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Wordraw - Word Generator

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Gayan Abeysundara
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User Reviews for Wordraw - Word Generator

Easier than a dictionary

Downloaded this and had a great evening of laughter. Looking forward to more great evenings

4offive, Nov 27, 2017
App won’t let me upgrade

Not enough words to use to play a full game and then won’t let you buy more words

Aliv06, Jan 05, 2018
I like it

I’m using this app for probably a not very common reason, It looks like most people are using this for games. I use this to generate a random word to say and come back to everyday. So if I ever don’t know what to say in a situation I’ll go back to that word. It’s really fun and brings humor and conversation starters abroad. Also works good when your with a group and want something to talk about.

Briancinho, May 16, 2022
You have to buy more words

Started playing Pictionary with my family and we didn’t even get through a full game before the words started to repeat!

Bryongus, Mar 24, 2019
Not Alarmimg

If this app had an alarm when the timer runs down it would be a good app.

coonie714, Dec 19, 2017
So far this is perfect

Just need an app that provided the words and a timer for the words so we can play Pictionary. I found this to work perfectly. Only bad thing was eventually you run out of words and other then “Christmas” topic there was no option to buy any more words.

Her Royal Muhaha, Feb 23, 2020
Great app for Pictionary

I purchased a dry erase board and only needed the words, this app is perfect for that! The free version doesn’t have a ton of words, but the word pack is only .99cents for a lot more words, I think the developer deserves the .99cents so I will purchase once I get my iPad. Everyone had a great night drawing the words, the only thing I wish it had was a score keeper of some sort but that’s not a big deal.

Jakookie, Dec 03, 2017
Simple App, Great Value

We used this for Pictionary and made it through a whole game with 4 people and no repeat words, and no technical issues.Absolutely worth $1 for the word pack, so we purchased it for next time.One suggestion for improvement would be a start screen/button so opening the app doesn’t immediately give you a word, causing the phone’s owner to see it when they’re not the current player.

JulieMarie928, Jun 27, 2021
Play with Songs!

Please make this more song friendly like the word association Elle magazine is doing with celebrities. They see a word and have to think of lyrics from a song that has the word in 10 seconds!

Ms. Christina L. Hill, Nov 24, 2019
Great Game.

Great game, wish there were a lot more easy and medium words that would work with kids and family.

SnowmanAK, Dec 26, 2017


Wordraw is the best Pictionary word generator on the planet. Use it for Pictionary, Charades, Catch Phrase and other word guessing games! Also use Wordraw for brainstorming words, improv ideas, writing inspiration and learning exercises.

Did we mention it includes a built-in timer? Well it does! What more can you ask for? This app replaces the box of Pictionary cards and puts everything in an easy to use interface. Wordraw provides a great list of random words organized based on difficulty level. All you need is a whiteboard or something else to draw on and a fun group of friends! To play Wordraw, make two teams with your group of friends. A person on each team must draw, act out or provide clues for the word without saying it. If their team guesses the word before the timer runs out, the team gets a point. Switch teams and keep repeating this until all players have gone up. In the end the team with the most points wins!

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