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User Reviews for Video Call Santa

Good but slightly limited

It’s fun and I am not complaining but one flaw is it doesn’t seem to respond to your children’s answers. It asked if my daughter had been naughty or nice and she said “naughty” and Santa replied “ho, ho, ho fantastic!”. Probably not the response I would’ve expected. Also he asked what she wanted for Christmas and she said “pony” and he said “well ok see you soon”. It is a fantastic idea but would be even better if the responses could be slightly tailored to your child’s answers. Perhaps that’s just not feasible though and I’m being super unrealistic. Also, the only other critique I have is I wish it would allow you to select more than one name at a time. My son tried to hop in and said “hi Santa it’s me Nolan” while his sister had her turn and obviously Santa didn’t respond but my son was upset that Santa wouldn’t say his name. Again, this is a great app and perhaps my wishes are unreasonable. Nevertheless, the kids loved it and it’s a fun thing to do for sure! I’d recommend!

Beenut20, Jan 29, 2022
Santa is friendly❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

It is scary but Santa is friendly and he gets presents but Christmas is not all about presents it’s about spending time with family and my mom usually goes to work at night and morning not all the time though and on Christmas day she’s been with us the whole Christmas Day but she had to go to work at night but at least my dad and my grandpa and my grandma was with meBut I kind of miss my mom right now because she’s at work right now and that’s all I have for you today

blahyshhhjdhsh, Jan 18, 2022
Awesome app for kids

My son is 6 years old and his eyes absolutely lit up when he saw Santa. The whole time he talked to him, he was ready to burst at the seams with excitement. Was awesome to see that big smile on my sons face, all because of a free app! There are options to purchase in the app which I thought was a cool addition. I like that they didn’t require you to purchase anything unless you wanted more choices or better quality. But even without purchasing better quality, it still turns it really good!

Bubsmom33, Dec 10, 2017
The Best Kids App Ever!

This is absolutely genius! It’s a free a app, but I gladly paid the 99c to buy my Granddaughters name. She’s 4 & the wonder on her face as she was talking to Santa was priceless! It’s not a live discussion, but so perfectly done that it feels real.You can choose between the British & American Santa. The version without the name was very nicely done, but to have Santa greet the child by name is a very touching addition. There are other upgrades which I didn’t buy at this time, but they seem very reasonable. After the call you can go back under the parents side & you’ll find the video. I shared it with family members & they loved it! I’m telling everyone I know to download it. We look forward to using it every year. Download it watch the children you love as they talk to Santa. The precious memories will warm your heart every time.Developers: You’ve done an amazing job & can count on me to bring you more business. I’ll be buying the upgrades for sure, but it’s nice that you offer a wonderful free version too. Thank you!

Donna92058, Oct 27, 2019

I paid for my child's name and also for all episodes . It successfully went through . How Ever The next day when I tried to use it , it said that I had to Pay for the name and all the games again . ABSOLUTELY NOT . I PAID 7 DOLLARS IN TOTAL AND IT SHOULD NOT ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR ONE DAY . THEN I tried to watch the face time my son already took with Santa and it's silent . Can't turn it up . I have a iPhone 10 and I had it for less than a month . IT'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS APP AND AFTER I PAID FOR IT, IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED !!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME YOU SHPULD NOT BE STEALING PEOPLE MONEY .

JayyBarb, Dec 15, 2018
So glad we found this!

Our 3-year-old daughter loved getting to talk to Santa! The app was so easy to use! We paid the extra 99 cents to personalize it, which was totally worth it! We also paid $5.99 to upgrade and get the ability to call him for multiple other occasions, like for her to thank him for the gifts!I do think that older kids would catch on to this being a recording. But the younger kids will think this is the best thing in the world!

keriandcam, Dec 22, 2020
Santa Claus my Christmas

Hi Santa Claus my name is Kamari and I want some cool stuff like an American girl doll and a iPhone 11 promax and I also want to cool with a time case for my iPhone 11 I want the real size not dummy because I am nine years old and yeah and I just want all of my stuff combined and I also want a Anya and Elsia doll in a cool toy and I want some cool delicious candy like warheads end of the sour candy like that and I was just writing this review so we couldTalk and beyond him if you wanna send me back a review it will be really really nice but I hope you like it love Maria peace

KieraDaniels, Nov 28, 2020
Love it, but not enough time for responses.

