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User Reviews for Video Editor 〇

Don’t download

I tried to edit one of my videos but when I tried to change the speed it never worked. I would change it to see if it looked good fast, but then it wouldn’t go back to regular speed. I wanted to combine two different videos at the same speed and the other video didn’t work either. I decided since the first one was fast and I couldn’t change that I might as well just make the second one fast too! I tried making it fast but this time it was the opposite, it wouldn’t change to fast it just stayed at the regular speed. These were 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. I do not recommend this app at all!!!

Alex an addicted appstar, Nov 22, 2017

Hi I am a 10-year-old girl and I love editing videos and pictures so when I found this app I asked if I could download it and I could so I downloaded it and I wasn’t so happy because they were making me pay and subscribe to share my pictures and videos and I don’t really want to pay neither does my parents so if you want to pay sure download this app but if you don’t do not download this appOh and by the way if the creator sees this please change that please

cray Cray Mills 12345, Apr 20, 2020
It’s ok... 😕

This app is ok, but I would recommend other video editors. It’s only because it is very slow and buggy, and when you make a slideshow, it only limits you to twelve photos! And also, when you pick the song it brings you to a page with categories, then you click on one and it has plenty of music, but you can’t listen to it to see if you like it, you have to put it on your project to listen to it, and if you don’t like it, you have to do all of that again, until you get a good song. Also, there is a lot of pop up ads. I would recommend an app called “splice.”

huskey panda 25, Aug 06, 2019
Pretty Cool Free Version

This app is pretty cool. Downloaded it cause I wanted to add a little dazzle to a singing video. And after navigating the app for a while found a nice look for said video with the options allowed for the free version.Kinda wish you could demo at least some of the paid products like the looping overlay just so you can see if it's worth purchasing before you spend however much it cost to unlock everything in find out you only really like 3 of the hundreds of different overlays. That's just my opinion cause I've bought extensions to apps a couple times and was highly upset with what I had paid for almost immediately after you know. Overall I'm loving this app.

Kai_1, May 05, 2017
Could be better

It doesn’t really do anything like what the video on the App Store says but it does have some great editing quality. But if you want a better experience, you have to pay 30 bucks. And if your younger like me and you’re trying to edit a video, it would be hard to pay for a subscription because we don’t make money 🤦🏼‍♀️ And you can’t even save a video without paying 30 dollars. And I’m not doing a free trail ever again due to bad experiences. The app Magisto didn’t even let me know when the trail was over and charged me $32 for just that month! That was a lot of ands, but do you get my point? I also can’t go back to change any pictures on the slide show once I’ve selected them or it deletes everything! And I mean ALL of my hard work down the drain. If you could fix some of these things the app would be great! Just not really up to expectations right now 😕 Please write me a response if there’s something I’m doing wrong on my part Sincerely, A hopeful editor

maddibugz24, Apr 23, 2019
Bugs, Too many adds, Music

I am really Disappointed in this app, I thought it was a good app because it looked professional, but every 10 seconds I try to Edit something there would be an Ad and it would be the SAME ad every time, I can only Make 2 Clips for free and then it would say “Get Free Trial for best clips blah blah blah $3.99”, I would also get done editing one and so I want to add MY music, (which means from my ITunes Library) So I would try to add music and it would Completely Kick me out of the app. And Delete ALL my work, I tried to do this 15 times and it keeps kicking me out of the app, I think the creators of this app should Fix Everything about this app Honestly. -Sami

Sami Loth, Oct 05, 2018
Loving ur!

Are I really am enjoying the app however I do have one recommendation. So the app is super easy to navigate through and I should start by saying I am 100% blind the only problem that I have is that the effects are labeled as FX affects one FX affect two and for someone like me who cannot see I need some thing with more of a description. I haven’t always been blind so I know the basic video affects terms and it would greatly improve how much easier the app would be to navigate through. Thank you

Sexxxica5150, May 15, 2022
Love it but it has a bug please fix

It’s a great app. I got a new phone and dl the app and paid again for it . It’s glitched right now as it still has everything locked even after reminding me that I’ve already purchased it. There should be a way for the same Apple ID user to use app without having to pay again. Please fix the glitch . Otherwise the app itself is awesome ! Hope you add new stuff to it as well :)

SHEISL1, May 08, 2019
Good but one thing

There are lots of wonderful things about this app such as the variety of tools and the fact that fact that it doesn’t slow down the audio or speed it up if you change something (that is if you have an audio) But something isn’t as good as the quality. This is with all editing apps but I feel like most of the better effects you have to have a membership or pay for. Overall,I think 4 stars is an appropriate rating.

Sophiamiacastro, Apr 06, 2019
One of the ok apps

This app is good but they should cancel out all the ads am so good what annoys me so much is outside have in the apps either advertisements it is so annoying. This option make things better and after you so you can be my quicker. Overall the apposite bad but just to change out for some things that are free and switch up our music overall that I was going to just change most of the things and music and how slow this from Freaking app is. Overall this app is in that bad just to fix the little bugs that it has.

The Phoenix fire, May 17, 2017


Video Edit.or - Movie FX Make.r + Add Music & Awesome Video Filters Video FX is a powerful 1-CLICK video effects studio for your Vine, Instagram, Flipagram and Dubsmash videos. Just one click to add beautifully crafted effects to your videos. Get the app FREE now...

and look forward to 70+ new animations and video enhancements like autumn leaves, falling snow, and anamorphic lens flares! • Video Mirror Effects Create reflections in four different directions • Video Collage is a most exciting feature of the app • The app is Exclusively designed for trimming video • You can add music of your own choice to your trimmed video • Add effects to your trimmed video • Option to save the video to your camera roll • Built-in social share option provided - Add shapes or apply filters for each trimmed video separately. - VIGNETTE Make moody Sin City style edits, fade edges you can even change the color. - BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST Some photos need a little bit more light and a little bit of a shadow feel, this tool will do just that - HUE/SATURATION Change the colors in your pictures and adjust the vibrant level - EXPOSURE Bring out the white light in your photo - WARMTH Make every photo feel like summer - SHARPNESS Take out the blurriness out of your photo for pure perfection - Reverse Play your videos backward with Reverse Vid! The quickest and easiest way to reverse your videos. Reverse a section, slow it down and watch at half speed. - Add awesome background music to your new video. Or you can keep the original audio or choose your own from the iPod. ~ Premium SUBSCRIPTION details ~
Unlock ALL Video Editor, Slide Show Maker, music effects, soundtracks, transitions and unlimited saves with the Premium Version. When subscribing, enjoy 3 days of free trial. The Yearly subscriptions are $29.99 per Year!

 The weekly subscriptions is just $3.99 per week! Please, know that:
 - Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. 
 - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when your purchase is confirmed. 
- Renewal will be charged to your account within 24-hours prior to the end of the subscription current period. 
- Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off in the user's Account Settings after purchase. - No current subscription can be canceled during its active subscription period.
 - Where applicable, purchase of subscription will result in the forfeit by the user of any unused portion of the free trial period, if offered.

 Privacy Policy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T1g3jsJyIVwUUK4qVEwinFkMe6CtHMlg Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cFCLmCpLmRjzRFdJkbJkPpT0cpQOO71G

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