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Voice Recorder - Audio Record

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Voice Recorder - Audio Record

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User Reviews for Voice Recorder - Audio Record

Sent a performance

I was asked to send a recording of a piano piece to my son. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. Stumbled across this app and tried the freebie. It was easy to use and had good recording quality. Decided to pay for the full app. I sat down at the piano and recorded it a few times before I was satisfied. I emailed it and my son who downloaded it easily. I am simply amazed I did not have to go through hoops to do this. Thank you!!

Belle54, Dec 09, 2020
All I can say is "Wow"

I found this app to be exactly what I needed. I can read my notes from my iPad and at the same time record my voice. I previously used a digital voice recorder but this app when used on my iPad makes my voice much clearer. I can't vouch for any negative reviews. All I can say is that this app is good. If it doesn't work for a user I would suspect that it is someone who doesn't have adequate computer or phone skills; not a problem with the app!

DavidRaymondMontgomery, Dec 03, 2018
After much experience and research – I'd say take this one!

I have been through so many of these recorders that I was relieved to finally find this one. The voice quality is far superior, the UI offers simplicity, and yet there are many options open which the competitors ask us to pay extra for. Here they are included.I see that many of the negative reviews are due to niche options that not many people use on a regular basis. Not fair to downgrade a review for something that nobody else offers either, or charges extra for if they do!Nice app, good quality and easy to use – that's hard to beat!

Dddd852, Mar 30, 2019
Great sound quality!

I make musical recordings several times a week. Are used to use the voice memo tool app, but heard feedback from people that sometimes the sound file that I shared was garbled. I decided to find a different app and gave this one a try. The sound was much clearer and I upgraded to the version that allows you to store sound clips in dropbox. It made it much easier for me to share sound files with others in my various musical groups.

Froggy5505, Mar 17, 2019
Car Bluetooth bug

I’m a journalist and I use your VoiceRecorder app for recording meetings for my job. It’s a great app and I use it almost daily. I do have a serious issue with it though. Every time I get in my car and my phone connects with the Bluetooth it starts a new recording, even if I quit and close the app. If I stop it on the dash or the phone it just starts recording again. I don’t know what to do or why it does it, but it’s terrible.I really like this app, but am considering trying a different one now because of this bug.

jjskywriter83, Feb 20, 2019
I was forced to buy this to get the first audio recording

I downloaded the free version and didn’t realize there was no way to get the recording out of the app without upgrading to the full version. I feel this is more like a form of extortion then ethical marketing that’s why I’m giving them three stars because they should either not have the free version or give people one way to get their files out and then if you want anything else you have to pay for the full version..

martinbrossman, Jun 27, 2021
Inconsistent ability to upload files into Google drive

I purchased this app from the lite version in order to upload and send the voice recorded files. Overall, ok voice recorder app, but it fails on the main reason that I purchased the app. It is sporadic at best on being able to upload the files into google drive. I spent the last half hour attempting to upload ten separate 8-second files where only 4 made it through after 20 minutes of trying. There is no technical issues on my end with strong WiFi connection, current iOS, and newer gen iPad. Also, all other files from other apps save and can be moved just fine.

moonstoneuser, Dec 30, 2020
Handy but background noise is HORRIBLE!

I got this app to record lectures during my A&P class for nursing. However, whenever I would play back the recordings at home, the professor’s voice sounded like a muted whisper but yet, turning pages or clicking a pen, even if it was another student 15 feet away from me, was Louder than the professor. I sit on the front& center row of the room with my volume turned up to 100% with the mic part of my phone facing professor. The room was pin drop silent as we are all anxious to succeed and be respectful, so there was not much background noise to be detected. There is No excuse for this! I regret wasting valuable class lecture time using this recording app. Such a waste of time & lectures that I can’t get back, AND $4! Ugh!!! Fair warning to any other students out there..

nursing school student 2020, Feb 04, 2020
Voice recorder

I’ve been using this app for many years to record my novel so I can listen to how it sounds. Although the background hum can be annoying it gives me a very clear and consistent and reliable quality and it picks up audio from 100s of feet away. Plus it offers lots of useful features like importing to iTunes and ability to stop and continue recordings if interrupted.

reabees, Sep 22, 2021
Voice recorder

I’ve been using this app for many years to record my novel so I can listen to how it sounds. Although the background hum can be annoying it gives me a very clear and consistent and reliable quality and it picks up audio from 100s of feet away. Plus it offers lots of useful features like importing to iTunes and ability to stop and continue recordings if interrupted.

reabees, Jun 13, 2022


Live sound with its true feelings. Enjoy recording, playback and audio editing with Voice Recorder. We have fine tuned it for your day-to-day activities.

Attending something important and want to record it for later playback, Voice Recorder will allow you to record your meetings, lectures, and other events with codec noise reduction technology. You can record anything within 10-100 meters around you. Edit the recording as per your need and save it for later playback. Voice Recorder has multiple playback options helping you decide how you want to hear your recording. Developed specially for Apple, it plays just as excellent with Apple EarPods as it plays with our old earphones. You can auto upload and even share the recording on cloud (Dropbox) in seconds. Voice Recorder is an easy to use and handy app to record the meeting, lecture, music and many more. The interface is designed to make it quick. With single tap you can record and share the recordings. Enjoy sound, record, edit, play and listen! List of Features # Audio Recorder - Quality options: (Low:8KHz, Medium:22.05KHz, High:44.1KHz) - Format options: (WAV, CAF, M4A) - External input device support : Bluetooth Mic, Other External Mic (Tested with Tascam mic) - Background recording support (New) - Continue recording into existing recordings. - Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption. # Audio Player - Quick audio player - Playback controls (Fast backward, Fast backward) - External output device support (Bluetooth and External speaker devices) - Background audio playing # Audio Trimming - Select a part of recording and trim it. # Sharing - Email recordings - Dropbox sharing (Auto upload recording support) - Upload to iCloud Drive - Import recordings to computer with iTunes file sharing - Airdrop sharing with iOS and Mac devices. # Universal App - Support for both iPhone and iPad devices. - iPhone 7 an iPhone 7 Plus optimised design. # AVAILABLE IN 11 DIFFERENT LANGUAGE English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português (Br.),Português, Italiano, 中文 (Simplified), Русский, 日本語, 한국어

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