We love using this app to FaceTime Santa with our 5 year old. We’ve been using it for the last 3 seasons. However, there isn’t enough time in between questions for my child to think about their answer and respond. I think there should be a setting where we can adjust that. Also, it would be cool if we were able to put into the settings our child’s interests (science, art, animals, etc) so that there would be more than just the simple “Hi, bye, what do you want for Christmas?” conversation. My child would love to feel like they’re actually having a conversation with Santa about other things going on in their life other than just what they want for Christmas. Otherwise, we love the app. There’s always new video subjects to use.

MamaBear41316, Nov 17, 2021

This app is legit amazing! There are so many useful recordings for parents to use with their kids. My daughter is struggling to give up the pacifier, so today we talked her into putting it up, then had her “call Santa” to tell him. There just happened to be a “Good Job” episode telling her that he and Mrs Claus saw that she did a good thing and to keep it up etc etc. Every time he asks what they want for Christmas there’s a pause to listen, then he asks them to repeat it, giving the kids a chance to think about it. Buy the full version, it’s worth it.

UmbrousQuasar, Sep 24, 2020
Worked like a charm

I have a four year old daughter, she was so excited to talk to Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas this year. I would definitely recommend this app for parents of young children! Now, my only problem is that when I went to purchase my daughters name to personalize it, the keyboard was up towards the top and off to the side so not all the keys were showing. Not sure if it’s a glitch in the app, because I purchased something on another app and this didn’t happen. Other than that it’s a great app!

zombiegeek92, Nov 22, 2019


No 1 Overall in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia The original Video Call Santa is back with our biggest update! “This Genius Video Call Santa app will keep the Christmas magic alive.” - GoodtoKnow “Get your child to behave over the festive period by scheduling an interactive video call from Father Christmas.” - The Sun “Video Call Santa is a free app that offers a ton of options for creating a personalized call from him.” - NBC News “Video Call Santa is a special app that will give you a direct line to Santa whenever you need it.” - ABC Action News “Santa? Is that you? Believe it or not Santa has gotten pretty tech-savvy over the years.

He does it all and now he can video chat.” - WFAA-TV ABC “Santa asks your child their name, if they have been good and what’s on their wish list. This is a must-try as you watch your child’s face light up.” - News 6 at Nine, WKMG-TV CBS “Want to call Santa? There’s an app for that. Video Call Santa lets your kids chat with Santa on your iPhone, and you can save a video of the conversation.” - The Mac Observer “Wouldn’t it be great knowing what your children or grandchildren want for Christmas without having to ask them directly?” - Kim Komando “In the smartphone age, kids can now have a quick video chat with jolly old St. Nick with the Video Call Santa app.” - CNET “Instead of writing a letter to Santa your kids can actually talk to him through a video call through this new app called Video Call Santa” - Cambridgeshire Live “Do you want me to ring Santa about that? … He knows who I am. You can set it up for the kids!” - Today “Thank heavens this app popped up, and not only was it adorable, it worked like a charm. Thanks, Santa!” - Southshore Moms “iPhone users can get their own video call from Santa with the help of the Video Call Santa app.” - Good Housekeeping “A great tool to have in your back pocket when the little one begins to act up. Santa is always at your fingertips.” - Hot 107.9 “He wasn't listening to me so I asked him if he wanted me to call Santa. Now he's being an angel #ThankMeLater” - Julia, a makeup artist mom Check out how our app has been delivering happiness to our users: https://www.facebook.com/VideoCallSanta FEATURES • Choose your Santa: American or British • Connect with Santa right away or set up a time you want to start a video call • Choose to have your calls as incoming (Santa calls you) or outgoing (you call Santa) • Choose your Episode 38 Episodes to choose from • Let Santa greet your child by name Choose from 6000+ popular names (in-app purchase) • Santa asks a series of questions including, “Have you been naughty or nice?” and “What do you want for Christmas?” • Each conversation is recorded on video for parents to save to the camera roll and share via iMessage and Facebook • Parents can check out video recordings protected by passcodes to find out what their kids want this Christmas • Share recordings of your kids and Santa having a video chat with the rest of the world on major social sites • Share your recording in the original Double view or the new Single view • Use Face ID or Touch ID for Parents Only page • Siri Shortcuts Connect with Santa or check your call reservation status without even opening the app • Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone Check your reservations and recordings at a glance • Offers iMessage App for iOS Share your video recordings with just one click PLEASE NOTE Video Call Santa is free to download and use. Our app is entertaining enough to use without paying, however, some in-app items can be purchased to make your experience a little more personalized. You can disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Prices are in USD. Pricing in other countries may vary. ————————————————————— PHOTO LICENSE Kids by gemteck1 (CC BY-SA 2.0) PREVIEW CREDITS Shared by real users. For full versions, visit https://www.facebook.com/VideoCallSanta

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