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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

  • Education
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User Reviews for Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

Double charged

I downloaded the app to try the 7 week free trial to see if my son would like it and to try a different approach at learning to talk and interact. My son is about to be two years old and besides popping bubbles sometimes, he took no interest in it at all.I downloaded it on my phone and on an ipad. I created an account and logged into both devices with it. I tried it with him for maybe 3 days and he just ignored it, so decided to cancel before I got charged.In trying to do so, I accidentally ended up actually paying the yearly subscription. I requested a refund and to cancel the subscription with them, I ended up being refunded that amount and was told it was cancelled. A few days later I saw a charge for about the same amount on my bank account. Once I figured out it was this app, I contacted them to try to get a refund and cancel the subscription again. They told me since it was charged through Apple, that they wouldn't issue me a refund and that I had to contact Apple about it.I contacted Apple and explained what happened and they denied my request for a refund. I didn't know that I could get charged for each app download on different devices while using the same account. I had figured when I requested the first refund and cancellation, that my subscription would be cancelled. Unfortunately, now I'm stuck with an app that I didn't want and that won't even be used.

alex83939znekdk, Sep 28, 2022
Was very Skeptical, but it really works!

I signed up for the trial 7 months ago. My kid wasn’t saying any words, not even mama or dada. At 20 months, my kid was not interested at all. My kid would not interact with the app in the slightest. So, I was going to cancel with the 7 day free trial being over. I know time is needed for results, but if my kid wouldn’t even look at the phone, then there was no point and I would try again after a few months. I didn’t cancel and kept it going. My kid eventually got interested in the air up and started playing. My kid is extremely independent though, so I wasn’t allowed to participate in anyway. My kid would run off of the phone, play the games alone. I know the key point was to participate with my kid, so my kid could see me repeating what the app would say and soon my kid would follow my actions. About a month ago, my kid started speaking out of nowhere. Started calling animals by name, saying the colors of the rainbow, the entire alphabet and numbers 1 - 9. I never sat down with my kid to teach him these things (aside from cat and dog) because my kid just had no interest in flash cards or books. My kid would push them away or tear them up. So, I know the app was the only way my kid knows all these words, letters and numbers. My kid does need to work on pronunciation for some things, like B vs D, but is doing fantastic! Now my kid cannot stop talking and is saying full sentences.

AliJane004, Oct 05, 2023
Not worth the money

If this app was less expensive, I’d consider keeping it, but at $10/mo and so many weird issues, I don’t think it’s worth it. I did some research and there are a lot of vague/gray area comments on this app being recommended by therapists but many speech pathologists have spoken out against these claims as this app was not created by or with one. Some of the kids pronunciation is off and the sound is quiet and uneven on several of the recordings compared to the others. Additionally, the fact that they use a computer generated voice for the the videos that give you facts is lazy. The section on feelings lazily uses emojis instead of kids faces for some and aren’t the most accurate. I think this app could use some more fine tuning from a technical stand point as well as implementation of having real backing from legitimate therapists. I realize most of these complaints I listed aren’t a huge deal but for an app you’re spending $10 per month for, I expected more. Apparently they had a prior app that was similar and was $6.99/flat fee. I might have done that.

Asiankatie, Apr 30, 2019
Great App but Major Glich

The content of the app would get 5 stars but the glitch brings it down to two. My son, who was diagnosed with a speech delay, has been using this app for several months and loves it. I see him saying things that he heard on the app later in the day. The app itself is engaging for kids and has a nice variety of topics. Here’s where the problem is...if I don’t 100% monitor my son the entire time that he’s on the app...he’ll exit the app and play with other things on my phone or call people in my address book. I found the child lock option and thought that was a wonderful idea...well not so much. The child lock is supposed to prevent the child from exiting the app. Multiple times my phone froze while in child lock mode. And when I say froze...I mean I could not do anything. 8 hours later it would unlock on its own. Super frustrating and not to mention unsafe! What if I needed to use my phone for an emergency? I contacted Speech Blubs on almost every occasion that this happened and there has been no resolution.

biotaz14, Jan 29, 2020
Highly recommend

My son, who has a speech delay, has been learning so much and it has not even been a month since downloading this app. He’s learning new words and saying already learned words more frequently. I did some research about this app and discovered what to expect once we started this journey. I came across a statement saying I’d see improvement in my sons speech in one day to week. I laughed to myself and said “I doubt that.” I was blown away with the results and he only plays on it 30-45 min every other day with breaks in between playing time. Not only did he show improvement with his speech but became more interested in other learning materials. The only negative things I have to say is, I wish I found this app sooner and that my son gets mad when he reaches his screen time for the day and has to stop playing/learning. I rarely make reviews but had to go out of my way to share my thoughts. A big thank you to the developers, you rock.

Can6632, Jan 09, 2023
50% Off When You Cancel Trial

What a racket. I cancelled my 7 day free trial two days in. My daughter is delayed developmentally so I was excited to try this app with her to help her speak. My issue with the app is that it has to use the microphone to hear the child say the word. Well…if I’m saying the word to make her try to say it, it picks me up and acts like she’s done a great thing and moves on. There’s no back. There’s no repeat. There’s no review. Just “great, someone said dog. Let’s move on.”So I cancelled. Didn’t work for me. No hard feelings. My daughter brought me the spare “kids phone” to play the app. Now it pops up, saying I’ve cancelled my trial (true) and that there are 5 days left in my trial (also true) and they’d give me 50% off the annual price to stay. I don’t want to stay. I would have kept trying it for 5 days and possibly reconsidered **BUT** the 50% off screen takes over the game. There’s no getting it to go away. So there’s really not 5 days left. I’m stuck staring at the 50% off screen. Deleted. I’ve never written a review for an app but this is ridiculous. If I don’t want your app, let that be ok. Let’s go our separate ways. Don’t then hack the app so that it’s unusable for the trial period. I might have reconsidered after a few more days but not now. Plus knocking half off? How does that make others feel that paid full price? Lame. Very lame business practices.

