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TinyTap: Kids' Learning Games

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TinyTap: Kids' Learning Games

  • Education
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User Reviews for TinyTap: Kids' Learning Games

Inaccurate Equations

Not only does it continuously crash, but we also paid for a year subscription for all 3 of my children to use. My 9 year old was playing one of the math games when it was asking for multiplications of 6. It was telling him that he was giving the wrong answers when they were absolutely correct, it said 6x6 was 24 ( he said 36) 6x7 was 36 (he said 42) and 6x8 was 42 (he said 48). Who knows what inaccurate information it was feeding to my other children, as they’re only 5 and 2. This app is getting deleted but I am not happy that we paid $50 to support a learning program that is clearly not teaching my children. I’m also quite disturbed to read another review by a user who mentioned our beloved favorite Toy Story character, Woody getting dismembered in one of the Editor’s Picks titled “Death to Woody” and another one where a little girl is repeatedly punched in the face causing her to have a bloody nose. I am DEFINITELY not supporting this app.

APC711, May 15, 2023

I’m a parent of 4 daughters, their ages range from 2-18. When I ran across this app for my 2 year old, I figured I’ll take advantage of the free trial and cancel when the trials over. I handed her the phone and let her play while I cooked, 5 min went by and she hadn’t called me to switch her game, after 15 min she was still interested in what she was playing and was having no problems maneuvering around on the app. So I had to sit down and watch her, I’m very impressed with the simplicity of the games but the endless amount of information being taught with each mini game. After watching my daughter play the 7.99 is definitely worth paying each month considering the lessons she’s learning from this App. My 6 & 7 year olds have yet to play since my 2 year old loves it!

ape0803, Feb 08, 2019
Missing so many thing!

I’m not sure how this app is rated at 4 stars when the first word I heard it say was “ Doggie” that is not a word, and definitely not something I want an educational app to encourage my child to say. Fault number two I noticed within the first five minutes, the app gave me a grade because I moved through it too quickly. Given the lack of challenge within the content, I should have moved through it quickly and so would’ve my child. This app is for children who don’t need to be challenged in any way and are behind on the learning curve. Also there is no reason to give grades and if I have to pay for this app then every portion of it should be unlocked. My children go to school to grade themselves they don’t need an app to do that for them. Starfall is better. I downloaded this because I was excited about the offline play but I see this app is just another pay for play game that if not monitored will rot your kids brains.

Bangbangbarbie, May 21, 2018
Inconsistent, not great for toddlers

We bought the annual subscription for traveling and something interactive on our kid’s iPad that was geared toward toddler ages. The profiles and setup were fine - including a second profile in my kid’s second language (neat way to help reinforce!), but after 9 months of this, the activities themselves seem to vary wildly in quality, volume, or developmentally appropriate requests. The precision/dexterity required to complete a puzzle often isn’t broad enough for toddler fingers - so after getting a piece in the right spot 2 or 3 times, my kid will get frustrated and just keep tapping the screen until the guided hints nudge the piece into place. This could be a great tool for preschool and up - especially kids that can follow verbal direction, but it needs some refinement. Also beware the volume discrepancies, especially if your kid is wearing headphones. The soft-spoken steps are too quiet and the WAHOO from the happy little box is twice as loud. I think this is a mis-match between content creators and the program itself.

jcurns, Jan 10, 2023
Wanted to love it

The ads for this are appealing but the flow is horrible. The login page starts with saying sign up first, doesn’t remember your info and tries to make a new account every time. The remembered password feature doesn’t work for this app even though it’s saved in my passwords. Also appears you need to be connected to the internet to login which so so annoying. What if we’re in the car and want to use it? Nope. It also crashes constantly, I’ve tried to install and uninstall it 3 times now and no difference. The other scary thing was when I tried to delete it I long held it to wait for the x to delete to pop up and then it pulled up personal documents as icons within the tiny tap square? I first thought it was and iPad glitch but it’s up to date and happened 2 separate times when I uninstalled it and brought it back. My next thought is maybe this app is a pathway for hackers? That would explain the other lady’s review about tiny tap appearing to use her Venmo info. Too many glitches, crashes and safety concerns to continue, I deleted it.

