Icon Baby games for one year olds!

Baby games for one year olds!

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Baby games for one year olds!

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User Reviews for Baby games for one year olds!

Good for little ones

It’s fun and my grandson loves the cheers when he gets to the end of a level. My only complaint is that little ones tend to palm the screen which will bring up iPad notifications bar or cause another app to move into place. Then the game always starts over when you go back to it instead of resuming where he left off. A settings button would be nice.

Automobilephile3, Jun 29, 2019
This is the most game.

This game has done everything for me in life, I had severe depression after my wife left me, my pharmacist quit prescribing me my schizophrenia and anxiety medication, my favorite YouTuber, Dream, took a week long break from making videos, but this game, this game made everything better, when my wife saw my ability to fill in silhouettes, she knew she made a mistake, she came back, I made a petition to make my pharmacy to prescribe my medication again, and I can tell you from deep within this mental institution, this game really can turn your life around!I hate my wife. 1 star 🍠

Dave Mandy, Jun 27, 2022
Great in theory

I find this endlessly obnoxious because my 21 month old always touches more than one part of the screen while doing this. I’ve explained to just use her pointer finger to move the objects but, you know, she’s tiny so she doesn’t quite get it. The problem is that as soon as you switch into another application — which she does accidentally every 5 seconds by dragging her hand up from the bottom of the iPad — the game has to load ALL OVER AGAIN. It doesn’t pick up from where you left off even if you switch back to it literally 1 second later. For this reason I find it almost unusable. I get sick of restarting it for her every 5 seconds.

HorribleSpider, Feb 04, 2019

This is an easy game for a young tot to figure out on their own. I like having this on my phone for while sitting in a waiting room where I just need to keep my tots attention for a few mins.

jack!e_r, Feb 03, 2020
Worth the download

I love it my one year old is obsessed don’t like I have to write a review to access the games but y’all better have them ready when I’m done but it’s nice I’ll be back if it doesn’t work👀

Killlllllllllooooooooooppp, Jan 28, 2021
Awesome Learning App

My grand babies love this app and it really helps them learn! Just wished they said what each item is, so they not only learn the shapes but also the names of each item! Just a thought to add to the app, but keep it free for those less fortunate can learn as well!

Mamabear7769, Dec 11, 2019

I really like this app.I have tried other apps but they have all been too hard to use. My son will touch the screen with two hands and doesn’t understand the concept of having to click an image to drag it like the other apps. So while he is first learning how to match this is the best app I’ve tried. I think I downloaded like six or so to try and this app was by far the best. My son loves it.

maryyram88, May 15, 2020
Good game for babys

I love how you don’t repeat and repeat wrong wrong Because most of the games do that but this game doesn’t and I really like that also it doesn’t need wifi my baby brother loves its also really fun to cheer on your little one and make then have a huge smile and laugh and try to make you laugh

Ms. is rating you, Nov 27, 2019
Pretty & Simple

I really like the concept, ease of use and the graphics. Overall I think it’s well designed & nice to look at. The only flaw is that my 13 month old can hit the ‘x’ and get himself out of the game way too easily. I wish there was a lock feature so I could walk away for a second without him changing all my iPad settings 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

natescottsmith, Aug 21, 2018
Pretty good for kids under two

Similar to toddler puzzles - drag the picture to the shape. Our 18-month-old granddaughter can do it, but she gets frustrated at times because her knuckle or thumb may also touch the screen, preventing the picture from going where she wants it to.

RealMcCoy25, May 30, 2021


This is a fun educational learning app for your little ones. Your baby will recognize different shapes and will enjoy playing with colorful pieces. This is the classic children's puzzle so it is quite educational for preschool and kindergarten kids.  This game will help your baby develop thinking, tactile and fine motor skills.

Notice how they learn animals, fruits, and vegetables while playing. Babies and toddlers can have fun playing for a long time.

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