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User Reviews for Anxiety Test & Relief

Latest Update is Great

The test works great - it doesn’t crash like the older reviews say.

17563848, Jul 05, 2019
Works great

Elegant, intuitive and easy to use! Get your results in 10secs!

darthogan, Jul 05, 2019

Helped me to understand where I stand with my anxiety levels.

dilsada, Jul 07, 2019
It’s good then eh

U take ur test and get ur score. As u should but the if u want to do self care u need to pay

hdbdhbejsu, Apr 28, 2021
Great, but can’t set reminders

The app now crashes when I attempt to set a reminder notification.

JociePops, Jul 14, 2020
History disappeared

I used this to monitor my anxiety over time, but all if a sudden all my history disappeared. This is really frustrating.

KaeKaeTee, Dec 29, 2020
Reduction in ease of use.

Overall, this is still a decent app, however I lost my history and the app now makes it less intuitive to find the history, as well as placing additional screens in the way of completing the test.

Mopedimus, Jan 21, 2020
Need help

What happens if every time it gets higher and worse? I have all the apps and most of them are severe or similar.....

Save the Quokkas, Oct 22, 2020
Useful for Tracking Anxiety Symptoms

The app's questionnaire and history pages are useful for tracking anxiety symptoms and magnitude over time. I use it weekly, and I probably will continue doing so for years to come. I also really appreciate that the app is compatible with older devices. (I use an iPhone 5c.) For convenience, I do wish that the history graph could scroll to the side to show past days. Additionally, I hope that future app updates will be able to maintain history data. (The latest update accidentally deleted the history that I had before updating.)

SignerJ, Jan 27, 2020
Not working properly

Although good concept the execution is less than inviting. Reason is that “Tess” the $3.99/month bot fails to launch. Literally, all that comes on screen is the words “processing” for twenty minutes before I closed app. I though “ok maybe it got stuck or wouldn’t load for some reason”. So I bought the app monthly charge again but nothing. I was trying out apps to suggest to my mental health clients. Well not this one. It won’t be on the list of suitable apps, sadly. I wanted this to work. So sad.

TAWNI RN, Nov 29, 2020


The Anxiety Test & Relief is a powerful tool to evaluate anxiety disorder and monitor treatment response. The test questions are based on Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 ("GAD-7"), which was developed by Drs. Robert L.

Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke and colleagues in 2006. It is the most widely used and trusted questionnaire among mental health professionals. The test can be self-administered. With Anxiety Test, you can: - take the GAD-7 questionnaire to screen for Anxiety disorder - store test results and monitor improvements over time - share your test results with a medical professional - keep a journal to track your mood - use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to identify and reframe your negative thoughts The CBT exercises include A-B-C, Socratic Questions, Challenge Core Beliefs, and De-catastrophizing. The exercises will help you identify and challenge your cognitive distortions that lead to negative thoughts. Read more about our Terms of Service here: https://www.mind-matters.co/terms-of-use Anxiety disorder can be effectively treated. Don't wait until things get worse. Disclaimer: This self-test should not be used as a replacement for professional treatment or guidance. You should consult a medical professional if you are concerned about your symptoms.

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