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ChapterBuilder V1

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User Reviews for ChapterBuilder V1


-endorse pnm tab shoes only the two thumbs-can't delete pnms -I see the notifications of notes but cannot tap it to redirect me to which pnm it is about

Bigm5016, Dec 06, 2017
Cannot add PNM’s without crashing

This app is the worst designed thing in the world. And I know for a fact they paid at least 50k for this. I would sue for my money back

Brian.u, Aug 29, 2019
App crashes when trying to sync contacts

The app is pretty good but it doesn't allow you to create actions from the phone as well as the app crashes when you try to sync your contacts.

cp0442, Sep 04, 2017
Doesn’t work

I signed in and after that the app keeps crashing every time I open it. The app is essentially useless.

Dancing Lobster, Feb 27, 2018
Best app ever on computer, not so great on phone.

It's litterally the perfect Greek organization app on the computer, but the phone application is horrible... I'll have to agree with the other reviews.

Holy crap !, Feb 01, 2018
Mild improvement

I wrote a review of particular bugs of the last version. I wanted to roll out another and say that some improvement has been made-- in that the app actually can open and perform some of its functions. The following functions can crash, refuse to function, or not work on either the app or website:Syncing Pnms with contactsDeleting pnmsWriting notes (publish button often fails to activate when cursor ran over or touched on an iPhone)Messaging system seems unreliable, still only sends push notifications part of the timeStarting a message is not intuitive on iPhone and the green send button is as u reliable as the note buttonFilled with great ideas and bad coding.

Look at this before buying, Sep 07, 2017
Never had an app crash as much as this one

Probably the worst app I’ve ever used. Tried emailing support countless times who provide nothing but condescending and arrogant replies.

nsestabrooks, Aug 31, 2018
App Crashes

I love using chapter builder on my desktop and laptop, and I wish I could use it on my phone. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I open the app, it crashes.

poptits22, Jan 30, 2018
Always crashes

Messages barely work and if they ever actually load (which is rare) they always crash after a couple messages

Randlo, Sep 14, 2019
App Crashes

Let me start by saying ChapterBuilder is great! On a desktop that is...The app constantly crashes whether you search for a PNM, try to delete one, change their status, message, etc. Really, the only thing the app is good for is seeing who’s been added and what their status is. I really hope to see improvements and investments made into the app otherwise I would stick to the desktop version if I were you.

TTischler9, Dec 31, 2017


*Note* This iOS App connects to your chapter’s account(s) at ChapterBuilder.com. If your chapter uses the Beginner Version of ChapterBuilder, access to Beginner chapters requires an iOS in-app purchase. We believe that more high quality people in fraternities and sororities will make the world a better place.

ChapterBuilder is recruitment management technology built by fraternity/sorority experts to improve the quantity and quality of your growing membership. Across nearly every industry where growth is a strategic priority there is one common tool – a Names List. Sales forces, fundraising teams, admissions department, volunteer committees, professional sports teams, corporate recruiters, religious groups, even political parties all use an industry-specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology solution. The fraternity/sorority industry has been operating way behind the curve. But, no longer! We’re excited to bring the first CRM solution to Greek Life. Chapter builder makes recruitment: EASIER ORGANIZED YEAR-ROUND FOCUSED ON RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE PROSPECTS ChapterBuilder is like nothing that’s ever been available within the fraternity/sorority market: - Relationship Management with potential new members. Not just rush/formal recruitment management. - Identify and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that actually drive results. - Transparency and Access. See every prospect in the process, and track their relationships with the chapter in real time. - User-friendly Interface. Clean, simple, intuitive. - Alerts and Reminders. Prospects will never fall through the cracks again. - Customizable. Make it look, feel, and function like it is uniquely yours – because it is. - Simple and Organized. Recruitment should not be hard. The technology behind recruitment should be even easier. - Interactive dashboard gives recruitment leaders and coaches the power of real time information and data-driven decision making. - Features - Features - Features. Task assignments, chat windows, scaled email/texting options, prospect sorting, notifications, and more.

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