Icon Dinosaur games for kids age 5

Dinosaur games for kids age 5

  • Education
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Dinosaur games for kids age 5

  • Education
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User Reviews for Dinosaur games for kids age 5

Cute game but expensive for what you get

My 3 year old grandson mastered the free section in just minutes. Because he is obsessed with dinosaurs, I spent the $6.99 for the full version. It only opens up a handful more dinosaurs. He quickly mastered that in about 15 minutes and then got bored. I don’t mind spending $ on a game but I feel it should provide extended enjoyment.

Athlete's Mom, Apr 03, 2021
Too advanced

My 4 year old sister was playing this game while I was tickling her, and she couldn’t get past one specific level. I tried to help her, but I realized I can’t figure it out either. I tried everything that I could, but I soon realized that this game is too advanced for her. And me. It is clear that you have to be older than 5 years old to play this game. Also, there are too many adds for a 5 year old to even comprehend. There are even some purchases you can make in this app. I mean, what 5 year old has enough money for that?

bigmac0000000009, Oct 24, 2023
I Shouldn’t have paid for it.

I downloaded this app for my 2 year old who loves dinosaurs. It’s easy and simple to use it’s definitely meant for babies but the buttons are sometimes slow to act so my little one kinda gets frustrated at it. Also this game was great for the first two days my toddler loved to feed and tickle the ONE dinosaur that’s free on the app but of course he got bored so I paid the $7.00 fee to unlock the other Dino’s for him hoping that maybe they each did different things. Nope. $7.00 for 6 Dino’s that all do the same exact thing. Just feed and tickle. both my little one and I are very disappointed at how boring this game is after only two days of using it. But I am happy there’s no add pop ups and it’s very easy to use.

Boots3cats94, Sep 04, 2020
Cute game, but way overpriced

I understand the development that goes into games, but $7 for for 8 dinosaurs with mini games that take a 3 yo 30 seconds to complete is not worth $7. I would rather dealWith adds than my kid bored after 30 mins with is now upset that many of her favorite dinosaurs are missing. The animation is cute, and in theory this game is great, but in all honesty, it seems like a cash grab. Get parents to download, give them one dinosaur, and then let them talk a toddler off a tantrum because you now realize how overpriced the game is.

BWEF17HGCH, Feb 17, 2021
Just another one of those expensive kids games!

I got this app because I thought it would be good for my granddaughter but it was just another kids games! It gives you one or two Dino’s two games two play, and then you have to pay a fee for more! I understand that there is a fee but could you give the game a little more wiggle room for the kids who are playing it. Gave it three stars because the developers worked hard on it. Ty for reading!

FairwayBarbie, Jul 05, 2021

So I was just look through the App Store and i thought that my brother would like a few games on his iPad . My little brother LOVES DINOSAURS so when he found the game he loved it-AND SO DO I!!! He already knows how to play ,and every morning he asks me is he can play it! Great job for whoever made this!!!

HAPPY_SISTER #4 ever, Mar 06, 2022
Only writing this because my kid wants a star in the game

I have no opinion on the game, but I would take away a star because of the bribery that led to my time being taken; however my kid, who is sitting here watching, insisted on giving it a 5.

High Falutin', Aug 01, 2021

I bought this app for my kids and, and unlocked all the in app purchases because they liked it so much. Now there are ads for other game on the main screen while they play this game. I think once you pay for everything an app has to offer it should be ad free. If I feel the app developer is worth then I will seek out other apps made by them. They lost a customer by doing this.

Jaxe01, Aug 06, 2022
Games locked out

After she completes the puzzles, the games are completely locked out. I tried hitting restore purchases but it continues to be locked. This is not worth the cost if you can only play a round once.

kt347wg, Nov 08, 2021
What’s going on?

I finally purchased this for my 2 year older son. He absolutely loved playing the version where there was only one unlocked dinosaur. I purchased the app last night and I’m very displeased. Every time he plays. I have to restore the purchase. If I don’t? All the dinosaurs are locked again. As soon as I do this. Once he completes the puzzle. The app closes. Not to mention it glitches the entire time. I apologize. I’m not really into giving bad reviews. But this? Is too much. And he keeps getting really upset when this happens. If these problems can be fixed? He would love it!!! He really enjoys playing it. He’s just not able to complete a game without the app automatically closing. Please help!!! Or give me a refund.

LilBigBossLady, Jul 08, 2021


Play funny and easy games with favorite dinosaurs! Designed for kids ages 2-5 Set off on an exciting journey with a new friend - Raccoon! Explore Dinosaurs World, help each of the dinosaurs break free from a block of ice, make friends with them and learn interesting things about them.

They all want to be a part of your unique Dinosaur Park! Application features: - Play with 8 amazing dinosaurs - Learn interesting facts about these amazing creatures - Delight the dinosaurs with surprise gifts - Feed the dinosaurs their favorite treats - Engage in fun educational games - Enjoy the colorful graphics and animations - Use easy and kid-friendly controls - Play offline Dinosaurs came in a variety of sizes and shapes – some no bigger than a chicken, others taller than skyscrapers. We have chosen the most astonishing dinosaurs to introduce children to the prehistoric world! This app is just perfect for preschool kids who love playing games and also like to know more about their favorite creatures – dinosaurs! Learning and remembering facts becomes fun when it is coupled with fascinating games that toddlers can play here. Friendly dinosaurs are waiting for kids to play with them: - Roar along with the mighty Tyrannosaurus - Fly together with the Pterodactyl - Catch fish with a Spinosaurus - Climb to the top of a cliff with Dilophosaurus - Play a melody with Parasaurolophus - Help a Triceratops protect its herd - Gather the most delicious leaves for a Diplodocus - Collect some crystals together with an Ankylosaurus Enjoy the fun graphics, cool music and sounds and learn a lot as well! The games are designed for improving memory, attention and hand mobility of toddlers. The app also provides tips during gameplay that helps children learn about dinosaurs all by themselves! We appreciate your feedback. Please take a few minutes to review the app! If you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a mail at [email protected] Subscribe for information about new apps and updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmayaKids

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