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  • Social Networking

BUBU - Meet New People Nearby

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for BUBU - Meet New People Nearby

Great app

More intense feelings often come from suddenly hearing someones news Once in the small town of my hometown I met a neighbor who lived on the edge of the city At first we often talked together and the age of talking was about the same Now more than 20 years later he also has stars on his temples Its just strange Im a more nostalgic person and my memory is better than ordinary people I still know many details after many years but this neighbor seems to have never left In my memory I only woke up when I met at this moment In the past another neighbor always reminds me of my age We often played chess together At that time I was much more obsessed with chess than writing for nearly two years Just in front of me this old man was talking about Da Chao who played chess with you every day Remember he still studied chess every day after you left Didnt you get a prize at that time Did he also win the first place in the regional amateur He also won many first places in the citys province Now he has made great achievements In those years he became a national master and went abroad to teach foreign children to play chess He is very sad It is really far away He has a kind of pride and loss At the beginning I didnt want to take chess as a lifelong hobby and career Just my love in the toss and turn swayed away like those who used to. His success seemed to go away It continues my dream, so no matter where

adult video chat👉ssu8.com🌹武河, Jun 06, 2022
Don’t even bother. Refund requested.

This app is just a straight up scam. All of the profiles are fake, and you never match with anyone. You will acquire “likes” from “women” in your area, but they never come up when swiping, and you cannot like them even after you pay to see “their” profile. The boosts are also fake, as you can’t match with anyone no matter how fast people seem to like you. Plus you never run out of people to swipe on. With Bumble and Tinder, I’d swipe for a day or two in my area and I’d run out of people to swipe on. I’ve had this app for 3 days and it’s been constant swiping with no shortage of people showing up. It’s all very clearly fake, so just report the app so no one else has to go through this bull crap. Cheers.

bassplayer887, Jun 05, 2022
Try bumble or tinder

Basically a scam you can like all the people you want but won’t ever match with a single person, paid for elite so I can see who liked me and then it says to keep swiping so you can match with them😑. Feels like all the accounts are just bots and no one ever links their socials so you’ll simply never manage to talk to a single person, even though I had elite it still recommended it and now it’s asking for a review so here’s my honest opinion, download a different app or go outside.

boreactis, May 03, 2022
Maybe not, considering you’ll have to pay just to like someone

You know, I thought this app would actually be worth my time, so I can try and find something that would better suit my life, but the fact that the “Cheapest” option, in terms of the yearly payment plan was almost $110, I’m gonna have to decline and ask for a refund. On top of that, you can’t even talk to other people unless you pay even more money. I bet this app is fantastic, but the fact that it took my money, basically said “you can like forever” and ran away with the funds. I would like to ask for a proper refund and tell you all that if you are willing to take a huge chunk of your paycheck for an app like this, you might want to make sure you are able to actually speak to the people you want to talk to. I want to like this app, but in the end, I would like a refund for the money of the yearly subscription.

DayBreakerX99, Aug 07, 2022
Where are my matches

The app is really cool and all and I like it better than tinder, but at least tinder has the match system running like it should. How do I have 99+ women that like me but zero matches after 3 days of swiping left and right? I thought I was the only one that saw this as a problem until I saw other peoples reviews. This leads me to believe that it’s not real like it’s a scam almost because I’ve even spent money on it and I can’t even match the person that liked me like I could in tinder or bumble. This is really upsetting and definitely canceled the subscription off rip due to not a single match after spending time and money to see if it made a difference. I’m also starting to think that The boost isn’t doing anything but deceiving you into thinking it’s working bc it says “the more swipes the more matches” but in reality it’s only the more swipes the more likes that you can’t match with. If this is a real app with real people then fix this and stop giving me the same “accounts” over and over again and taking a few minutes to search the area when 99+ females supposedly both like and live close to me. Appreciate it.

