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Top 10 Trivia - Quiz Questions

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User Reviews for Top 10 Trivia - Quiz Questions

Iffer Top 10 Review

Fun, for the most part I have found it error free unlike its Top 10 colleague KingdomsQuestions have few, if any errors, and are InformativeAds have increased and are an annoyance but at least you get some rewards for “watching”them

Battista Sainer, Dec 17, 2020

Its okay.. keyboard was the biggest issue. Game says ages 4 plus but clearly geared towards an older generation. 10 popular 80s movies?? Even the 90s or early 2000s would be more reasonable. Thats where i gave up. I refuse to cheat and look up the answers.. whats the fun in that.. so the 3 levels I got to play were fun. But maybe a little more general knowledge questions.

Cheerbunnii, Jun 20, 2021
This is a really fun game

for those saying that there are too many ads, you could've bought the one with no ads. you knew that there was gonna be ads so I don't know why your complaining. also if you have that big of a problem with it, buy some iTunes and spend it on something without ads. not trying to be rude but all i ever see is someone complaining about the ads.... THE ONE NEXT TO IT HAS NO ADS ITS JUST 2.99!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE FAULT FOR IT!

Disiree Pettinger, Dec 17, 2020
Fun Game, but…

This is a really fun game, but I keep having to replay at least five levels every time I close it. It’s a good game, but not worth having to replay levels so often. The keyboard is terrible, and it stinks that you have to erase the whole answer if you have a typo, no way to easily go back to fix it.

Elphie524, Jul 12, 2021
Survival Option?

Love the game, play it every day, even have an opponent no idea who they are, we’ve been playing each other over 3 years... I would love it if, playing survival, you had the option to change your answer if you are still within the time limit! Just sayin’ ?

Kayliana Gowers, Dec 17, 2020

I love this game but lately after I watch a 2nd chance video, I have known the answer, but when I touched the correct answer, the time keeps ticking and runs out. It even offers me extra time, I touch it, again nothing happens. Then I have to swipe of before I can play again. Frustrating!

Linelle Shwalbe, Dec 17, 2020
Love it except the keyboard

The game is really fun but the keyboard is driving me crazy. It’s difficult to type, you have to delete the whole answer if there’s a typo, and worst of all I keep using my jokers by accident while trying to tap the letters. If the keyboard gets fixed (or better yet if we can use the phone’s keyboard) I’d say this’d be the perfect game!

MrsRickyMartin, Jul 08, 2021
Could be great if worked

The keyboard is off first off. That is tolerable. But three times I have completed levels and then been bumped back about 20 rounds the next time I opened the app and had to repeat them. Was just about done with list 15 and was bumped back to the middle of list 13. Loses all entertainment when I have to do the same levels over and over again.

Shmoozing, Dec 14, 2021
Good Game

A really good game with a few caveats. Tons of ads. I understand the need for ads and the financial support they bring, but wow! I sometimes feel as though I spend more time going through the ads than I do playing the game. I also have been through 6 straight games where I was offered a second chance, sat through the ad allowing me the opportunity for the second chance, but once the ad was finished, it brought me back to the second chance screen and I was just sitting there waiting while watching the 6 category icons switch. 6 STRAIGHT TIMES. Things happen, I get it, but again,... six straight times.

Yaraliz De Moreno, Dec 17, 2020
Cool game but

Super cool game, I would’ve rated it a 5 if not for the annoying keyboard. It’s not user friendly and If you made a mistake you have to erase the whole word to correct it. It would also be cool to choose an incomplete word and just fill th the missing letters. An ad free version would be nice as well. All in all Good game with lots of potential. Edit: in chapter 2 the game sometimes reset goes back 3 or more levels back even when I completed them. It’s so frustrating that I have to solve everything again

zouz123, Jul 11, 2021


There are so many fun, interesting, and challenging topics and over 1000 levels to test your trivia knowledge. Can you solve all the answers to the top 10 lists? Powerups help you to solve the puzzle if get stuck: use them to reveal 5 letters, 10 letters, or to reveal the whole answer.

Trivia questions to keep you entertained for hours! Start your level and you will be given a prompt from one of our many categories. It could be The Top 10 Tallest Animals, or maybe The Top 10 Most Popular Marvel Heroes, or even The Top 10 Grossing 90s Blockbusters. There are so many fun and interesting categories to entertain everyone and to test your trivia knowledge! Daily rewards provide you with coins that can be used for powerups to help you if you get stuck. Test your trivia knowledge on a huge range of topics including: - Movies (all genres, actors, directors) - Music (singers, bands, singles, albums) - TV (shows and TV actors) - World Geography and Travel (countries, cities, country flags, tourist attractions, architecture) - Science (biology, chemistry, astronomy) - Sport (Soccer, Golf, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Olympics, Hockey, and more!) - Celebrities (actors, musicians, influencers, and other public figures) - Food (popular and healthy foods, international cuisine) - Business (economies, companies, products) - Nature - Video Games You’ll be entertained for hours with tons of levels and trivia topics. Challenge your everyday knowledge with Top 10 Trivia Quiz Questions. Disclaimer: Top 10 Trivia Quiz Questions aims to be as up-to-date and factual as possible. However, for added entertainment Top 10 Trivia Quiz Questions has added “most popular” trivia questions. All “most popular” trivia answers are generated from information collected from popular votes and opinions. Top 10 Trivia Quiz Questions strives to be as accurate as possible, but is not responsible for any incorrect information.

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