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User Reviews for Santa Tracker - Track Santa

About the advertisements and positive comments

Ok, the reviews are hysterical. All of them are kids voice typing. Honest to god, it’s amazing to read. Don’t get me wrong, I may be a teen who has this app, but it’s so fun to use with my little siblings. We all love plotting plans to trap Santa while we are using the tracker. This app brings me and my siblings closer together. We actually talk, and it’s really just amazing how much this app improves the belief in Santa with all my little siblings. The advertisements are pretty outrageous, but other that that, the app is great!

Castledbasket521, Dec 25, 2021
I like

This happens very cool because I just found out Santa is in Korea that is very weird I don’t know why but so Santa is in Korea I don’t know why but he’s in there he’s in Korea but I will write this app five stars because it is a very good app and I really like it I made my picture of cat my name I’m not gonna tell but it is a really good app and if you want to know where Santa is this is the app for you hit this app said he was in Korea very weird I think I should stop talking but I’m going to continue anyways I think this is a very good app download it right now I’m not forcing you but if you like it then please please please tell me our rate is five dollars and tell me if you like this app anyways I’ll stop talking bye

dfjsyjfdydhfdjhdffhdfdh, Nov 30, 2020
Cool but not great 😅

The app was fun but it’s kinda laggy (and I this is coming from a brand new iPhone 11 so I don’t think it’s my phone). It doesn’t feel right… after delivering some presents Santa went back to the North Pole and stayed there for many hours. Still hasn’t moved 🙁. It also didn’t show where presents have already been delivered and which areas have not been delivered so it was sorta confusing which places have already gotten presents and which have not. Sorry but I’m uninstalling. Still okay tho! 🥰

happicatz, Dec 25, 2021
Santa to Santa

I love Santa and all the presents I cannot wait for Christmas to come even though it’s June I miss you Santa I wish I could see you maybe next time you come you can leave me a picture I wish to see you maybe I’ll come to the north pole I’ve always want to see you but then I try calling you and then you don’t pick up but I will try calling you when I am Christmas but I wish for fidgets and squish mellows and maybe a new phone I have a pod and it doesn’t work outside of the house tell her your reindeer that I said hi I would love for them to hear that I love them bye-bye good night

Happy CJJ, Jun 13, 2022

The track is amazing it’s always helps my kids where is Sansometimes they look September and it is Santas on the map on the map it is a lot of time to work it out of your head my baby my baby is working my love I love when she goes and she makes it right on time to see she doesn’t say overnight in the week it was on the couch also my son he does everything to make my life easir always find a way that can you make stuff easier and helps us connect to that we love that he can go buy some that’s the app that’s the world song what I’m talking about I’d be like in my inspiration so much so much I wish they can this go on find out their own family is the app for Bandera kids so fat.

kate unicorns, Dec 25, 2020
I believe, but a little glitchy

So, I love this app it really is a fun app it’s entertaining and I love seeing were Santa is at, however on the 2021 update when I’m watching Santa it keeps bouncing all over my road and when it goes to my house it’s in my yard. It’s so confusing. My parents normally stay up and wait and Santa goes to my Aunts house down the road first, but the slay and reindeer keep going to the same houses over and over. But I really enjoy the app otherwise! There aren’t many adds, and I don’t really mind a few here and there. Also I am 11 and I really really really really really really want to see Santa, 99% of my friends “don’t believe in Santa” but I do. Here’s proof that he’s really real: every year my mom (who doesn’t know how to edit photos) takes a picture of Santa and on Christmas shows me the pictures! So kinda hard to still say he’s not real because it’s true!! I really recommend getting this app, it has fun scenes like Santa baking cookies, or checking naughty or nice list, and I love it, so do my brothers. Thank you all for making this app, and please try to fix those glitches, thanks bye!!

lydwgffedhedtgisjrkgjrr, Dec 25, 2021

i cant believe the behavior of this app. i downloaded this app innocently just to keep my eye out for santa. my beloved friend also has this app and it happened to tell me that santa is in a completely different spot then what was on my friends phone. there is only one real santa and that means he can only be in one place at once. i know he travels fast on his sleigh with all of the reindeer but this is borderline impossible. i don’t expect this app to be completely accurate because i know santa likes to keep things on the down low, but at least make ONE accurate guess and tell me the same thing. i don’t like how social media has inspired many big companies to manipulate us supporters. i don’t even know what to believe after this has happened, and i am planning on fact checking all my resources for anything from now on.

santalover1225, Nov 10, 2021
Yay Santa

I like this app very much because it lets me know where Santa is I don’t know why he was in Pakistan for so many hours but it is so cool and I know when Santos‘s coming to the house because I love Christmas and I’m excited to watch and see when he’s close to my house I’ll probably be up in the night but I hope you’ll still come it was so cool to find that wasn’t trying to like Call you call Santa text Santos and see where he was really really really really really really minute if you’re reading this like the 2% of people who are reading this I’m used to really get this because it’s good even if you’re not adult you can track where. Santa is for kids so it’s a really really really really really really really really really really really good app if you don’t get it I think that’s very bad idea because this is a really good at Sonya at stars and typing and typing nothing but I just want you to really get this because it’s really good and you did so good and fun and there’s little things that you can see what Santos is doing like working out or the one that says he’s coming soon or he’s painting an ornament I think that’s so cool that you can see those and they’re very fun to look at to see what Santos up to and we don’t see him and it’s really nice to come down like right now it’s one day seven hours and something minutes so I think it’s a really good app and you should really get it so you should really get it and it’s not a waste so get it yeah

Shantay Girl456, Dec 24, 2020
Love this app #SantaClause

One reason I like this ad because I love Christmas it tells me how many hours days minutes and seconds till Christmas and it tells me where Santa is so I recommend this app I might be nine but this app is so cool I’m gonna keep it every year all year I have had no trouble with it I’ve had it for four weeks and still it’s amazing so if you like Santa then you should get this app the other day he was in Mexico if you’re a little kid and you want this app you should get it ask your parents and they’ll probably say yes this is how much I love this app and the games on it are kind of boring but still fun this is why I recommend getting this app and little kids out there do you like Santa and you want to know if he’s closeThen get this app.

shark bate 2020, Nov 21, 2020
Very good tracker!

I love Christmas,and this helps me know where Santa is on Christmas Eve,I love this and it’s amazing,tells you how many presents Santa has delivered,this is my first time and it’s a crazy improvement!!a lot of details,like Rudolph at the front,and Santa with a mask on!!and it also includes who took a picture or a video of Santa!tells you where somebody last saw Santa!also there are satellites too!!most realistic earth I have ever saw before!also the stars are really realistic!

teagan bois, Dec 26, 2021


“This tracker has about the cutest setup I've seen on these apps ... If you're looking for a simple app that kids can easily use with you around, this is the one to download.” - iMore FEATURES • Where is Santa Claus right now? • What is Santa doing right now? (e.g. Shopping for Christmas Gifts, Checking the Reindeer Farm, Getting Fit, etc.) • Find my House feature: see your house on the map • How long until Santa comes to my rooftop? • And many many more!!

PLEASE NOTE Santa Tracker is free to download and use. An in-app item can be purchased to unlock extra features. You can disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Prices are in USD. Pricing in other countries may vary.

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