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User Reviews for Vudu - Movies & TV

Recent problems

I used to absolutely love this app I have hundreds of movies and hundreds of tv episode on here and I watched it every single day but ever since fandango took it over I’ve had nothing but problems. Half the time it won’t open and even when it does it crashes at random or the movie will stop playing halfway through, I’ll have to close out and re-open multiple times to get it to play again, I can’t see some of my movies/tv episodes in my library, I have to search them on the store to find and play them. I haven’t been able to get through a 30 minute tv episode without it crashing or starting over at random. Really frustrated and hoping they fix it because I used to love this app.

1_2_3_4_5, Sep 15, 2021
The Family

This was absolutely the WORST movie I have ever seen with Richard Gere in it! It seemed good at first, had me excitedly waiting to see what happened next, then it just suddenly ended, on a cliff hanger, no less! We were left not knowing what happened, if the bad guys were arrested/killed, what—absolutely no clue if there were any repercussions from their awful crime, who was blamed, etc. What a complete waste of time & money, unfortunately by actors I usually really liked & appreciated! Thank goodness this was a freebie. If I had paid box office prices, I would have been seriously ticked off & disappointed. Honestly, I don’t believe this was the actors’ fault, necessarily, but rather the constraints on the writers’ time & the film budget. They could have provided some sort of decent ending that didn’t leave the watchers hanging! To Richard Gere, I expected much better. There was absolutely no real ending/conclusion at all! Waste of serious time/money.

Clearlycoastal, Aug 20, 2020
Horrible Tech Support

I have used this app for awhile now. (It’s also built into my TV) I have purchased several movies as well as watched several of the free ones as well. I spent a dumb amount on the Incredibles 1 & 2 bundle package for my kids. Started our marathon. First plays fine, second attempts to load and immediately goes to the end like we watched in a matter of 2 seconds. I email tech support asking for assistance, I get a response 24 hours later advising to run a network test and to uninstall and reinstall the app. The app is BUILT INTO MY TV. I picked a different movie and it played fine. Their advice ... run the network test and advise of my IP address and the test results. Just think as tech support the power cycle/network blame game is over played. And truly I believe they didn’t even read my full email. Guess there goes the $35 I paid for 2 movies

Coleezzzz, Sep 09, 2019
Best Movie app ever

I tell my friends about it! No subscriptions! Finally an app where you can only pay for what you want with no VIP OR PREMIUM memberships. It’s very easy to sign up! They have great sales and a lot. They have movies that are soooo old and that I grew up with that I never thought I would see again. However I do ask that you start making more movies available some you can only rent and after you rent it then a while after that you can buy it or they have movies you can’t rent or buy with no explanation. Please fix that there are some movies I want but cannot have because of that. I also wonder if there is a limit to how many movies you can get. Also you can make lists to be more organized. I love the fact that movie theater movies are on here as well. However if you buy a movie you don’t like you can’t remove it. You also can buy a movie in HD, UHD, or SD but they still offer to let you buy other options. And some sales are for certain types like HD, UHD, etc. but yes all I ask is that you do fix the things I mentioned but I love the app it makes things more modern day and they have movie bundles and shows that help you not have to buy 1 at a time

Galaxichain, Feb 23, 2021
Great at what it is

If you buy something, and it can only be watched on its proprietary platform, you haven’t really purchased it. More like an unlimited rental until such time as the platform collapses or you choose to stop giving your identity to it. You cannot download items and watch them 10 years from now on whatever. The only values in BUY format is no commercials and current popular releases for a wider selection. On the other hand if you watch something free aka with commercials, they limit the commercials to only one per break. Quite tolerable compared to other streaming services.

ibdb4u, Aug 13, 2021
Air pods not compatible anymore

Ever since the new update whenever I want to pause a movie by taking out one of my air pods the movie doesn’t pause anymore. It continues to play over speaker which I don’t want it to do. I even tried pausing the movie on screen then removing my pods and the movie kicks back on and plays on the speaker. I also tried turning my screen off for it to remain paused until I can get back to my movie and it plays on speaker in the background! This is very frustrating cause every time I need to walk away I miss part of my movie and have to rewind back to where I left off which isn’t perfect so I have to rewatch scenes again. I thought maybe it must be the air pods but now all the other movie apps I use actually pause when I double tap or take my air pod out. Please please update again and make it compatible again.

JessieBear88, Nov 28, 2019
Our #1 way to watch movies

We love having access to our movie collection from any screen. Our collection of DVDs hasn’t been touched since we moved ... four years ago. When I travel, I like that I can download a handful of movies to my iPad when I don’t have WiFi. I’m giving Four Stars because it lacks an important feature: I would like to see the ability to purchase and add to my library right there in the app. You have to open a web browser to complete four more steps to log in, find the title, click Buy, choose the format, confirm the purchase ... and THEN you can watch the movie you wish you could have purchased on demand within the app. I would have a bigger collection by now if you offered in-app purchases.

Kathyk13, Sep 21, 2020
Love this!

This is an awesome app! Plenty of free things to watch, but also lots available to purchase if you want. I had never tried this until I decided to get my free digital copy of a movie I was waiting for shipment. I didn’t realize how cool this app was, and I’m glad I decided to get the digital copy and discovered this new way to watch on my phone. I have already watched some really great movies for free, and I like how there’s not much ads in the ones that do have ads, and it works perfectly. No issues at all so far. The movies change every week I believe, so there’s always fresh content and something for everyone even the kids! I definitely recommend this app!

Linz@44, May 06, 2020
AppleTV app skips all over the place

I like Vudu’s service and massive menu of movies to buy or rent, but the format could use some work, and there is a bug. I’ll leave a review about this problem and maybe you’ll fix a bug that has existed on the AppleTV app for a long time. When I scroll slowly down through my movies, I make it to about 25% and the view jumps almost to the end of my library. If I scroll back up, it goes about 25% of the way then jumps to the beginning of the library. To pick a movie I usually scroll the menu in my iPad, pick one, then I search for it it the Search window on my AppleTV. That works, but I’d rather do a leisurely scroll to choose what I want to watch.

MacBHoward, Apr 21, 2020
App needs a serious overhaul

The app is geared towards buying movies, which you cannot do through the app. The first thing you see is a bunch of movies you can’t tell the price of unless you go to the website. The interface for watching a series is awful. If you use chromecast, it does not have an auto play feature. So once an episode ends you have to go back to your series and find what episode you are on to continue watching. The continue watching feature is cluttered and confusing. It will save multiple episodes of the series you are watching that are partially watched, even though you have watched the entire episode making it difficult to keep track of where you are in the series when you have to dive back in every time an episode ends. Overall the app works, just not well. It needs a complete overhaul that is geared towards watching the content you own, instead of trying to sell you things you can’t even buy through IOS.

Map_Hero, Feb 13, 2021


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