Don'naireo, May 05, 2022
Fake Reviews, Fake Profiles, Waste of Time

Like all the dating apps nowadays this one is full of fake profiles. I’d say 95 percent of all the profiles on this site of women fake. I live in a town of about 300 people. Yet there were endless profiles of people less than 5 miles away that I’ve never seen before. And several of the profiles popped up repetitively when I just kept liking all the profiles. It has none of the nice features of say Tinder, Bumble, or other big name apps. It’s more like a poor beta version of an app that keeps pushing you to purchase for unlimited likes but you don’t get free messaging. There is no rewind button if you accidentally hit the reject button on a profile. The distance is completely inaccurate. This app is just a money grab. Do not waste your time.

godsssss, Apr 12, 2022
Thinking about paying their premium read first!

I usually don’t write reviews! But I decided to give this app a try and see how it was. To begin if you match any one in the free version you can’t message them or anything and you are bombarded with their paid version in other words it’s useless to use without you paying! Okay cool so I decided to pay their membership must be better right NOPE!! after I pay their membership you can see who likes you but guess what you can’t match with them you have to find them by swiping I have been swiping for 2 days and still have yet to find someone who “likes me according to app” out of 40 plus likes to me. I tried to reach their customer service but good luck finding a support email or settings on the app. Better apps out there!

Jjmdx, Feb 28, 2022
Great app, but I’m not sure about the matches…

I’ve gotten over 100 women that liked me already, I’ve even flirted with some of them through the flirt feature. But I’m not sure if it’s real, I get on the app in my free time and like and dislike girls but idk you’re gonna tell me I still haven’t “matched” with a girl yet when 99+ have liked me ?? Idk I feel like it’s taking a little long for me to match with someone when I shouldn’t be having that problem if I have that many girls that liked me already, you know what I mean ? It’s a great app it’s just idk I’m sort of having an issue with that and it’s starting to take up a lot of my free time but all praise go into the team who developed it, it runs and is great quality, it’s just… where are my matches ?? I’ve liked a lot of girls on there already and apparently it’s none of the 99+ that are supposedly near me 💀 thanks for your time - Richard PinedaAnother thing, yeah I’ve spent money on this app so the least y’all could do is like some other reviews said, make a function where the people who paid for the elite should be able to instantly like someone who liked them already, I see beautiful girls that like me and I wanna match with them and text them instantly but unfortunately there’s no function for that yet, please try to update that soon that’d be very helpful! And like that well more people will keep your app 😅

Ritchie2155, Apr 21, 2022

I tried this app out because I’ve gotten tired of Tinder and Bumble but it honestly is gonna make me go back. You have to pay to be able to even talk to people, and if you do pay you can see who likes you but you can’t swipe on them right then and there or swipe through a lot of people to try to get to them (I have 40 people who have liked me and I’ve only come across 1). There’s no point in boosting your profile either because of the before mentioned issue. There is also no settings or really any way to change distance preferences, age (or see someone else’s age), or even just general settings. As of right now this app isn’t worth the download or money spent, don’t listen to the fake 5 star reviews

Spade1613, Apr 11, 2022
Matching based on expectations and interests, good pairing logic

I installed bubu last april. Matched and date someone really amazing for several months. We ended up splitting after getting to know each other better. But I was optimistic, downloaded the app again, updated my pics and within few weeks I met someone great! I think they are a doing a great job by matching you with suitable candidates. Almost all of my matches were solid. I used tinder before and it was all about hookups and ons, but here you write ahead what you want and can filter out who wants a different thing. Before I wrote that I am interested in everything and was matching also with people that did not want something serious. Now I changed it and basically most of my matches want a long-term relationship or marriage. Really love it. It saves so much time and effort and heart break. I recommend Bubu if you are single.

victor greenqzyb, Jan 13, 2022


BUBU is your number one app to find and meet new people nearby! Create your profile, add your social media accounts and start connecting with others. You can pass entertaining quizzes about your preferences and personality to help us find the best match for you!

BUBU has so much to offer! You will never feel bored or lonely again! Simply download and enjoy meeting new people!

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