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Dazz Cam Dispo.sable

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User Reviews for Dazz Cam Dispo.sable

Add “Remove Date” Option

Hi, I was wondering if you can add this option where you would have a choice of using the custom date, or not, so some people can do some fake training videos or something like that. Also, can you fix this bug where the app crashes when you try to import a video? BTW, keep up the great work with this app!

Brandon Michael panek, Oct 31, 2017
Disappointed by greedy developers

I downloaded this app a LONG time ago and then, I bought an in app purchase, removed watermarks and got the extra skins. Now the developers have started a subscription model that places a watermark on my videos because I don’t have the subscription. I have tried clicking “restore purchases” to no avail. How is it right ethically or otherwise to do this to your customer base? It is a rip off. I want my original investment refunded. I will be contacting you.

Dapperbeard, Sep 17, 2020
Do not download

If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Before it the app even lets you see what the video looks like, you have to “start a 3-day trial”, but what it doesn’t tell you is you will automatically be charged once you accept the 3-day trial. The point in a trial is to try something before you decide whether or not you want to buy an item. I wanted to try the app before I purchased something so basic for $30. Instead, I am charged right away. I’m so furious I deleted the app before even trying it because the function looks as basic as basic gets. You can find multiple apps a lot better than this one that WONT charge you $30... Very disappointed and would like a refund, but the company is not reachable which is another 👎🏽

kingcars0n, Feb 05, 2020
Very good, but needs some improvements.

First of all, let’s do a sound check.The old vhs sound noise feedbacks into the microphone and makes the audio unbearable without completely turning down the audio. But that could be improved.VHS Background noise - 2/5Second of all, let’s check the sound filter.The graininess of the sound is kinda not so grainy, I just wanna be able to change the graininess of the microphone and stuff like that, it would be amazing to have that in the control panel.Microphone noise - 3.5/5So overall the sound is ok but still needs improvements.Overall sound - 2.75/5Now, the next, graphics. The graphics are amazing and I have little to say about it, except for the VHS noise, it needs to be a little bit more random with the intervals between each noise line on the tape.VHS tape noise - 4/5Everything else is amazing and I think it is very good.Everything else - 5/5So overall the graphics are the finest bit in here so far! with the realism intact!Graphics overall - 4.5/5And last but not least — the UI. It is very accessible and very easy to use, Nothing is too bad not too good! It is very comfortable to use.UI - 5/5So now for the overall score of the app. It is a very good app and the features and aesthetics are spot-on! I hardly have anything bad to say!Overall score - 4/5!

KSqoosh, May 09, 2018
Weird sound? And awful borders

Let me start off by saying this app is amazing. It does everything you’d expect it to do but for some reason when recording video there is a strange sound that can’t be turned off which gets louder and louder. Secondly when recording videos there is a strange white border that ends up on the black bars on each side. If these two problems were fixed it’d easily be a 5 star app.

lil brandonski, Feb 27, 2018
Cool app

I like making things in retro style so this app is definitely for me! Now I can make my pics in romantic style of 80-s. And after the update I can convert my older video. That's great! It appeared to be very funny to make videos like in VHS format. I feel nostalgic and for me that videos became more interesting and beautiful.

malka987, Oct 17, 2016

This is the one of the most creative and weird video editors in appstore. Making your own 90-s inspired little movies have never been so easy. And if you want to edit full film on the computer you are welcome. Just shoot all parts, collect them and make a movie in a special program. Fantastic opportunity for arthouse lovers. AWESOME!

Rival dealer, Oct 14, 2016
If you can get it to work

I must have purchased this app sometime back just for the gimmick of it.I use purchase loosely, but not because I stole it but rather because it will not acknowledge I have purchased it at all & doses me with ads & denied access to features. I also cannot figure out why when you try to record with it I’m am greeted aurally with a high pitched noise effect that builds to almost ear splitting cacophony of delay? I’ll leave my review at 1 until it gets sorted but I have owned for almost a long while now.

TH3J4CK4L, Jun 15, 2018
Cool concept, audio noise is terrible

I love the idea, with the 80/90 style video. I purchased the app to avoid adds and have access to all the features. I especially love that you can set the date. The audio feedback noise - yes, even when I have ‘audio noise’ turned off - is so terrible the video is unusable. The feedback just becomes a high pitched, screechy noise. Only worth it to upload existing video, or shoot video that you will eventually edit the sound out of.

ValerieB4242, Sep 30, 2017
Great app

I think it’s a great app! Reminds me of the early 2000’s when my dad used to videotape our adventures. I bought the full version to use my own clips but it seems that I can’t really use any clip that is around 23 seconds or longer and I don’t know if thats how the app is supposed to be but I hope that can get fixed 😢 it keeps crashing out on me when It’s loading. Other than that i recently discovered this app and i love it! :D

Zayra M., Dec 29, 2017


Description: Dazz Cam (formerly Retro VHS) is the world's most advanced Dazz Cam app and VHS app! Film grainy videos like it's that summer of 1985 again where the only things that mattered were the brand of clothes you wore and fighting Communism. Snap dramatic selfies and pretend you're an 80s fitness model.

Create videos that look so ancient you'll be able to trick your crazy grandpa into believing that you invented a time machine. What can you possibly use this app for: *Start your engagement off right with a retro video proposal or add that vintage touch to your divorce announcement. *Recreate your parent's poorly shot family home videos. *Create your own creepy found footage movie and send it to a stranger. *Dress up and film your own video dating segment. Send it to someone who remembers what those are. *Record your own music videos for YouTube. Sit back and wait for the money to roll in. *Play psychological games with friends where you trick them into believing that your videos were shot in the 80s. *Record sports events and finally make them interesting. *Film every moment of your life, upload the videos to Facebook, and search for the validation that your parents never gave you. Features: *The world's most accurate video haze and severe VHS tracking lines. *Record videos any way you want : regular VHS mode, in Black & White, and vintage TV screen mode. *Extra special TV screen mode simulates watching your videos on an old TV set. *Import your own videos and make them look like they were shot on an ancient VHS cassette. *Review your videos and share them with friends. *Insert your own pictures into videos to show off your creative flair. *Zoom in and out for dramatic close-ups. *Heavy eye shadow and soft lighting recommended. *Take stylish, vintage selfies and snap photos during recording. *Display on-screen text for announcements or set the date back in time to fool co-workers. *Multiple stylish camera skins to choose from. *Camcorder flashlight provides hours of entertainment! *Video filters add creative (possibly creepy) effects to your videos. *Landscape video mode for garden shots. *Our all new "FX control panel" gives you a fully customizable experience with all of the options you need to produce the best VHS videos ever! Our nearly satisfied customers agree: "These videos look just like my parent's awful VHS collection. Thanks Retro VHS (now known as Dazz Cam)!" "VHS videos have never looked so rad thanks to Retro VHS (now known as Dazz Cam)." "I finally found a date who doesn't run away. Thanks Retro VHS (now known as Dazz Cam)." Why not try out Dazz Cam today! *Your iTunes account will be charged upon confirmation of purchase or after the free trial period, if any, unless auto renewal is turned off or your subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription will automatically renew at the then-current rates within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. To cancel, visit the Account Setting in your iTunes account. Subscription fees are non-refundable. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if applicable, will be forfeited when you change your subscription. Visit our Privacy Policy at: https://www.retrovhsapp.com/privacy-policy Visit our Terms of Service at: https://www.retrovhsapp.com/terms-of-service

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