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User Reviews for Mental Health Tests

App is nice

Nice clear easy to follow app Useful for people who are thinking that they may have to go see a specialist and want to know more about what they are feeling so it’s better explained to the user and very useful when the user can help describe symptoms to psychiatrist or counselor

audiecar, Feb 16, 2021
It felt accurate and helpful

I really want my estranged husband to use it. I already used it myself, and it accurately predicted the diagnoses that I already have plus found one other diagnosis that although I’m not happy about, I must admit is most likely correct. I already recommended this app to my husband, and I am hoping that he takes it seriously and uses it as a first step to getting help. I liked that it includes different options for therapy and prescreened therapists with their descriptions as well. A diagnosis is only useful to the extent that it is followed up on.

Basset Hospice, Aug 16, 2020
Can be inaccurate

Sometimes you can answer a test with mostly “no” responses and it’ll still tell you that you are high the disorder or trait... makes no sense. Not completely trustworthy.

bluejedi24, Mar 29, 2021
Too Simple and Vague

I am formally diagnosed with about half this app tests for, i just downloaded it because it sounded fun. I opened it up and clicked on the "adult adhd" test. It proceeded to ask me SIX questions, all relating to ONE symptom of adhd. I AM an adult with adhd and i'm offended that anyone could answer JUST those questions and think it's proof they have adhd. PLEASE USE OFFICIAL MEDICAL TESTS ONLINE AND RESEARCH THEIR VALIDITY, OR GO TO AN ACTUAL DOCTOR TO RECEIVE A FORMAL DIAGNOSIS.

Bvddfg, Jul 02, 2022

( I have been diagnosed) very basic, said I had moderate anxiety which just um no❤️, only asked 7 (again very basic) questions, the choices are (never, several days, over half of the days, nearly every day) which like several days should be more like a few days but that’s just me being nitpicky. There’s a lot better test I mean if you just google the symptoms (which this only asks questions that only have to do with not even like 1/4 of) and I don’t recommend self diagnosing but if you want a very basic idea this will do that, and it does give a basic rundown of multiple mental illnesses before you take the idk quiz? Test? I’d rate it more of a 2.5 but I can’t so...

gdhhahdjfhsjjz, Nov 20, 2020
Very useful

this app helped me get diagnosed by a doctor and it overall just helps you realize some issues you might be dealing with

Ih8blueberries, Apr 03, 2022
🖤I hope y’all are doing better than me🖤

I used this app to test myself for everything they offer testing for I got high scores on almost everything so yea… I already knew that my mental state from 1-10 (1 being terrible mental health, 10 being awesome mental health) im a 1 or 1.5 so idk what to do but if my parents see this idk what I’m gunna do😭😭

ns75533, Mar 28, 2022

This app is great! It can help if you're not sure on what to do, or what issues you're really struggling with. It helps you to reflect and decide on which struggles would need immediate attention and on what other possible options are available. There's a neat notes tool following each test if you'd like to keep progress notes or revisit the test at a different time. Try it! I love it.

Pillar of Truth, Feb 23, 2021
Pretty good

They have screenings for a lot of different things and they only have a handful of questions from the diagnostic test not enough to actually give a diagnosis but if you have a very high result chances are you are eligible for the diagnosis

Rachaelrox1, Jan 09, 2019
Very helpful

I was already aware of past issues in my life affecting me mentally and physically but using this app has helped put me in touch with knowledgeable therapists and it all started with a little questionnaire.

Xotica99, Jan 20, 2022


FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION The tests in this app are one of the quickest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a specific mental health condition. Mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety are real, common and treatable. And recovery is possible.

Tests include: - Depression Test - Anxiety Test - Adult ADHD Test - PTSD Test - Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Addiction Test - Eating Disorder Test - Gambling Addiction Test - Mania Test - Narcissism Test - Postpartum Depression Test - Sex Addiction Test - Video Game Addiction Test - Internet Addiction Test - Toxic Workplace Test - Panic Disorder Test - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Test - Male Sexual Dysfunction Test - Female Aggression Test - Male Aggression Test - Bipolar Disorder Test - Female Sexual Dysfunction Test - Social Anxiety Disorder Test - Hoarding Disorder Test - Psychosis Test - Borderline Personality Disorder Test - Dissociative Identity Disorder Test - Schizophrenia Test We’d love to hear your feedback at [email protected] FOLLOW US: Web: https://www.mind-diagnostics.org Blog: https://www.mind-diagnostics.org/blog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minddiagnostics/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindDiagnostics/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MindDiagnostics Download the Mental Health Tests app now and find out if you are suffering from a mental health condition.

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