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User Reviews for Bible Gateway

This is a GREAT app But

I love this app A LOT actually but something went wrong with it recently and now I can’t use it. So I had to uninstall it 😔 I loved the fact that I could just put in the search bar just one word in a verse and it pulls up all the verses with that one word in it ANd it tells me how many verses has that word in it also. It give the whole Bible in over 25 different versions I can switch when I wanted I can have it in a diff language it also gives verse of the day and saved all my favorite verses in one area I got to highlight my favorite verses AND share them without it being sent all boggled where ppl had to download the app just to see it. SO I did really love the app BUT now it started to mess up now when I went to certain passages it would bring it up in the search but wouldn’t actually bring it up in the Bible part I couldn’t go to a certain book in the Bible anymore either. So I feel like I just lost all my data I was saving in all that I was studying in the app now! Ugh that’s SO frustrating too. But please fix maybe I’ll try it again later.

BeautifulTrandy, Nov 24, 2018

I love this app so much and it has allowed me to read the Bible more often and seek the Lord. I use my headphones and use the "dramatized" version on the audio bible and follow along on the regular Bible reading and I understand it so much more. I started to use the reading plan and using the audio to complete it and it's great because you can get reminders everyday reminding you to read. I plan on writing about what I know from the scriptures in my prayer journal. The only thing is that the reading plans don't have an option where you read Genesis to Revelation which I would prefer but the app is still amazing and I love it and I encourage you to get it to get you closer to Christ with scripture :) ps I highly recommend the NIV version of the Bible because other ones like the KJV are hard to understand in my opinion and the NIV is really easy to read and understand for a 12 year old like me.

Hfcbgc hdvjgfbk, Jun 28, 2017
Thank God for this app

I love this app I am visually impaired and it is very difficult for me to read the Bible giving that I can no longer read text I struggle with following Sunday service because I can't read the Bible when everybody else is reading it but with this app it is amazing I've been reading the Bible I actually started from Genesis and I'm able to sync it to my TV to listen to it loud enough I love this app thank God I hope I hope they make it better so one can get the verses because right now you're only able to get the book and the chapter I want to be able to see the verses or hear the verses so when their church wants us to go to for example Genesis chapter 1 verse 10 I won't have to start from Genesis chapter 1 verse one but I'll just go straight to Genesis chapter 1 verse 10 so fingers crossed and I'm hoping for eight to get even better so I can get the versus I for what it's worth this is the best audio Bible I have come across since I've been downloading series of ups for audio Bible

If Justif, May 09, 2017
Update to 63 broke other things

Hey that’s great that you updated your app about five days ago to version 63 to fix the audio player. But it broke a lot of other things. When I tap on the Bible button, it’s blank in the section you are supposed to see the book’s name. Just a little arrow is there, and it does nothing. I can’t choose a book of the Bible. Also, the font is too big and overrides on other font areas, making it hard to read. I tried to change the font size within the app, and it didn’t change anything. I also tried to change the font size on my phone, and it also did not affect it. It just remains too large and runs off the screen. There are other problems, but I’m sure if you guys look into it you’ll find them. I have an iPhone SE. I have used your app for many years, and it is my go to Bible App. I hope you can fix this problem, because it is not useable to read the Bible at this point. 😢

J@nette, Aug 09, 2022
No longer using because of TPT removal

I had use this app for over a decade and it was very helpful and allowed me to look to different versions of the Bible. I like using different paraphrases and versions to see different perspectives from translation teams in people. The ESV and HCSB were my main resources, but also enjoyed the AMP, as well as the paraphrases (Message, TPT). About a month ago in February 2022 I tried to look up a verse in TPT, and it was no longer available. I reached out to support letting them know it was missing, hoping it was just a technical glitch. I reached out several other times with no response. It is my assumption this app has been “influenced“ by the movement to expunge TPT as a resource to followers of Jesus. It saddens my heart, because we are supposed to be united, and not divided. If people took time to understand the difference between a paraphrase, and a literal translation or thought for thought translation, I believe TPT would still be a resource available to me. I have now downloaded YouVersin, and will use that resource. Again, very saddened by the impact of the religious-mindset on this platform which simply cannot operate in Grace……no one is going to lose their relationship with God because they read TPT!

Jumpin Jonny, Mar 07, 2022
I really LOVE it!!!

For a long time I wished I could not only read the Bible but hear it when I don’t have time to read it and also wished I can hear it while asleep. That’s when I found BIBLE GATEWAY!!! For many years I have been able to listen to NIV Bible and ITS ALSO DRAMATIZED FOR ME so I can really understand and imagine what it was like living through the times! Every aspect of life and it’s challenges I face are all there to read/ listen to the stories of regular people who went through similar situations many times even worse situations but God brought them all out of it. I really love to listen to it as I sleep and when I wake up many of it is actually programmed into my brain , I can’t imagine not being able to hear it while I sleep it brings me peace. I really recommend this app for everyone especially to those who can’t read for whatever reason.

Kings_Daughter, Feb 13, 2022
Finally Reading my Bible!

