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User Reviews for Springshot

Game Eventually Becomes Unplayable

After a week or so, every time I hit the disc it would bounce off the size and never leave the throw zone - THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A LEGAL THROW was to hit it so weakly it went less than halfway. There was no way to make another point - not so of my opponent, though!So the game sat at 16-16 for 30 minutes. The game could only end if I made myself lose. It was literally impossible to win, only prolong the game infinitely!

Calvinus XVII, Jun 29, 2022
Fun & simple

Cool little game to waste some time on. Wish the computer was better though.

Fishbowl z, Jun 24, 2022
Simply fun

Perfect game concept for iPhones. For a 5-star rating this needs a running tally of wins and losses and ability to play online opponents. However, when playing on my iPad the golden circle that appears at the conclusion of games doesn’t disappear for the subsequent game, and scores at the top of the screen often fail to match the scores where pucks are positioned.

Grist, Jul 16, 2022
Looks Fun!

This game gets great reviews and looks fun, but there are no instructions provided. Like one reviewer wrote, “ it looks good but how do I get past the fault line?”Same.

mamacha, Jun 21, 2022
Great game, but...

This is a very fun and addicting game, However there is one major flaw in the process/rules of the game. Every round the red stones get thrown first, giving the blue stone thrower the advantage of having the last shot in every round. You should change the game or give the option to alternate who starts each round just to make it a bit more fair. In other words, the red stones go first one round and then the blue stones go first the next and then the red, etc. Other than this minor flaw, this game is a blast!

Matt Life, May 16, 2010
Fun Fidget Game

Dope game to decompress 💯

Micahmuze, Jun 12, 2022
Sweet game!!!

I used to play this in real life as a kid in the 90's on a counter top!! So glad someone built this app.. But it would be so much better if two people could play on their respective phones over wifi...??? How's about it folks??

Mickythefish, Sep 10, 2014
Looks like fun

I love shuffle board! But why can’t I get past the fault line on my second throw? It just bounces off the fault line???????

Nanaofthree, Jun 19, 2022
Great game with a few suggestions

Have the leader of each round gets to throw second. Also, the game should keep track of win/losses against the computer. Third, it would be nice to choose difficulty level when playing the computer.

RetroBlast, Sep 07, 2014
Graphics issue

Fun game but the circle doesn’t leave the center of the screen at the end of the game.

Scarfacexa83, Jun 20, 2022


"I feel like my iPhone and iPad were MADE for Springshot!" -your next social media post More fun than you will expect. Simple but very carefully crafted and you will find yourself having a blast in no time. I like to play a quick round while waiting in line for a burrito, or waiting for the airline attendant to stop blowing into that tube thingy.

Polished sounds, graphics, and details. Check out the speed control: Normal, Fast, or Hyper mode! And best of all, now FREE. Guaranteed fun or your money back.

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