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User Reviews for Bible Audio

Ok app but why pay twice?

This is a Bible Gateway app, in effect. Bible Gateway already charges a $4/month subscription fee (and also has audio). Why does this app require an additional $2/month fee? Total of $6/month? Would love to know why this app is not free if you already subscribe to Bible Gateway. That would be my first suggestion - make this free to Bible Gateway subscribers. Frankly, I think it should be free regardless, or there should be no more than a $1.99 ONE-TIME charge. The app is ok, but I do not think it is sophisticated enough for a monthly subscription. Other suggestions: 1-add chapter and verse (since all there is currently is a mention of the chapter by the narrator at the beginning of the chapter). 2-add selection of verses in addition to books and chapters. 3-needs font options. 4-needs option to look at more than one verse at a time. 5-needs the ability to minimize the player ribbon. 6-needs the ability to sync across all devices (just as Bible Gateway does). Thanks.

#RTB, Mar 22, 2019
Good free app with many glitches and a worthless subscription

I really enjoy this app, it's my go-to audio bible and has helped me read 10x that of before!That being said, it glitches every single time I use it! Everytime I run it, the text will stop or the music will stop. Please make this more reliable.Also, paying a monthly subscription for another translation and not hearing a 10 second ad about the app itself is RIDICULOUS. I was willing to pay 2.00 once just to support this apps development, but 1.99 a month, 24 dollars a year for almost nothing, on an app that is inconsistent and only works sometimes, is an ABSOLUTE NO!

1Acehole1, Aug 23, 2019
Don’t update!

Really enjoyed this app until the update. There is a banner at the top telling you to upgrade for 1.99/mo. It never goes away. It wasn’t there upon my initial down load. Some suggestions: give font size options. It’s also annoying to have to scroll down if the verse doesn’t fit into the screen. I love that the pages turn with the reader automatically. I’d pay a one time fee but monthly doesn’t seem justifiable. I can deal with the banner add. Lol. Thanks for the product. It really has potential. One more thing. When I hit the play button often it will start playing two different sections simultaneously. I’m guessing the developers will solve this soon!

Aaron 1, Jun 25, 2018
Good & one-of-a-kind, but needs work.

I’m a pastor and have a pretty intense daily reading plan. I listen as I read along, or sometimes just listen. Using an iPad 2 and iPhone 5S.I used it a few months before paying. The cost was worth it for me to use offline. But it might not be worth it for some. The other translation options available on the paid version didn’t matter to me since I only use the NIV on the app. This is the ONLY Bible app that meets all criteria I’ve searched years for: 1) has adjustable speed; 2) displays only one verse at a time [easier to follow] and; 3) has a dramatized NIV version (keeps my attention much better than voice-only narration. Four requests: 1) Make last listening/reading location syncable across devices. 2) Provide adjustable font size, so I don’t have to scroll down when reading on my phone 3) Provide a Night/Low Light reading mode4) Fix the two bugs in the premium downloaded version where the chapter doesn’t automatically advance unless on WiFi and freezes up whenever it comes to another place where an ad would have been on the unpaid version. [This happened to me when I was traveling for several days in an area without internet. I had to manually advance each chapter and restart the app each time it thought it should play an ad, which wouldn’t have played on WiFi but still would have skipped over]

Chris-B., Jan 01, 2019
Good app but not so good

I had been enjoying this Bible app for several weeks and then one day, it stopped moving the verses with the audio. I tried shutting it down and restarted it to no avail; the verses still would not change. I had to delete the app and reloaded the app to get it to work, that lasted two days and now it’s back to the same way. There seems to be a bug in the app; please fix. The verse matching with the audio was the reason I chose this free app.

H. Bear 291, Mar 27, 2020

This is a good app when it’s functioning.2 things would improve this app greatly:1 is for the bug in this app to be fixed. It will work fine and then out of nowhere it’ll have a message pop up saying “unable to load” or “loading error” and the app won’t load even after closing it so you’re forced to delete and redownload. Very annoying to say the least. And 2 would be an upgrade where you can also repeat the book you’re in as well as chapter and verse

JCIML, Mar 19, 2021
This could be the best Bible app available!!!

