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Block Puzzle-Wood Sudoku Game

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Block Puzzle-Wood Sudoku Game

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User Reviews for Block Puzzle-Wood Sudoku Game


I love playing this game, when it works properly, but I am having an issue where, when I complete a game, instead of it, starting a brand new game it just takes me back to where I previously started… With the same exact points, the same exact shapes. Do I just keep doing the same few moves over and over again. Very frustrating

Benwood#1, Dec 29, 2022
Frustratingly Slow!

This could potentially be a very cool game, in fact I see all the five star reviews. However I have an iPad where I play a lot of my games. It’s got a lot of memory plenty of space, and all my other games work just fine, the response time is great. However, woodblock sudoku is Herky jerky at best. When you use your finger to try to move the blocks at the bottom into the square puzzle area it jerks and delays and doesn’t move, so much so that I have frequently just stopped playing the game. I restarted my iPad, I have checked to see if there are updated versions available. This game is nice — it would be nice to be able to play it. If this is not fixed in the next couple of months or with an updated version soon to fix bugs, then I will delete it and not use it anymore.

CarolynMcEvoy, Dec 01, 2022
Game Stopped, I Reloaded & now No single cubes

Every day I open the game to a partial game started weeks ago. I can play other boards in the game as usual but later I come back to the same old partial game. Day after day the same old partial game. 2023 UPDATE: I reloaded the game and after over a week of playing, I found the game no longer gives some shapes? It’s odd since I had them before I reloaded the game. 2023 Aug UPDATE: It has been many months since my last update. I play daily. The game is still NOT what it was. Literally overnight the game went from 10-15k per game to being lucky if I get 1k. It is no longer fun. And the none of the missing shapes have returned.

dnd_girl, Sep 03, 2023
Missed opportunity

Would have given this a higher rating except that this game cheats you out of continue play. Turns out the program does not recognize that by turning an object you get more moves. When it brings up a new set the program only looks at the current layout and if it does not see a move ends the game on you. Be aware this game also charges you for additional unit rotations.

DRV2019, Feb 18, 2022
Too many ads

I enjoy the game but the number of ads is ridiculous. I understand that there needs to be ads but my god. I get a short break at my job and sometimes I like to play a game on my phone but by the time I get through all the ads I haven’t got time because my break ends. I just play best fiends because they have minimal amounts of ads and I have time to play a few rounds before my break is over. Same thing at the end of my day. I like to unwind by playing a game on my phone but I can’t play this puzzle game then because I’m so annoyed by all the ads I’m more wound up. So ease up on the ads

fkd91$, Jan 01, 2022

First, I have to say, “I love the challenge of the different ways of playing. I’ve been playing for months. However, this is the third week that the Puzzle portion hasn’t been very challenging. I mentioned it through the game the first week, and it was, finally, fixed. Last week, I didn’t say anything. I just put in one piece for all 70 challenges. Please, please fix it permanently. Thank you

FreeAppUser, May 21, 2022
Keeps starting over

When I first got the app, it was a lot of fun to play. And it worked fairly well, for a while. I know the creators of the app want to make money by selling spinners. When I play, I like to get spinners on my own. But when the app crashes, as it does almost every time I play it, I lose all the spinners I won. I can't imagine anyone ever buying anything from this app when they will only lose them when the app crashes again.And it's getting worse. If I didn't know any better, I think they're monitoring my app and making it crash more than it ever could on its own. I wish there was a thing to check off zero stars.

gcohen2, Sep 06, 2021
Arthritis and weird dreams

Arrested Development (the show) brought me to this app. Looked like a fun game, and it is a fun lil puzzle. They just threw a bonus at me because for like a day or two I was allowed to rotate the pieces. That’s been fun, I’m actually sad that it’s over 😔 say la vee. But my thumb is sore. And I had a dream about tunneling through mountains last night to build REALLY COOL mansionesque homes. Everyone that is important to me was living in there. It. Was. Wild. Y’all. But people were still building and mining in the mountain. Imma try to convince me friends to go in on a mountain with me. Y’all wait.

