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The Holy Quran - English

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The Holy Quran - English

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Talib Omer
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User Reviews for The Holy Quran - English

Attention please.

Assalamu alaikum. I just want to say I love this app for my iPhone but I wish it was also available for my sons kindle fire. This is his favorite Quran app and he has already learned so much but his time with my phone is limited so having it on his device would increase his exposure to the Quran. I converted 2 years ago and started memorizing around the same time. Using this app along with others my 4 year old son started memorizing the Quran and even the Arabic words all by his self. He’s 5 now and he’s gotten distracted by other games but always comes back to this app. If it’s not possible to get this on amazons App Store then I guess I’ll try getting him an iPad. Jazakallah khair and my Allah increase you.

382949693, Feb 21, 2023
Best Reference and highly Interactive!

Alhamdulillah! I’ve gone through lot of quran applications like this one. In my opinion, so far this is the best application. But one thing needs mentioning is that this application uses only “English and Arabic” languages. My question is that why are you not using other languages like Bengali, Urdu etc? We like to learn quran in our mother languages. Thank you very much. May Allah render you the best abily you can.

Akba Ali, Mar 25, 2022
Great App

This is so far the best Quran application I have ever come across. It has so many features that help you easily understand the Quran, say your prayers and help you keep up as a Muslim generally.The app has really helped me especially during Ramadan and after. I give kudos to the developers of this app and every other person that contributed one way or the other. However I would like to bring to your notice that the call to prayer (Azan) doesn’t finish playing when it’s time for prayer it just plays one or two statements from the Azan and it stops. It would be really great if that can be looked into. Generally this is a very helpful app, Jazakallah.

dawoosh 01, Apr 21, 2023
Best translation

I love this translation and tafsir. Don’t listen to some of the Saudi/Wahabi-sponsored comments about the translation, no other translation gives me that feeling of closeness to Allah. Many comments are out of ignorance rather than knowledge. So my advice inform yourselves first and read the translation and use your common senselike Allah instructs us to. Jazakhallah khair for this app. Peace to everyone and I pray for guidance for everyone.

Dom74627, May 30, 2019
Love this App! Great Tafsir.

Alhamdulliah, I love using this app. The Tafsir is impeccable! It really breaks down the verse in an understanding way. Very easy to use and has really transformed my Ramadan. Do you guys have the Tafsir written down in a book form? I would love to have and own a Quraan with this particular Tafsir you guys have included in the app inside of it. Please let me know. And if there’s anywhere to donate I would love to do that as well. I would HIGHLY recommend this Quraan App. Salaams from Atlanta, GA ❤️ what is you guys email address?

Hadiyah U, Apr 29, 2020
Tafseer Deviation

While this app seems well designed and probably well intentioned. I have found certain interpretations biased and deviated from the actual meaning when compared to multiple tafseers. For example the tafseer of ayah related to event of prostration of angels (2:34) when Adam (AS) was created is totally off the rails. I found multiple discrepancies and deviations in other places as well. It’s best to compare and not take this app’s data as primary source. Please revisit the tafseer and tread fearfully as well as carefully. May Allâh grant us all the best possible knowledge we are able to comprehend. Ameen!

ihaq2, Jun 07, 2020
Notifications for daily verse?

Please make a way that I can control settings for daily verse notification. I would like to receive daily verse notification at a certain time. Please make font bigger. I’m talking about the part where you have to choose the chapter. Like if I want to choose/click ‘Al Fatiha’ it is small but the font to read when you click is big. I would like to set the size font to large for that not just to read.

Kdaniels8000, Mar 30, 2022
Poor Quran recitation

This app is phenomenal for everything BUT listening to Qur’an. The prayer times feature with many Azans is super helpful, the tafsirs and transliterations are amazing, and the discover page is extremely unique and informative. However, when you get to listening to the Qur’an, it falls apart. It’s extremely disappointing that you can’t start a surah from “Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim,” and instead you have to play from the first Ayah. Also, it’s incredibly annoying that when you play a surah, it does not play the whole Surah together. Instead it plays each verse as a separate audio file, which causes really annoying pauses between every verse, as the next verse loads. It’s a great app, but I wanted an app that I could use for listening, and unfortunately this isn’t it.

muhhifawzi, Apr 06, 2023
Wonderful app!

This is my first time throughly reading the Quran, (this app has allowed me to) after multiple trials and errors with other apps.I would like to touch upon the usefulness of the many features included within this application. Firstly, the page layout is customizable. You can choose what color you want for the header of the page, Light/Dark mode, font size, and so much more! You also have the option to bookmark verses, and add titles/descriptions to it. Moving on to the homepage, the minutes of time spent on the app, and the number of verses read are recorded, which is a great motivating factor to read more. I’m sure there are many other features, that I have not yet explored since I just downloaded the app. However, I can say that I am for sure sticking with it! ❤️

Nora_03, Jun 30, 2021
This is it!

There are many apps to choose from, but this app is all that one needs. If you seek the truth with a sincere reverence for it, you will enjoy this app. I can not think Allah enough for his many provisions, and above all, The Quran. Bismillah - read this, study it and tell someone the good news.

NukliarReign, Jun 01, 2021


Read, explore, search, and listen to the Holy Qur'an on the go with the most user-friendly Holy Qur'an app available - free and without ads. Features: QURAN: The complete English translation with the option of having the original Arabic text or transliteration shown. Listen to 10 different recitations, including English and Arabic (stream or download for offline mode) Tafseer/Commentary by scholars across the world.

Add unlimited bookmarks with a note function and cloud backup to sync across devices. Search any word within the Quran, and easily share verses (Ayat) or bookmarks with your friends Customize the Quran app to your liking with dark mode and four beautiful Arabic and English fonts and font sizes. DISCOVER Discover the Holy Quran and Islam with numerous topics for the Muslim and non-Muslim readers. QIBLAH COMPASS Check Qiblah direction using a map view or compass SALAH TIMES & PRAYER ALARMS View prayer times based on your current location Get notifications when it's time to pray Use widgets to have prayer times on hand PROGRESS TRACKING Check how well you're doing on the Quran study progress with weekly and monthly achievments Please Note: we NEVER share your personal data with third parties or the US government. We respect your right to privacy! Learn more about our Privacy Policy: https://quranapp.org/privacy While no translation of the Quran can be perfect, the translation we chose for this app was done by scholars in the United States and is part of no particular sect or school of thought. We compared many different translations, and this one is easy to understand and comes with a powerful English recitation by Imam Benjamin Bilal, so the user can follow along with the English audio. For a side-by-side comparison of this and other Holy Quran renderings in English, please visit our online Quran comparison project at EnglishQuran.com. We strove hard to avoid any errors. However, should you find any mistakes or any bugs, please email us, and we will try to fix them as soon as possible with the next update. We sincerely thank you for all the great feedback and positive emails from so many of you.

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