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5 Letter - Word search puzzle

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5 Letter - Word search puzzle

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Mila Araz
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User Reviews for 5 Letter - Word search puzzle

Doesn’t work correctly

I got a result for a 5-letter word that showed 4 letters correct and in the right position, and 1 letter that was correct but in the wrong position, which is impossible! Needs to be fixed!Update: I changed my rating from 1 star to 4 stars because the problem (above) appears to have been fixed. I have encountered a circumstance where a correct letter in the correct space was Green on the game board but was Blackened out on the keyboard. Would love to be able to see statistics on my history, of my total games played, how many times I got the answer on the 1st guess, the 2nd guess, 3rd guess and so on…keep up the good work…love the game!

david:k, Feb 14, 2022
Great, but…

This is a great app with less frequent ads than some others I tried and deleted. I would have given 5 stars except when you start getting a long run of correctly identifying the word, it throws in a first name, or word not in an English language dictionary (I.e. “strat”) but can be found in an urban dictionary. It like it cheats to win.

Mjreviews13, Mar 01, 2022
Just ONE feature missing

This is the best app of it’s kind on iOS because it has a SPACEBAR in the keyboard & it allows you to click & enter a letter on ANY space. It is the only one I have seen that also has the option of using the microphone to enter letters. However the one thing it lacks is that it does NOT change the color of the keys on the keyboard to match the color values of the entered letter attempts above. All other similar games do this. (Meaning you need to have a paper with the alphabet written & cross off the letters NOT in the word.) Hopefully this will be added in a future version? I will wait to see before reviewing, but that would make it a 5 Star, IMHO.

Pixelsmithy, Jan 19, 2022
Not as great as I thought

I like this app but while playing a game, I used the letter “s” twice and the color was orange! I took that to mean that there were two spaces with an S in them! So I’m trying to find a word like Sears or gross or floss! Turns out the word was Oscar! No wonder I couldn’t get the word! If I put in two letters that are the same and there is only one in the word only one of them should light up! Please fix that because it was very frustrating not to enter the letters in the proper sequence! Games are supposed to be enjoyable not frustrating. There is so much that I like about the app….the fact that you can put in the green letters where they belong so you can find the right word is great! Having a duplicate letter when it doesn’t belong in the word is not one of them!

Slimgirl10, Mar 10, 2022


5 letter gives you six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. As shown above, if you have the right letter in the right spot, it shows up green. A correct letter in the wrong spot shows up yellow.

A letter that isn’t in the word in any spot shows up gray.  Push the limits of your vocabulary with fast and enjoyable gameplay! Super popular word puzzle like Lingo, now in your iPhone & iPad. If you have any problems or feedback, please contact with us: [email protected]

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