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Funny Animals: Play and learn!

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Funny Animals: Play and learn!

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User Reviews for Funny Animals: Play and learn!

Good app

Our 9 month old enjoys looking at it and touching all around the screen. The only issues that we run into is that she goes back to the home page too much. It'd be nicer if that button was either smaller or in a different place. Also, when she leans on the screen she can often open two different games and they overlap each other so we have to reset the app. Now these issues are attributed to the fact that she's too young to understand the iPad, but it'd be nicer if these were minimized . Otherwise a great free app.

A jeismont, Jan 18, 2016
Cute & educational...but pricey bug needs to be fixed

I love using this app with my 18mo and 24mo old cousins. Even my 5yr old cousin likes it. I don't mind paying for an app at all, but having to continually buy more animals is annoying and when I was at the in-app purchasing screen that said "Buy All in One" ($2.99)...I thought, "Thats awesome". But when I hit the "buy" button, I was charged $4.99! ******That needs to be fixed!*******I see now (looking in the AppStores page details) there is a "buy all 15" ($2.99) and a "buy all 25" ($4.99). I don't mind having to pay that much, but I was completely mislead from INSIDE the app. There were only *4*options: 3 extra animal packages (for the $1.99ea) and then the large button on the bottom that said "buy all" for ($2.99). Otherwise, I do enjoy using it when I'm babysitting the little ones.

AMA_88, May 18, 2015
What pop ups? What reading words?

I've been using this app for a about a month, (paid version a week) and have yet to get a pop up regarding buying more animals. Also am I missing something where the kids cluck words?? I've read a few reviews that have complaints that the app is to complicated bc the children have to understand words? There are no words in this game. Mode 1 the kids tap the screen to reveal an animal/vehicle. Mode2 they have 3 choices & the voice asked them to choose a specific. This game is perfect for toddlers to play alone. I really can't see how the developers could make it any easier. Great job guys. You have a happy child & even happier mom over here in S Jersey.

Blaylockk919, Apr 13, 2015
Good app but…

This is a fun app for my toddler to use as he's still mostly just touching stuff and doesn't have the cognition skills for more advanced apps. However, the purchase options within the app are misleading and need to be addressed. I went to buy the all animals option for $2.99 but it came up to approve my purchase for $4.99. Reading other reviews and seeing that there are actually two different options for these price points needs to be specified within the app. I'm fine paying $5 for 25 animals as this is one of few apps he can use without ads.I ask that you please fix the buying options within the app for those who don't feel the $4.99 price point is worth their money for this app.

BlondeShort, Aug 10, 2016
Funny Animals

As a grandma and Speech-Language Pathologist, I am so impressed with this little app! It is a wonderful supplement to have when introducing animal identification and sounds to a very young child. The screens are so colorful and fun to look at and simple to use. A baby just has to touch the screen anywhere on the Learning Mode without any intention. Not only will the child see the animal and hear the sound, but he/she will learn cause and effect eventually. My granddaughter just turned 5 months old and I am so excited to try this with her! Thanks Fisher-Price

Grammy Ci Ci, Sep 18, 2013
Cute game

I think that this is a fun and educational game. It is great for my two year old son because It is easy operate even by himself. The only complaint I really have is that it takes several seconds to hear the word or animal name after touching them and the background animals are a wonderful idea but they appear randomly and are a little distracting because they're so loud. I do think the background animals are a cute idea but I'd rather they be more interactive so that he could play with them to see what they do when it's his idea. Overall I like this game.

Heatherandhunter, Nov 02, 2014
Please give bg noise options!

My daughter loves this app and has actually learned the animal names and sounds from it which is really cute to watch. But it needs the option to turn off the background animal noises. They're confusing to a young child too. Why is the sheep crowing like a rooster incessantly? That can't be a giraffe, it's roaring like a leopard...the giraffe's noise is actually a hyena noise anyway, so that ones a lost cause either way I guess haha.But it would be very much appreciated if they could add an option to turn off the overpowering background animals' sounds and even the music, please! 5 stars with that option. 2 knocked off because it really is that annoying.

JaxinHall, Aug 10, 2014
Stop the background animal sounds!

My 17-month-old daughter loves this app. Great for when I have a doctors appointment and need to bring her with me. But the background animals are so annoying and very confusing as someone else already said. The pig is oinking while to tapping the duck, for example. Also, the sounds and narrator voice is delayed from when she taps the button, so frequently the animal sound that the phone is making does not match the one she is clicking on.Also, in the mode where the child has to pick the correct animal of the three that are pictures, please have the narrator say they animal name. My daughter doesn't know enough to tap the word to figure out which one to click on. And kids that can read the word are probably too old for this game.

Kmckdan, Aug 19, 2015
iPhone 6s is a paper weight now

I'm sure this is a glitch or an error but this app crashed my iPhone 6s so be careful. My daughter has been using this app on and off for over a year and last week a warning popped up saying that the app may cause my phone to run slowly. Since she had played it so many times before I thought the warning must have been a fluke and let her continue playing. Suddenly my screen went black and my phone shut down never to be turned on again. I've tried charging it, hard restart, and plugging it into the computer but my phone is gone. I had not backed my pictures up either so I lost a years worth of pictures of my daughter (my own fault). My phone had just been paid off and I was eligible for an upgrade so I was going to sell it. So basically this free app cost me a years worth of my daughters pictures and the $100 I could have gotten for my phone :( such a bummer! Please be careful with this app!

Puginator31, Jan 30, 2017
App doesn’t exist in phone

I made the mistake of allowing my 10m old to play in this app so I could spend a few uninterrupted minutes with my 3yr old. She got into the in-app purchase screen, and because of Touch ID, when I took my phone back, it automatically purchased whatever it was. I searched through my phone to find the app to try and cancel...not there. I searched my iCloud and iTunes. Not there. My husband searched my phone. Not there. He searched his phones, since they’re all linked...not there. This app, and the purchase that was accidentally made, have vanished. Yet somehow, the app itself is still on my home screen? When I click the link for app support, it takes me to a website to sell an app. There is zero way out of this! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some sort of Trojan horse.

Shaun Dewitt, Nov 02, 2017


Baby must application (6 months – 3 years). Funny Animals is an application which will take you or your child to the magical world of animals. Come and play with these cute animals!

As one of your baby’s first apps, this surprisingly creative game supplies the wonderful mixture of entertainment and education all in one! With many colorful and inviting nature themes with animals shown in their original interactive habitats, your baby will enjoy a simple yet intelligent game that will encourage thinking and motor skills. 3 modes provided: -learning: your child can play with the animal -spot it: match an animal from its sound or name -name it: match an animal to a sound or name It helps your child to: - Develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills - Recognize animals - Relate animals to their names Features: - Very easy and simple fun game - Beautifully illustrated animal images - Clear pronunciations

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