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chew wen kang
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User Reviews for Stars Wheel

Great concept, bit buggy

The game presents you with a simplistic concept. Later levels however seem to want specific solutions, despite your answer being correct. The core logic needs a bit of polish. Right now I wouldn't recommend this game, but after some fixes it could truly shine.

ClickbaitHero, Oct 23, 2016
Starts off fine, but goes downhill fast

Like many of the other reviews mentioned, the game doesn’t stand true to its own logic. Even once you figure out the secret countdown rule, there are other things that will drive you insane trying to figure out. For example; having to place the stars in a horizontal rectangle instead of a vertical so it doesn’t create a square & line.

Fishbowl z, Dec 17, 2021
The missing rule

The number at the start of each level is the number of connections between stars that are needed. If there is a 1 at the top of the screen, then you need to rearrange the stars so that one additional connection, i.e. If 4 stars are in a string with 3 connections, rearrange them into a square to get 4 connections.Still, this is a very challenging puzzle. I think you should only work on it when you are relaxed, not busy and stressed, in rder t enjoy it.

ItsAcademic, Feb 09, 2020

Don't understand it but it works out and let's you solve it. It's weird and I love it fully.

JadeTessen, Jul 11, 2015
Stars Wheel - interesting, but ..., 0 stars for high frustration levels

Well, I read the reviews and tried it anyway... Listen to what reviewers are saying! The early ones were interesting but by about level 30, things started getting wierd. You follow the rules (what little of them are provided) and you think you've solved the puzzle but the number on the screen doesn't show a zero, it has something like -7! What the hey does that mean??? I pushed on for 11 more of these things, sometimes trying a monumental number of configurations to try to reach that magic 0. I am quitting at #41 and deleting the app because I feel like I am just wasting my time working on/with this thing.BTW, most of the reviews are from 2016... Have at it, if you want, but you've been warned.... 1 is the lowest rating allowed, but I think it deserves that elusive ZERO that will get you to the next level of futility.

job--seeker, Feb 05, 2019
Simple and Easy to understand the rule

Really simple and easy to understand how to play this game, yet the game itself is not that simple. And also, the feeling this game give is somewhat wonderful.

Kidneypill, Feb 15, 2019
I like it enough

The graphics and music is beautiful and the puzzles are a little confusing but that's what makes a good puzzle game I guess!

Pemu, Jul 11, 2015
Tap to connect

It’s aesthetically pleasing and starts off simple enough. I’ve only played a bit but I imagine that it gets more challenging. Gameplay consists of tapping until the pieces connect. Although it looks nice this game is nothing special or new. It quickly becomes repetitive.

sarasarasarAAA, Jul 08, 2022

I was looking for a clean-cut, aesthetically pleasing puzzler that was challenging too, and I definitely found it. The music and gameplay are both incredibly fluid. Deserving of five stars for sure.

Tim Steininger, Jul 13, 2015
Gives simple rules yet doesn't follow them

So far I've encountered 3 constructs of the game. One is the number of connections between stars where you have to meet a required number. Another is a type of star that must be surrounded on the 4 lateral spaces by stars. With these rules, a number on configurations can be correct, yet, certain levels won't pass unless you have a specific configuration. This fact, along with how the game is barely a puzzle and more of a "tap until you got it" I give 2 stars. The second star is for the aesthetics.

wearedonuts, Jul 16, 2015


* Featured by Apple Best New Games * Stars Wheel is an ambient puzzle game inspired by stars, aurora and galaxies. Relax your mind and solve this simple yet extremely challenging puzzler. Please wear headphone to enjoy the best experience.

To learn more about stars wheel, visit www.squrce.com/starswheel ….Features…. - premium puzzler with no ads or in-app purchase - game center leaderboard - minimalist gameplay with stars, aurora ambient - space ambient sounds effect ….How To Play…. * when in play mode, tap the number to pause the game * each star much connect at least one with others * if the level consist “Stellar”, you need to capture it by orbit the star in the correct position * orbit “Neutron” to connect difference color stars * clear the numbers to zero * If the number is zero & can't proceed to next level, please ensure all stars must connect at least one with each others * check the beginner guide before play Enjoy and start counting stars!

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