ka1313mama, May 01, 2023
Needs some work, and difficult to cancel

I signed up for the 1-week trial and cancelled this before the week was over. Or at least I thought I did, until I was charged for the full year. I logged into the website to cancel since going through the app wasn’t working (glitch on their part), but I’m now told I need to cancel through iTunes. Neither TinyTap or iTunes is willing to give me a refund.The games are okay, some are better than others. As others said, the navigation is not very intuitive and needs some work. It took me awhile to figure out how to download games to play offline. Even their own help articles are not accurate on how to do this.Im pretty disappointed with their customer service. I contacted them immediately after being charged. I understand it was partly my mistake for not knowing how to cancel the trial, but if I go through the app and hit the “cancel subscription” button, you would think that would...cancel the subscription. Reputable companies would understand this mishap and refund my money.***After writing this review, they have agreed to refund my money through PayPal. I may give this app another shot if they clean up the UI and curate the content a bit.

khanhsten, Jul 30, 2019
Great app but flow needs work.

Everything about this app is great except the flow. The search is a bit confusing... every time you open the app it brings you to the search page and it makes it hard for a 4-6 yr old to navigate. It took us a while to get the kids to go straight to their age profile and do their lessons. I think they should make it cleaner and not have the search page as the first thing that pops up. Also, maybe allowing us to personalize the lessons would be a good idea. Children love to see their name on the screen, it gives them ownership (I guess idk if you are able to do that but I haven’t found how to do it.). Finally, I love that they have availability for different languages but they should keep them separate. My kids are constantly frustrated bc they can’t understand something they just tapped on. If hey are trying to expose kids to other languages then they should make stories in other languages, my kids would love that. Once they work on these things I’d rate it five stars bc it is a really good app.

KZOBmom, Jun 27, 2018
Hard to navigate

I have a 2 year old who loved some of the games but it’s extremely hard to navigate, even for me. There’s no set order you do the activities in for his age group. We just had to pick random ones because there would be two for 2 year olds and the next one in line is for 5-6 year olds. It was just crazy. Also, you do realize that toddlers don’t always hold the phone without touching the screen, correct? My son would get so frustrated because even though he was picking the correct answer it wouldn’t register if a smidge of any other skin contact was on the screen. He would have to sit with me so I could move his other hand off of the screen so it would register. And when he had to drag something to it’s right spot he would get it pretty close but when he would let go it would go back to where he grabbed it from and say he got the answer wrong! It’s not teaching kids, it’s frustrating them! One more thing, the voice overs are terrible. Like, really bad. Some are ok, some seem like they don’t speak very good English and others sound like they were recorded in a warehouse with all of the echos! Please get it together.

MORNINGDEER, Oct 02, 2018
Good concept, but UI needs work

As a parent, the concept sounds great. But my initial experience with the app was really poor on iPhone X. First of all, the resolution is for an older iPhone and the UI got stuck a couple of times within the first 5 minutes of use. The subscription pop up is really annoying for a first time user who just wants to understand how the app works. I tapped on the playground detective and the subscription thing pops up, I close it and go to the learning plan tab and tap start. What do ya know it starts with playground detective. There’s no instructions so I tap around the screen a few times and the subscription pops up again. I close it once more and the game is frozen. In that moment I decide this app is broken on my phone. Let me know when it’s a normal experience on the latest iPhone.

MrBojangle, Jan 20, 2018
Tiny Tap

I downloaded this app on IPhone X and on our IPad Mini2 and with each device experienced a glitch when select an activity the option screen for the annual monthly or try it for free screen appears I figure no biggie and select the X on the top right and and click on the refresh button when you try to input your answers the screen just freezes up worse kids think they are doing something wrong so I try to click on the refresh button again hoping it would clear up but screen remains frozen so only thing I could think of to do is to exit activity and try another one so when you do the very same thing happens. I see great potential and it captivated my kids attention but as soon as they could not move foward they lost interest.

Msbossmysugarlips, Apr 15, 2018


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