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Batched - Multi Photo Editor

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Batched - Multi Photo Editor

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User Reviews for Batched - Multi Photo Editor

Loving this app

Really great app for editing my photos. I use this more than any other apps I have. It’s my new go to app. It’s awesome that I can edit multiple photos at once too.

Annabelleb43, Apr 02, 2022
Pretty good

I like this app I’m just trying to learn things and I’ll like it so much better.

Chenoa27030, Jul 10, 2022
I’m Surprised Batched Isn’t More Popular

I’ve been using Batched for about 3 months now and it works very well. Simple to use, good image adjustment options. The very best batch editor I’ve found and I’ve been looking for a long time! I’m hoping it will eventually have batch image enhancing features too (like skin blemish remover, teeth whitening, etc.)

Darrell.Stevens, Mar 09, 2023

I did not really like this app, as you had to pay for it… But I really liked how you could edit your photos to literally anything, one thing I hated about it was that you needed premium access to save the photo you made! Like seriously!!

Emily:)))))))))))))), Jun 05, 2022
FC color

FC color I don’t need any other software but this 2.

Erhach, Jul 11, 2022
Turns all photos pitch black.

Cool concept but doesn't work. Every time I've tried to use it, it turns every photo pitch black. Then I have to go through individually in my camera role to revert the photos back. Save your time and money.

getlawst, Dec 25, 2022
Excellent working beast! Taking photos more then 40 years!Buy it!

Happy! Excellent working! No troubles at all! Highly recommend! I’m in photography industry more then 40 years!Best regards JK

joka1703, May 03, 2022
The rotate function was useless

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong (the app is quite simple so I wouldn’t have thought so) but when I use the rotate function it ruins my photos. I’ve only tried a few times but each time it seems one quarter of the image is sharp, the rest is blurred. I’ll wait until I return from my holiday to edit my photos on a large monitor. I really wanted the app for the colour adjustment. It didn’t have what I wanted (individual RGB sliders) but it was ok for basic colour adjustment. I recommend always saving a copy, just in case!

Knobhead99999, Jun 28, 2022
Darkroom Killer!

I’ve been using this as my main photo editing software for roughly 5 months as a beta tester & now normal user, and I am so proud of the devs who worked on this. It’s jam-packed with features, has an amazing UI, and simply feels better than other apps like Darkroom or Lightroom. For an app like this, I don’t even mind the subscription model at play here. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to edit photos.

Magearana, Mar 14, 2022

Great idea poor execution.. I only get black boxes when I save in batches, no picture. Also the quality is diminished when I saved one. Only one photo worked and it was HD but came out blurry. I do love the saturation tool though. It’s brilliant!

mebejessie, Dec 22, 2022


Don't waste your time on one-by-one photo correction. Batched is a handy photo editor that filters and changes all photos at once. Apply unique effects like duotone, such tools as selective hue, color standout, and curves.

Use our numerous filters to change a particular image or all images at once without wasting your time. With Batched, you can import up to 25 photos and make different changes. When your new picture is ready, you can save the image with your preferable size and format. The other handy feature of this application is to switch from a single image view to a grid image view, which allows you to check all pictures at once and make changes faster. The Batched app is handy when you have a large set of similar shots to edit or need to match photos to each other. It allows you to save time by editing all the photos in one go. It is also easier to achieve a consistent-looking set of images. Batched photo editor allows you to apply different effects to linked photos. If you need to correct, let’s say, a color temperature for all photos, and exposition for some of them, you can apply those effects while seeing all pictures at once in your grid. Batched photo editor offers popular filters (Portrait, Urban, etc. ), which are grouped and easy to find. Main Features: Import up to 25 photos Save the images with the preferable format and size. Check your images in a grid view and make changes to all photos at once. Photo Editing Tools: 100+ filters for pictures and widespread photo effects Duotone Curves Selective hue Color standout Split tone Object removal & Clone stamp Light, Color & Details adjustments Batched provides the best free filters for easy image editing. Edit one or several photos with color effects right on your mobile photo editor. Edit Multiple Photos at Once Have you tried to edit several photos? The process of repeating is enough to make you tired, and nobody likes this. Batched editing app will help streamline your photo editing and create stunning photos easily. Batched editing includes essential photo editing tools, different photo filters, and photo effects that can be used in bulk, saving both your time and effort. Check out our special features. Color Transfer Tool Color transfer is a convenient way of changing the appearance of a target picture according to the color scheme of a source image. We propose a matching of colors for transferring new image moods that have visually similar semantic structures. You can use your own image or choose an image from our free in-app stock as a color reference. Duotone Duotone is a very colorful and striking effect inspired by a popular printmaking technique. Batched will allow you to recreate an image using just two colors — one for the dark parts of the image and one for the light ones. You can change any full-color image into a duotone image. Color Standout The color standout displays one color within the entire photo, leaving the rest in black and white, letting you focus on that color. Batched gives you the possibility to apply this flexible feature to the images to highlight the objects you need. Curves The Batched provides the curve tool, allowing you to make appropriate color and luminance adjustments to your images. Using the curves effect, you will adjust the tones and make other changes to bring your picture to life. Install Batched and try it for your advanced-level photos. Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://adva-soft.com/privacy-policy-batched.html

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