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99 - Private drivers and Taxi

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99 - Private drivers and Taxi

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99 Taxis Desenvolvimento de Softwares Ltda. - Epp
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User Reviews for 99 - Private drivers and Taxi

Some issues but prices are great

The prices on 99 are always better than Uber. As far as using the app is concerned, it's been a decent experience. Cars arrive quickly and the app works as expected. There are a few issues that keep me from using it though. 1. I don't have a Brazilian debit card and my foreign credit card doesn't work, even though I successfully added it as a payment option. I can only pay with cash, which leads me to #2...2. The cash option quotes a price that is never accurate. It is just an estimate and the driver turns on the meter which always ends up higher than you expect. Very very misleading.3. You can't split rides with friends like in Uber. This seems like a basic function that should be there.If these things were addressed I would use this exclusively.

joshkim81, Sep 19, 2018
Problem with debit card

Its been a week that only apple pay and cash is working. I cant order with debit or credit card. I thought it was my phone issue but i checked in a friend’s phone and it was the same issue. Please fix it.

khalidsyed, Nov 18, 2020
Very disappointed with 99 service (Muito desapontado com o serviço do 99)

I tried 99 as an alternative to Uber.But to my overall disappointment, several rides I had to cancel after I noticed 99 drivers never moved after I requested their service.And one of the few rides I manage to find a driver, he explained that he was waiting for me to cancel my request - that’s why it took so long for him to pick me up.I do not recommend this device even to the ones I’m not fond of.(Eu tenteio 99 como uma alternativa ao Uber.Mas para meu desapontamento geral, várias corridas eu cancelei depois que notei que o motorista não movia o carro para me pegar após aceitar a corrida.E numa das poucas vezes que consegui uma corrida, o motorista me explicou que a demora dele foi porque ele estava esperando que eu cancelasse a corrida.Não recomento este serviço nem para aqueles que não são meus afetos.)

MJúnior, Nov 05, 2018
Lots of investment $ and poor software

I don’t get it. You get millions in investment from Japanese and Chinese groups and your first real update is so bad. All my rides were lost, my favorite addresses disappeared and you no longer see which category cars are near you. This is a poor scheme to make us login, as if there were many cars around but in fact if you select top there will be little and some times none near you.

MTmovie, Feb 02, 2018
Update made experience much worse

I loved 99, it was reliable and convenient. The new version is much worse in locating a taxi, cancelling ( e.g. when the search takes too long) does not work. The new process for payments - although it seems to better avoid the problem of drivers not ending the ride - is awkward and sometimes takes a long time. I am going back to hailing taxis “by hand”.

sea@rio, Feb 15, 2018
Terrible experience / experiência terrível!

I had a terrible experience with this app. I used it in Rio to go to Botafogo from Leblon (that’s a 15 minutes ride without traffic) and the driver managed to get us in Rio Comprido. The driver was completely lost and didn’t know how to follow the GPS. Rio de Janeiro is a very dangerous city and this happened night time. I felt totally unsafe passing through very dangerous neighborhoods for almost an hour. When I made a complaint at the app, I got absolutely zero support or solution. They simply gave me back the money that had exceeded from the predicted fee. Needless to say I immediately deleted the app afterward.******************************************Eu tive uma péssima experiência com o aplicativo quando utilizei aqui no Rio, para ir do Leblon para Botafogo (uma viagem de aproximadamente 15 minutos sem trânsito) e o motorista conseguiu nos levar até Rio Comprido.O motorista estava completamente perdido e não sabia seguir o GPS.Rio de Janeiro é uma cidade muito perigosa e isso aconteceu de noite. Eu me senti completamente insegura passando por bairros perigosos por quase uma hora.Quando fiz uma reclamação no aplicativo, não recebi nenhum apoio ou solução. Simplesmente estornaram o dinheiro que excedia a taxa/preço previsto para a viagem. Não preciso nem falar que apaguei o aplicativo imediatamente depois.

TatianaP07, Jun 24, 2018

Just like uber, in this new update, you have to insert your destination before a trip! It feels like a prison. You can’t get a taxi without knowing for sure where you are going! What if you want to go on a sightseeing trip around the city? What if you want to go to a sushi place and your girlfriend wants to eat italian and you drive by a frech restaurant and want to stop? Terrible update! Will never use the app again!!!

Tom from Rio de Janeiro, Jan 31, 2018

Someone made an account on this app using my email address. I get all of their receipts, trip info, and customer service responses. And it’s not me. They don’t even have remotely the same name as meI have emailed them several times to ask them to stop emailing me. They had me describe myself to prove it’s incorrect, and they’re still emailing me. They should at least have some sort of email verification to prove their emailing a valid email address. I downloaded this app just to give it a negative review. Maybe someone will finally listen and delete my email address because this is pathetic.

veronica in new york, Dec 14, 2020
The latest version of the app is the worse

The latest version of the app is the worse. The discount codes disappear shortly after you register them or don't work at all even though they are still valid (I tested them in my friend's phone who still had the old version and they worked just fine). My saved addresses also disappeared, as well as my old rides. The customer service should be easily reached through the app, like in the Uber app, but instead you have to send an email to the company (and probably never hear back or don't have you problem solved/a refund).

Vitorgrama, Jan 31, 2018
Worst of the apps in Brasil

Time and price estimates are always much less than they turn out to be. Drivers are rude and very hard to communicate with should you need to call them. Lots of taxis cancel on me. Just not a good nor consistent experience, particularly with their fake branding all about love - I don't see that from the drivers at all. Cabify is far better on that note.

ZF82, Dec 27, 2017


99 is the biggest Brazilian e-hailing app. Our mission is to revolutionize mobility and transform people's lives. With few taps, you can request a car or taxi and also decide how you pay for it, whether it's with cash or straight in the app, where you'll have access to exclusive promotions!

Why request a 99 ride? Power of choice We have several options for you to choose how to move around in your city. Cars with private drivers, taxis or rides billed to your company through our corporate vouchers. Every moment in our day to day asks for a specific solution and it's you who is in control. Where are we going today? Safety first 99's partner drivers go through a rigorous selection process. They rely on in-person and online training to ensure all the safety and comfort you deserve. The cars are comfortable and inspected, and of course, we keep a close eye on the passengers' ratings. That reminds us: don't forget to rate your last ride! Fair rates Our service is the most cost saving option in the city. And since transparency is one of our key values, we will always provide you with an estimate of how much you'll pay before you request your car. And with our newest feature, you can also track your POP ride's price in real time during your ride! Smart-wallet 99's coupons are smart! If you have more than one in your wallet, the app itself shows you the best discount before ordering your car and applies it automatically. Keep an eye on your message inbox and do not miss any of them. To enjoy our fantastic discounts, you must register a card or PayPal account in the app. Easy to use Just open the app, choose your destination and you're done! 99 has the best technology in the world to find the right driver for you, and in minutes a car will arrive at your doorstep. Also, talk for free with the driver, by text or audio, using the new feature chat within the app. Feeling like driving with 99? Come join us! Download 99 app for drivers and register here: http://m.onelink.me/85a6df7c

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