How to Set Up Creative Analytics for Subscription Apps with Singular

Creatives are one of the core factors that drive overall ad performance. As research from Datasine highlights, the quality of your creative determines nearly 75% of ad impact. That means having a clear understanding of the true effectiveness of your ad creatives in real-time can unlock new capabilities for ad optimization and app growth.

To help you achieve greater success, we’ve added a new, in-demand integration with Singular – the most powerful mobile marketing attribution tool that provides you with granular creatives and keyword-level analytics. 

Creative analytics
Creative analytics for subscription apps

Combining the dataset from Singular and Qonversion allows you instant insights into how much subscription revenue you earn from each ad creative asset as well as the ROAS in one dashboard.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at how to enrich Singular’s data with in-app subscription events to see the whole picture of your subscription ad performance. 

Set up SDKs to Enrich Creative Analytics with subscription events

Qonversion enriches Singular account with all revenue events – including in-app purchases, trial conversions, renewals, and refunds, even without an app open. To send in-app subscription events, follow next steps:

  1. Make sure you have Singular SDK installed.
  2. Check whether you have Qonversion SDK in place.
  3. For accurate data tracking, Qonversion SDK collects platform-related device attributes, such as IDFA, IDFV, ASID, AIFA, and ANDI. However, IDFA and ASID are not available by default. At the same time, not connecting these data sets can cause a decrease in Singular attribution quality.
  4. Learn more about how to make IDFA available for Qonversion
  5. Learn more about how to make ASID available for Qonversion

Configure the Singular – Qonversion Creative Analytics Integration

  1. Find your Singular SDK Key: Settings → SDK Keys → SDK Key
Creative analytics
Creative Analytics Configuration
  1. Follow the Tools → Integrations section in the Qonversion Dashboard
  2. Choose your platform (iOS or Android) and click the Add new + button
  3. In the Singular Integration setting screen, provide the SDK Key from Step 1 as well as your App ID
Creative analytics
Creative Analytics Configuration

With these settings in place, Qonversion will send in-app purchases and subscription events to your Singular account. To bring clarity to the data, you can set custom event names on the integration page, turn on proceeds data instead of sales, and more.

Check creative analytics dashboard in Singular 

From now on you creative analytics on your subscription apps is available in Singular. Go to Analytics > Creative Reports and select a Date Range for your query, then choose how you want to group your report: by image, videos or text. If you select all, you’ll see the most granular data. Additionally, you could enable Creative Clustering to let Singular group similar creatives for you.

Then, select Dimensions, Metrics and Filters and click Run Report. In your report, click on the creative clusters to see campaigns and key metrics for those creatives.

Creative analytics
Creative analytics dashboard

Creative analytics made easy

Combining the power of Qonversion and Singular gives you even greater control of your creative analytics – helping you make the best advertising decision. Now that you know how to measure creative performance for your subscription apps, you can start supercharging your processes like never before. If you have any questions about this integration, please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

For more information about Singular please reach out to Niels Beenen, who heads up their Strategic Partnerships team: [email protected]

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