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Match Pairs 3D: Matching Game

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Match Pairs 3D: Matching Game

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User Reviews for Match Pairs 3D: Matching Game

The game cheats you

When you stock you run out of time they ask if you want to watch commercial to get extra 30 seconds when you press you think you going to watch 1 or 2 they will never stop I already watch 15 commercial to get the 30 seconds and they still putting more I don’t think they are going to give me the 30 seconds

Aem bacher, Mar 29, 2022

I actually paid money to remove the ads. However, if you don’t make it through the first time, you can watch an ad and get an additional 45 seconds supposedly. That no longer works. The ads just keep coming and coming. I really enjoy the game but will not play it any more. I hate being tricked.

Iamsickofthis, Jun 03, 2021

Game fun at first for sure . Ads are incredibly obnoxious. Why don’t you change it up a little ? The same themes over and over and over . It’s frustrating because what could be fun becomes boring and monotonous . I can’t believe there isn’t more to this game . The rewards don’t work either . Deleting this today . I’ve already wasted too much time advancing in my gameplay but there is never a higher level or different theme . Dumb

jertgirl, Apr 22, 2022

This starts out very easy and just when I think I will delete it because it is , it becomes challenging because I have to find matches on a time schedule … which I love! I needed a challenge! Thanks !!

Jslvsclf, Aug 10, 2021
Love the game…but!

I love playing this game but I wish you would add different objects. It’s a lot of fun but gets old when it’s the same objects time after time. Please oh please oh please add different objects.My but is…every time I choose to watch an ad for 45 more seconds or to X my rewards it doesn’t work. Why? Thanks.

M0855, Mar 20, 2022
Enjoyed! Then…disappointed

I actually loved this game/app…at first. Then, all the sudden, it wouldn’t let me get “45 seconds” extra!!! I had to watch about 5-10 ads and finally just gave up and started over!! This happened through multiple levels. So, bc I’m an idiot and will spend money on games, I tried to buy the “shuffle” option! That didn’t work, either!! Just more ads. I finally just deleted the app. I enjoyed it while it was legit, but after so many ads and couldn’t get to next “level,” buh-bye!✌🏼✌🏼

magatha88, Feb 07, 2022
Fix Issues

I like the game, but when you finish a level and it gives an option to double the prize by watching an ad, it will add correctly. However, when you exit the game and then go back to it, those double prizes are no longer there, AND THIS HAPPENS EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T USE THE PRIZES. I feel like the game is cheating the player. Also, PLEASE add new themes. Doing the same themes over and over gets boring after awhile!

Meemo64, Jul 05, 2021
Fun until......

It’s a fun game until you have to watch an add to get more time. The ad runs but does not go back to the puzzle. Instead you have to watch it twice. It doesn’t happen all the time so I am thinking it’s a glitch. Please fix or I will just move on to another game and delete this one.

paki22, Apr 03, 2021
Ad issues

I love this game however I do have some complaints. While earning my Daily Rewards there is an issue with the ad for Bubble Witch 3 Saga in that it never ends and thus you cannot return to the Daily Rewards page.A second problem on both paid & free versions is constant display of “No Ads Available”. This occurs on one device while at the same time, I’m able to receive rewards on another device.Please correct this. Otherwise, I love it

seravalli61, May 27, 2022
Becoming frustrated with ads

I really used to like this game - I’ve had it for quite some time; but now there’s an ad after EVERY round of play, even when I don’t want the extra points! That is extremely frustrating. ☹️ Used to only get ads after playing a few rounds or for the extra points….Am seriously contemplating deleting this game.

Wellsheet, Apr 20, 2022


In a logic puzzle Match Pairs 3D you need to link pairs of images by dragging them. The mechanics is super easy! Find identical pictures, drag one onto the other and make pairs.

Find all pairs before the time runs out! Enjoy colorful collections of images with sweets, fruits and many more. Features: - More than 1000 levels - Easy mechanics - Challenging game modes - Endless Hints! - Progress saving puzzle game - Train your brain: concentration, observation and logic Such a simple and cool application to relax and pump observation. What else is needed? Try to download and play now!

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