game but I have a few things that will make it better.1. Please make a setting to remove the vibration for every peg. I play at night and all I hear is the vibration every time. 2. Please make different types of shooters that do different effects such as a lava one that burns the pegs and maybe a shooter that shoots 3 balls instead of one 3. Different pegs such as ones that move Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you might implement some or all of these things in the future. Have a nice day.

Stanley_55, May 31, 2019
Great game!

I really love this game. Somewhere around level 200 it broke for me. The graphics are clunky now and it doesn’t progress on the level meter. It’s still playable so I’m still playing it. I just accepted the change lol

Stephen the liar, Apr 07, 2019
Good game

I’m on level 370 and on the right side blocks don’t have numbers. So the halls go right through them. I’m unable to reach the next level.

Subway Survey 2013, Apr 08, 2019
I just crashes

I downloaded this game and I have not been able to successfully get past a black screen before it crashes.

Whitepeopletacos, Apr 26, 2019


Swipe to rotate the shooter and released to shoot a ball. Destroy all the dots to win.

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