Icon Catholic Bible: Bible with Catholic News and Saint a day, daily readings app for Catholics

Catholic Bible: Bible with Catholic News and Saint a day, daily readings app for Catholics

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Catholic Bible: Bible with Catholic News and Saint a day, daily readings app for Catholics

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User Reviews for Catholic Bible: Bible with Catholic News and Saint a day, daily readings app for Catholics

A great bible for your phone!

Overall I love this app, and that it is so easy to navigate through and find the book, chapter or verse you are looking for. But the reason I only gave it 4 star instead of 5 is because if you are on the app for a while it for some reason crashes. The screen will just freeze and you have to restart your phone for the app to unfreeze. But besides the annoying freezing it is overall a great app and very easy for finding the right passage you are looking for!

@ericcartman, May 02, 2020
Fix the issue

I loved this app because you were able to highlight and it has many cool affects like when you are done reading a chapter the numbers become slanted. Although now there is a new update and I am not able to highlight anything I want and all my highlights I had before are gone. Hope this can be fixed because the only thing that is keeping me from deleting the app is having all my notes erased.

Anabell260, Sep 29, 2020
Easy to use, fun features

I like how it opens up with the focus being the bible. For me, when I just want to look something up, I don't care to look through a whole list just find the bible. There's other fun features that come with it like a saint of the day and catholic news which is fun but those are separated. Plus, these features are a nice indication that this app is being maintained and updated. It's well organized, easy to use, and makes looking stuff up a breeze. Of course, nothing replaces a hard copy but as digital bibles go, this one is my favorite.

classicalpink13, Oct 26, 2017
An excellent app

The Bible keeps me close to the LORD while I am on the go. I enjoy the daily readings but I would really like to be able to be able to read a random Bible passage or chapter at whim. It would also be nice to be able to be able to flip through pages in addition to the current layout. As for the content, it cannot get better. If you are suffering currently, either physically or spiritually, I recommend that you download this app, it might just bring you closer to the LORD. Prayer is Powerful, thanks be to GOD.

codybabcock937, Aug 25, 2018
Not worth the hassle

I got this app in 2019. It worked great, had a nice feature where you could highlight verses, Saint of the Day bios and Catholic News Agency news. After some iPhone update or other, the highlight feature stopped working, the Saint of the Day is stuck on St. John de la Salle and every time you click on News it crashes. Also, the feedback link doesn’t work. Very disappointed as I really liked this version. Don’t get this!

Devout One, Apr 20, 2021
Great app just one thing

I’ll start off by saying I’m not catholic, I’m Christian but I do plan on converting so I’m trying my best to learn about Catholicism and this Bible is my one source of information it’s good so far and I haven’t found too many problems except for the fact that you have to read it yourself, I’m busy most of the time with school work and I have to come home to finish all my undone work which takes forever and it would be great if the app was able to read to me cause I just can’t find the time to stop everything and read other than that it’s good from my experience so far

dizasta boyz, Nov 18, 2020
App was great, bugged currently

I loved this app and used it to read the complete Old Testament with deuterocannon. I loved how easy it was to make notes and track which chapters had been read when returning to a given book.They are now asking for subscription payments to remove ads, and ever since that update, my screen is stuck in dark mode with the text remaining black, rendering the app unreadable and therefore unusable.Since it can’t be used I have to leave a one star review until it is fixed, which hopefully happens soon!

Grundle f, Jul 07, 2022
Many great points

I love so many things about this app! But, I'm just going to mention a couple which are more important to me:1. The app opens on the cover of the Bible. You may choose to read from the Old Testament or the New Testament. You don't have to scroll past all the books of the old before getting to the new. Great feature!2. When you open a chapter in a book, the app changes the font of that chapter to italic so you know you've read that chapter. I love this because I've been reading different books each month. If I forget to read a chapter, finding that it's not italicized is a great reminder!3. It's easy to mark any verse that happens to stand out to you. Just quick click on the verse gives you the choice to "Favorite", "Share", or "Cancel". Then, to find these favorites, simply click on "Bookmarks" at the bottom. All verses/chapters you've marked will show up. Although, I'd love for these to be sorted by Old and New Testament, at least I can find what I've marked. Rather than just offering a Catholic version of the Bible, this app makes the Bible an interactive, living document. ♥️

JRMaino, Dec 02, 2019
Makes studying scripture so easy

An app focused only on the Bible, not just a daily verse(although it features a daily reading, which it selects and brings to you) or a missal, which only has the Mass readings, but a complete Bible right on your device. It is now especially easy to spend time reading scripture, thanks to this app..

master cheiftan, Feb 25, 2021

Apologies for leaving a support message but I could not find any other way to contact support. Not sure if the app updated recently or not, but for the past week it just comes up with black screens for where text should be. It’s not just in the readings, but all over the app. I’ve removed it and re-added it several times and no luck.

Papajon0s1, Jul 09, 2022


Features: - Holy Bible with old testament and New testament - Get Catholic news - Daily Saint - Get daily bible reading notification and track the read chapters. - Share and mark the favorite bible verse with ease. - Ease and simple to use. - Mark favorite chapter for easy reference - Read Bible chapter log - Ability to track read chapters - Always provide unread chapters for notification - Bible offline - Read bible even without network access. - Explore specific words in bible - Easily locate Book/Chapter/Verse - Read, Remove, Share, Catholic News card with ease.

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