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Baby Games: Bubble Pop

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User Reviews for Baby Games: Bubble Pop

Baby games: bubbles pop

This is such a cute game but there is a glitch at level 13 which makes it impossible to pass the level. Tell me why I paid to unlock all the levels? There are multiple complaints about the same thing going back 2 years now so my guess is the developer doesn’t plan on fixing the issue so don’t waste your money just play the free levels.

Angela Cnner, Dec 14, 2021
Wonderful and Excellent

I have downloaded the full version of the baby kids games after seeing this free version and my brother loves it. Design features and graphics are perfectly matched to a toddler.

Anna Keatso, Aug 21, 2019
Baby is a pro in car kids games!

My daughter loves these toddler games and I can see a lot if growth from playing them she is almost 2 and can navigate through everything easily.

Arefacti, Aug 17, 2019
Bug found

The game is awesome so awesome that I paid for it however level 13 is not working if it could be fixed that would be amazing

Arieka, Mar 29, 2022

I thought, it's just another Baby kids Games, but since my 2 years girl was playing it for about 40 minutes non stop, I guess this is a great app for your toddler, because now you can do your own stuff while your kids are busy playing with your phone.

Darcy Lambe, Aug 18, 2019

I paid $2.99 to unlock all the levels and my son can’t get passed level 13 because a bug in the game asks for owls and bears but the level doesn’t give those animals, so no passing the level ever. Doesn’t help the frustration level of a 4 year old with autism. :\. Hope they fix this soon because other than that, my son loves the game.

fix this plleeaaassseee, Dec 12, 2019

I’m going to go with it’s a glitch. I bought this app for my daughter to watch me play because she liked it and will understand eventually. So I'm playing and get to level 13 and the animals your supposed to pop for that level are not even in that level! Like I said it’s probably a glitch! I hope you will get it fixed. Thank you!

haileycrum, Apr 25, 2022
Both kids love this toddler game!

My 4 y/o has been playing Baby Games since she was two and keeps begging me to upgrade it so she can play it more! Now I have another 2 y/o that has started to play. Awesome game and the kids have learned a lot

Hopellient, Aug 17, 2019
BABY GAMES is a great kids game!

My 3 year old nephew loves this game! No complaints from him yet. Seems easy enough for him, he plays them all with no issues and is able to navigate between the toddler games by himself. Worth the price! Thanks for making a great kids game!

Lola Dashwood, Aug 17, 2019
Little Brother seems to like it

I let my little brother play on this app and he really enjoys playing the baby kids games. There are lots of cool toddler games and they are all really fun and have a strong educational core. Lots of visual animations and sounds. The voice overs are well done and most kids games don't have the same quality. Overall, I think that this app is among the best for educational games.

Molly Lyng, Aug 21, 2019


Blast into a new Baby Games: Bubble Pop puzzle adventure game! Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, crack high scores, and earn points.

There’s plenty to do, and an ever-growing number of levels to master so get BLASTING! Features: · FUN LEVELS · PICK UP AND PLAY any time, any place · TEASE YOUR BRAIN – with challenging & strategic gameplay · CREATE BOOSTERS · PUZZLE CHASE – find pieces to new puzzles!

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