I’ve had this app off and on for awhile. I had so many problems with the audio. Wether it was online or off. I have tried every Bible app on the web. This is by far the best. I like to listen at night. I don’t mind paying the 1.99 to get it offline. But I need to know the app is going to work. When I first got the app it played perfectly. I could listen all night. Which I do. I can’t sleep w/o it. But then it would play only once and awhile. I bought the 1.99 monthly fee but it did nothing. Actually it got worse. But they have a good CS team that want to help. I didn’t at the time but after trying every app I could find this is still number one! So I’ll try again! Ty.

RUA2JIAM, Oct 31, 2020
Love it! Needs a bit of refinement

I love this app, I’ve read through the whole Bible this year while listening to your audio Bible. I love the variable reading speed options. I love the option of having the verses on the screen. I love Max Maclean’s NIV reading the most. But there is refinement needed...Whenever there is a glitch in the internet connection- whether it is cellular or WiFi, everything goes array. The screen freezes, and no matter how long I wait, it doesn’t right itself, even if the internet does right itself. I’ve had to resort many times to going back to the regular Bible gateway app (which doesn’t have audio with variable speed). Or more commonly, I have to completely delete the app from my phone and then reinstall it to make it work again!! I’m sure that’s not supposed to happen. Thank you! I hope this issue is easily fixed soon, you have a really great app that is blessing many- it just needs some adjusting.

UgandaGirl, Mar 07, 2021
Please Fix This!

I have downloaded like 10 different Bible audio apps and this is the best one for my personal use. However, 3 times now I have deleted it and redownloaded it because I will get through about 3/4 of a book and then it quits working and won’t load anything. Very annoying. But it’s literally the only app I’ve liked so I have downloaded it a fourth time. If I have to redownload it a fifth time I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Please for the good in the world fix this problem!

user3141592653, Mar 03, 2021

This App was a disappointing wasted download as some major, important, desirable versions are missing. Many listeners want to hold to sound doctrine found in accurate word for word translations rather than thought for thought translations that in many times skew truth through dynamic opinionated or tailored thought. Many thought for thought versions are attempting to make the Holy Word of GOD adapt to the reader/culture over having the reader/culture adapt to the biblical author- God and the only truth. We are to submit to God and His word, not the other way around! Having translations KJV and NKJV is a must but where is the ESV and NASB 1995 (Not 2020) ??!We’ve just downloaded this app only to be extremely disappointed in the blatant lack of those two versions therefore, we are deleting this app immediately for that reason alone! Missing verses, changed meanings and political/cultural adaptation ARE Deception (apostasy/heresy). Beware of the NIV, The Message and many other versions!! No Thanks!

ZeeZee11•, Mar 24, 2021


Listen to the Bible while commuting to work or school, doing chores around the house, or as you drift off to sleep. You can now listen and read along with the Bible wherever you have an Internet connection. Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App is FREE and easy to use.

And for additional translations and offline access, simply upgrade to a Bible Audio Gold subscription. • Listen to a variety of Bible translations, including the New International Version (NIV), the King James Version (KJV), the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV), and the Spanish Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI). All versions are available in both text and audio. • Choose from multiple audio narration styles for the NIV, KJV, and NVI, including Dramatized and Voice-only. • Follow along as you listen with text and audio synchronization. • Navigate quickly anywhere in the Bible. • Memorize Scripture more effectively by setting chapters or verses to repeat. • Set a timer so that you can establish goals to spend more time in the Word of God, or so that you can fall asleep while listening. • Speed up or slow down playback to listen to the Bible at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the Bible with a Bible Audio Gold Subscription: • With the Gold subscription, you can download your favorite translations to listen without data plan limits. Anytime. Anywhere. • On top of the NIV, KJV, NIrV and NVI, add the New King James Version (NKJV) and International Children’s Bible (ICB) translations to your library and listen to any of 10 audio Bible recordings. • Experience the Bible uninterrupted—enjoy listening to God's Word without audio or banner ads. • Subscribe today for an introductory price of $1.99 USD per month or $19.99 USD per year. In subscribing to the Bible Audio App for $1.99 USD per month or $19.99 USD per year, you will have offline, ad-free access to 10 different audio recordings. Subscribing through iOS, you will be charged via your iTunes account, and confirmation of your purchase can be found there. Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew each month if on the monthly plan, or each year if on the yearly plan. If you would like to cancel renewal, you will need to turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. At time of renewal, your iTunes account will be automatically charged $1.99 USD on the monthly plan or $19.99 USD on the yearly plan. To manage your subscription, visit your iTunes Account Settings after purchase to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal. Bible Gateway’s Terms of Use are available at https://www.biblegateway.com/legal/terms/?interface=print

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