J.J. Pei, Jan 22, 2023
Ads are out of control

I really love this game , but sadly am dumping it because the ads are frequent, long and super annoying because you have to keep hitting arrows to get out of them . Ads are for other games and gambling games. Ads also use multiple devices to trick you into thinking you are back to playing the game when you are not. It’s the worst I’ve seen on an ad-based app. And I’m not going to pay $5 per month to make it go away. Good bye!

JkBalt, Jun 10, 2022

Ok, so I played this for a while & endured all the annoying ads, and I can now most verifiably state that this game was programmed to intentionally give you pieces that won’t fit in each scenario & with limited chances to rotate blocks without paying for more. I have no respect for game developers who do this sort of stuff. I downloaded the block game Woody 99, which is not only ad-free but also a fair game.

KauaiFinn, Jun 18, 2021


Wood Block Sudoku Game is a Free Sudoku Block Game. It combines the classic block puzzles and sudoku! It is simple to play and fun to keep challenging yourself.

Not only can you smash blocks in lines, but also all blocks in 3 by 3 squares. Therefore, Wood Block Sudoku Game has multiple shapes of blocks for you to fit in! Have fun in the classic yet challenging sudoku block puzzle game! In Wood Block Sudoku Game, you will find: Unique Game Experience! Wood Block Sudoku Game is a classic block puzzle game with whole new rules! The only thing you need to do in this Wood Block Sudoku Game is to clear as many tiles as possible in a 9 by 9 wood board. You can place the given blocks in a horizontal or vertical line in order to clear all of the blocks. In this Wood Block Sudoku Game, you can clear all tiles in 3 by 3 squares as well! And you can bring your wisdom into play to arrange multiple lines and squares to get COMBO SCORE! A Special Game Rule! We have a game rule in Wood Block Sudoku Game specially just for you! Since blocks can’t be rotated, it is quite common for players of block puzzle games that they run into a situation easily where given blocks do not fit in any place, and the game is just over. Now we specially designed a box for you to store blocks that you don’t have a place for. Put them in the box and get new blocks with new shapes! Drag them out when you have room on the board for them! This special box makes block puzzle games easy and fun! Get your highest score with it! No time limit! Wood Block Sudoku Game provides a pure gaming environment for players! There is no time limit that players can go all out to eliminate as many blocks as possible and get their highest score! Multiple Score Mode! Players of Wood Block Sudoku Game will score when they eliminate blocks in a horizontal or vertical line, or a 3 by 3 square. Besides, players can leverage their wisdom to arrange multiple lines and squares to get COMBO SCORE! What’s better, when players score continuously, they get STREAK SCORE! Wood Block Sudoku Game is easy to play yet full of challenges! Players have to take advantage of their logical thinking skills to put blocks with different shapes in just the right place. It requires strategy to make decisions. One little step can give the player the highest score trophy or end the whole game! Wood Block Sudoku Game is a free, classic and challenging game! You can sharpen your mind and improve your IQ with the Wood Block Sudoku Game! Download Wood Block Sudoku Game and share it with your friends and families. Challenge them with your score record to see if they could beat it! Wood Block Sudoku Game is suitable for people of all genders and all ages! Have fun with the Wood Block Sudoku Game! You can play Wood Block Sudoku Game while waiting for your coffee, or while you wait in a line. Wood Block Sudoku Game is offline as well! You can play it anytime or anywhere! Playing Wood Block Sudoku Game is addictive! Keep challenging yourself to achieve a higher score! This Wood Block Sudoku Game is also time-consuming! It is not easy to break your own record. But it is fun to make the effort! Adjust your strategy and make the effort! Download Wood Block Sudoku Game. Get the unique game experience for yourself. Share the Wood Block Sudoku Game with your friends and families! Have fun and exercise your brain with this Wood Block Sudoku Game! EULA: https://www.learnings.ai/tos.html Privacy Policy: https://www.learnings.ai/pp.html

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