I’m 52 years old and I have always struggled with reading my Bible everyday. I’ve only ever had a KJV. One day I googled a verse on my phone for a note I was writing and I found Gateway. I downloaded the app and started using the reading plan and now I have no problem reading everyday and often several times a day. It was hard to carry my Bible with me, so I never did. Now, I can just open my phone anywhere. My hairdresser asked me one day what I was always reading while my hair dye was processing and it opened up a conversation to be able to witness. All the ladies in our church prayer group use it now and we all use the NIV chronological reading plan and our conversations are now always on the Bible as we discuss our daily reading. I am also able to use a commentary for the first time in my life and it has opened up depths of God’s Word for me. Thank you Gateway! Carolyn M.

lakehouse55, Dec 04, 2018
Notes needs help

Bible Gateway is one of my study staples...I’ve used it for years. However...I’ve gotten into deeper study of the Word, and have started using the Notes feature of the app. May I suggest a couple improvements that would improve its value tremendously.First of all, the Notes icon that appears at the beginning of a verse when a Note is made should pop-up a window with that particular Note. As it is, it takes you away from your place in the Scripture to a listing of the Notes made that you must scroll through to find the particular Note you want. Then you must navigate back to the Scripture you were reading. Awkward and time consuming.Second, there is a way to print each Note separately; however, there should be a way to print a list and/or range of Notes so they can be kept hard copy with other study materials.Third, currently there is only one color available for highlighting. It would be very helpful to have a number of colors so as to designate different Bible studies.Fourth, have a Notes icon at the beginning of the verse for each Note made regarding that particular verse. In this way you would be able to see all the Notes made for a verse at different times.Thank you. Hope you will see the benefit of each of these suggestions and work them into the next update.

samerammer, Sep 19, 2018
Used to be good but never works now

I’ve tried to get support on this app and the tell me the same things every time and the solutions never fix anything. It’s not just my phone, it also is my wife’s phone. Most translations do not have all the books available and some are duplicated where you select the passage. The ones that are there often have incomplete chapters. And lately, the one translation I can consistently get (NASB1995) won’t read audibly anymore.UPDATE: I’m very frustrated by the lack of information and response from tech support. It took this review to get any feedback. Thank you for finally responding. A quick email response when I respond to the tech’s email would be a very appropriate way to handle this and avoid bad reviews.UPDATE #2: Most of the functionality has been restored. I have been able to access multiple translations/versions successfully. Most of them now play audio, although NASB 1995 still isn’t working. I have upgraded my rating. Thank you for your continued diligence.

sweet music fun, May 22, 2021
New version does not allow scrolling ahead or back on daily read

I still think this is the best app out there, it includes many features and versions like NIV, which others don't include. I like the ability to save my notes and verses that are meaningful, and the fact that I can choose many features without signing up for emails. However, I have a few suggestions: The book and verse scroll is not quick enough if your using it to keep up with a speaker. I'm still scrolling when others have quickly found the verse in a hard copy. A quick choice option for the verse and book choice would be better. Also they changed the Daily Bible reading so you can't scroll back a chapter or forward to the next chapter to keep reading without going out or in from the Daily Reading section. It's cumbersome, and stops the flow of study. It should be easier to delve deeper in a your Bible Study. I don't know why they would have changed that feature, as it was not an improvement.

T/dee, Dec 27, 2017


Take the Bible with you wherever you go. The Bible Gateway App is the OFFICIAL and FREE mobile Bible reading and learning experience from BibleGateway.com. The Bible Gateway App makes it easy to read, hear, study, and understand the Bible.

Features include: • Read more than 90 different Bible translations, including the NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB, NASB, CEB, The Message (MSG), Amplified Bible (AMP), and many more. • Listen to over 20 audio Bibles, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and other languages. • Search quickly and easily for any verse, passage, or keyword. • Learn more about any Bible passage with a library of trustworthy Bible commentaries and other references. • Take personal notes, highlight Bible text, and star your favorite verses. • Study Scripture at any time—even late at night—with night mode toggle. • Enjoy a daily Verse of the Day in the translation of your choice. • Follow one of many different Bible reading plans, including the Bible in 90 Days reading challenge and the Bible in Chronological or Historical order. • Share your favorite Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. • For iPad users, view up to three different translations side-by-side. • Upgrade to the ultimate Bible learning experience with a free 30-day trial of Bible Gateway Plus. Plus members enjoy access to their expanded study library of over 40 Bible study titles, including notes from the NIV Study Bible and the MacArthur Study Bible. Bible Gateway is committed to making the Bible available to everyone, wherever they are. To begin exploring and understanding the Bible yourself, install the free App. In subscribing to Bible Gateway Plus for $3.99 USD per month or $39.99 USD per year, you will have access to more than 40 titles, including best-selling Bible Study resources, including notes from the NIV Study Bible and NKJV MacArthur Study Bible. When subscribing, you will be charged via your iTunes account, and confirmation of your purchase can be found there. Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew monthly on the monthly plan or yearly on the yearly plan. If you would like to cancel renewal, you will need to turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Renewal prices are $3.99 for the monthly plan and $39.99 for the yearly plan. Visit your iTunes Account Settings after purchase to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal. Please note that any cancellations made before the end of a free trial or subscription period will forfeit any unused portion of the period. Bible Gateway’s Terms of Use are available at https://www.biblegateway.com/legal/terms/?interface=print

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