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Off Limits! Word Guess

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Off Limits! Word Guess

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User Reviews for Off Limits! Word Guess


I don’t get this game at all, it doesn’t tell you how to play.

Dragons,dragons,dragons!, Jul 22, 2023
You get what you pay for.

The free version is OK. It's pretty cumbersome starting each round. We never figured out when the game ends, so we just quit when we got tired of playing. Kept us entertained for a while...

ElmerDinkley82, Dec 29, 2017
There are MUCH better apps out there

Do not pay for this app for two simple reasons:(1) limited number of categories: you have a selection of 6, and they do not change.(2) there is a VERY limited amount of playing words: words were repeated frequently.

Emily.F., Jan 06, 2018
just read what i have to say:

wish this game had a lot more different options per category. when you play the same categories the same cards come up so the game seems boring. mix it up a little and it would be better. but i love the concept and the idea of the game!

Goodygirl4545, Jun 21, 2018
Recommend, need more “variety”

I pull this game out a lot, we don’t do teams and score it’s just fun to pass around and take turns guessing. I even paid the $1.99 or whatever to get the ad free version. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what it is so they can download themselves. My ONLY complaint it’s the list of words doesn’t update (or updates rarely?) so if you play it too much you get super familiar with them and it loses some of the challenge.There are a ton of different apps that are a version of Taboo/Tabu, but my roommate says she can’t find one she likes as much as this one!

hannah3lue, Jan 25, 2021
Thumbs down!!

You basically have to pay for an AD free game cuz its going to keep popping up if you dont . I deleted the app. Would've been a good game otherwise trash

jazziidoeziit, Mar 31, 2020
Repeat words

It’s really nice that there are over 1700 words, but there’s nothing to prevent cards from repeating quickly in a game. The game seems to just pick words completely at random without excluding previously selected ones. This pretty much ruins the game - we had to institute a rule to immediately skip any repeats.

Llakais, Dec 28, 2019
Worst app ever

Can’t even close the ads

Oti80, Jun 29, 2020
Simply Fun

My kids love this game. The layout is very simple which I love. I love the large print as well. For some reason it always says red team unless I hit end and choose the category again. Would like to have the option to choose own team name. This is a good one.

Samantha_21, Nov 11, 2017
Disappointed with small word bank

User friendly design, but started getting repeated terms during the first game I played.

teamselect, Dec 26, 2017


Off Limits is a word guessing game were a set of words are forbidden and off limits. Friends compete to guess as many words without saying any of the off limit words. Improve your word thought skills, teamwork, quick thinking and reflexes all while having fun.

Features: - Multiple card decks - Diverse categories - Over 2,000 cards to guess from - Simple game play - Ability to change round time - 10+ Languages available - Apple Watch App Word Packs include: - Animals - Food - Hollywood - School - Technology - Travel - And MORE! How to play: 1. Split into Two Teams 2. On the team's turn, select a player to be the describer. 3. The person of the opposite team will look over the describer's shoulder and make sure none of the off limit words are used. Off limit words are considered forbidden and should not be used. Any time any off the off limit words are used the user must skip forward. 4. When the time starts, the describer will begin describing the guess word to their team and will continue for each guess word until the timer runs out. 5. Enjoy the game Disclaimer: Not associated with Hasbro or Hersch and Company's Taboo, Tabu, or any other variants of the Taboo, Alia, registered trademarks.

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