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User Reviews for Tiled App


Excellent app with many features. Easy interface.

AdVance_T, Jul 25, 2019
The future of delivering information.

Tiled is so dynamic for anyone who has information to distribute or something to display. It’s really easy to use with any design tool you already are using.

bentparker, Apr 17, 2018
Aesthetically Increadible

Finally developers who know how to make a platform simple, clean, and pleasing to the eye.

Birdshire, Mar 26, 2018
Can’t view shares....

For some reason when I click on a customer under my shares of the screen just goes white and I can’t be with the phone number or email of that customer to further contact them. This has been the way it has been for the last two years and I still haven’t been able to fix it

Jack Johnsteezy, Jul 01, 2020

Tiled has worked great for me, never had any issues with them. I’d recommend them 💪🏼

jose.sotolopez, Jul 30, 2019
Keeps crashing.

The app keeps crashing every single time I type in my login information. Immediately before this started happening the tile app would not display the proper information. Just said error.

keaton5050, Jun 25, 2019

I had to download this app for a job. None, I repeat none, of the apps work. The app itself will not work. I can only use this system in a web browser, which ironically prompts me to download the app, which simply takes me back to the App Store. All attempts to log in directly to the app have failed. Once again only works in a web browser which makes this app useless and worthless.

micheal westin, Oct 27, 2022
Has gotten worse since last time I used it

EDIT: YOU NOW HAVE TO MANUALLY LOG IN WITH EMAIL AND PASSWORD EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE APP. THIS IS GARBAGEAlready a sort of weird app to use, but then they took away the feature to download different microapps UNLESS you have the microapp open, instead of from the home area. So now the only way to download a microapp is to open it and leave it open on your phone (without changing apps because that will cancel it). For microapps with videos, this takes a LONG time. There are a few that I’ve left open for at least a half hour and they still haven’t downloaded all the way. Also, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to watch videos on this app unless you have the microapps all the way downloaded(once again which takes forever.) It would be much easier if they just streamed from the internet. I can’t get one video to load after 5 minutes of buffering.

Natedagreat775, Apr 18, 2019
Horrid, glitchy, and zero support. App doesn’t even work- have to use web browser

This app has caused me so much frustration and it’s losing me money. Unbearably frustrating!!!!

SolarPaul, Jun 12, 2023


Tiled is the leading microapp platform proven to drive engagement and deliver insight. Microapps are interactive content experiences that help organizations communicate more effectively by making every interaction an experience. Tiled microapps drive sales, improve the customer experience, deepen understanding, and align teams.

Use Tiled to create interactive pitch decks, customer proposals, sales playbooks, employee training, marketing content, and more. Interactive Microapps. Engage your audience with interactive content. Cache microapps in your library for offline viewing. Align your team. Make your microapps available instantly to everyone on your team. Always have the most current microapps available. See you team’s activity and aggregate usage. Share with anyone. Share microapps through email and text for viewing later. Learn from recipient activity and pathway insights. Real-time notifications. Receive activity notifications so you can quickly engage and follow-up. Stay on top of updates, opens, and completions. Continue the experience. Tiled for iOS works in collaboration with the web app. Access Tiled online to build microapps, manage users, and more.

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