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Vlad & Niki Car Games for Kids

  • Education
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Vlad & Niki Car Games for Kids

  • Education
16.4K ratings
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User Reviews for Vlad & Niki Car Games for Kids

App closes itself.

I bought this game for my son. It lets him decorate the cars, but when we try to play the game, the app closes itself. I checked to make sure his iPad is updated, which it is.It’s an iPad Air, software version is 12.5.6. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the app, or if it’s an issue with the iPad and version. Either way, he’s four, and loves Vlad and Nikki. Although he enjoys decorating the vehicles, he’s very disappointed that’s all he can do, and really wanted to play the game. If it’s an issue with the iPad model, I wish there would have been a disclaimer stating the full game wasn’t supported.

ashb817, Jan 21, 2023
Subscribe and I kinda like watching it

Forget about vlad and nikki subscribe to drip fam real action

Drip Fam, Jan 02, 2023
Keeps kicking my son out...

So my boys just paid for this app and anytime my oldest tries to drive with “mommy” the app kicks him out... can you fix this? Because $7 is a bit much for children to pay for a game that just kicks them out when they try to use a character they paid for... I deleted it and re downloaded it and it’s still doing it.

esyancey, Mar 09, 2021
So frustrated

Paid for app to unlock all the options but when we decorate the truck the app closes itself when you try go to the game part. It will work but only without any of the add on decorations.

JJsMommy18, Jul 24, 2021

Just bought the whole package and there is no volume! I noticed someone else has this exact problem and irritation. Also, when he goes to race the game closes down ! Really ? Fix this ASAP or refund ASAP...my 4 year old is so disappointed and I am upset . Also, when I try to contact you , it demands I change my browser. No way ! The internet is getting so intrusive and scary. Maybe you guys or not ,but it happened after buying the “package “. He loved it enough that I took the chance of it working right without having to text you, which I never do. But , hey, this is a child that I love so much ,so that I hope this isn’t an ongoing issue .Will be waiting now for sound, able to race without closing, and able to reach using my chosen browser.

kecudx4, May 18, 2023
No sound

I paid for this app and my son loves it but he quick loses interest because there is no sound. Not sure if it is a bug

Llkgfjhkj, Jul 31, 2021
The wort

What the heck does this app teach, i mean my brother is so into Vlad and Nicki, but all this does is brainwash kids into thinking that the kids lives are Vlad and Nicki’s lives i mean i would give this app a 0 stars so please change the content into something better not nothing like air, kids might be acting like vlad and nicki so yeah CHANGE SOMETHING BETTER!

Memo&roro, Jul 26, 2021
Not fun at all 🤬🤬🤬🤬

This is not fun because I only have two things to wear and only one car to use and if you try to get another car you have to PAY for it and it is the worst game you would ever get🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

poopy stupid game 🤬🤬🤬🤬, Oct 28, 2023
Jose have no clue where I can go in this

Good luck on the new season of your life

Punky Reala, Aug 06, 2021
A random glitch

Glitches when you go backwards while you’re in the air you can go backwards flying

Stupid monster game, Feb 05, 2023


An excellent educational game for children from 2 years old. Your child will get into the world of Vlad and Nikita while driving a lot of different cars. The child will be able not only to create unique designs of their cars, but also to perform various tasks in many situations!

Cars have their own characters and features and will help your child find the right solution! The game develops the left hemisphere of the child’s brain, which is responsible for creativity and imagination, as well as attention, accuracy and fine motor skills. Game features: - The variety of cars that will show your child different environments where they can try being a police officer, bus driver, racer, taxi driver, motorcyclist, etc. - The atmosphere of a real holiday, fantastic and exciting adventures, original music and special attention to detail. - All your favorite and recognizable characters - Vlad, Nikita, Mom and Chris, who can try on many different costumes. - Customization of each car - body painting in different colors and patterns, wheel replacement, a huge collection of stickers and body kits. Your child can create a truly unique car. - The game encourages and motivates your child who is going to receive a prize at the end of each level. - The game has very simple and intuitive controls, which are perfectly adapted to any age of the player. - Multiple playthroughs. The child will not only play, but also develop! They will feel like a part of the world of Vlad and Nikita and will have a lot of fun!

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