Apple Search Ads Repository. Library of ASA ads.

Apple made available the full library of the Apple Search Ads run by developers in Europe. It’s called Ad Repository. Now you can find what specific Search Ads any app runs in all European countries and the details of the custom product pages. 

Apple released this ads library to comply with EU legal requirements. You can now research competitors to see what specific ads and custom product pages they use in their European Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Search options available

The repository provides the following options to search by: 

  • app name or developer name
  • specific country in the EU
  • last 90/180 days or last year

Here is the example for popular language learning app Babbel:

Apple Ads Repository
Apple Ad Repository

You can click any ad to see the full details, including exact screenshots used in a custom product page for any ad:

Apple Custom Product Page
Apple Custom Product Page – Ad Repository

Number of App Store users by country

Another interesting data point from Apple, also released to comply with the EU regulations, is the number of App Store users by country. You can have this data in mind when thinking of prioritizing the markets and localizations for your app. Here is the data published by Apple:

App Store users by country (EU)

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