DRock Nation, May 06, 2022
Beware - Seems ok but too expensive for a family

The drills are excellent and my twins love it but I can't see spending $300 for this app in order for all 3 of my kids to take advantage of the content.UPDATED After working with tech support to determine if app sharing is enabled across devices, I was advised that yes, I could purchase a lifetime subscription that would cover all of our devices. After purchasing the initial download, I attempted to restore the purchases on another device, which did not work. I thought that maybe I had to buy it again in order to get it to register that I already owned it, but it charged me instead. So, I now have two lifetime subscriptions for a terrific app that I will only need for 2-3 years. The fact that I had to email app support 10 times and be told to go to apple for my refund only to be declined by apple is frustrating and shameful. The app really does an amazing job at engaging kids and keeping their attention but it's not worth $100 per device. If they were to fix this situation, I'd update my review with 5 stars.

Dub, Jan 29, 2021
Fun for kids, horrible customer service

My son used this app everyday for a year. His speech never improved, there is no way to help with articulation. It simply says the word and has some picture games. When I put him in speech therapy, his therapist agreed the app is good to introduce words and sounds, but doesn’t help with actually learning how to say it correctly. When I decided to cancel my subscription, they send me an email trying to convince me to stay for a cheaper rate, I declined. They are still trying to charge my card for a renewed subscription that I have cancelled, before the end of the current subscription. I can not get a response from their email after over a week of waiting and sending multiple different emails. Only reason I give it 2 stars, is because my son did like playing the games and actually using the app. It has a nice set up with the parental controls and profess tracking while also having the kids be able to navigate their way through the different games. It’s just not working for my family and I’m not getting an response forCorporate about the issues.

Jaylen's, May 16, 2023
Great app! A couple small issues.

My one year old granddaughter has no known learning disabilities and I got this app for her to play on to help her learn to speak. She loves it. She will mimic the early sounds as the other child does it, she doesn’t know to wait her turn yet. I love the fun pictures we get! It does have a couple of annoyances. I don’t like that I paid for a year of the app but it still asks me if I want to purchase a year every time I open it and I have to exit out of that screen, I feel like this may be a glitch with my account. But more importantly, we don’t like that you can’t skip the little “fact” section between the speech and the picture. Some of them are kind of long and kids have pretty short attention spans. Plus, we are repeating the sounds and words over and over, but don’t want to watch these little skits over and over. A skip option would be greatly appreciated here.Overall, it is effective and she smiles as soon as she hears Speech Blubs.

Jen30D, Mar 14, 2022
Definitely recommend!

Big improvement for our 2 1/2 year old son- he has a difficult speech impediment, and has been in speech therapy for a year. His therapists decided to boost him to twice a week appointments, and I downloaded this app because I wanted to really buckle down at home and help him. I took speech therapy all through elementary school, one of my daughters took speech for a year as a toddler, and is very articulate now. I’d love for him to be caught up before he begins school. He’s such a social little guy, we know he wants to express himself to his friends and neighbors better. We sit and use speech blubs together, and I noticed it really seemed to “click” for him that he needed to match his sounds to his thoughts. He’s still got a long ways to go, but we’ll keep using this app until we get there! Bonus, his older sisters really like taking the funny photos with him, and my teenager thinks some of the sound effects are hilarious.

kiddopookie, Jun 05, 2021


WHAT DOES SPEECH BLUBS OFFER? Speech Blubs is a voice-controlled speech therapy app designed to help your child learn new sounds and words, and to practice speaking in a stimulating, educational environment. **FEATURED IN** Autism Parenting Magazine, Brisbane Kids, Speech Chick Therapy, Beautiful Speech Life, and The Speech Teacher. Awarded the Social Impact Award and supported by the Facebook Start Program, and winner of the “Safe for Children” certificate, the Mom’s Choice Award, the Parent’s Picks 2020 Award Winner, and techozens.com’s “Best and Trusted Speech Therapy App for Kids.

WHY LEARN WITH SPEECH BLUBS? Our app was created with speech therapists, teachers, & parents, and uses video modeling for effective speech development. Our apps have zero ads and no flashy features, thus providing a safe and non-intrusive learning experience. We use ABA therapy-inspired positive reinforcement that rewards kids with fun games and stickers for trying. Having the app at your fingertips makes it easy to practice in a routine that suits you, and helps avoid stressful disruptions that can upset your child. Our apps use multiple child and platform support, so with one sign-in ALL of your kids can use the app, no matter if it's on your device, a partner’s, or grandparents’. One sign-in also includes our new reading app READING BLUBS – designed with over 200 teachers and literacy experts. You can now get access to language versions in US and UK English, Spanish, French, & (Brazilian) Portuguese. KEY FEATURES: Parents’ Academy: A newly-added parent section provides access to an ever-growing content library of 350+ articles on parenting, homeschooling, education, speech therapy, and more. All written by 20+ speech and teaching professionals. Also, check out our practical video tips! Kids’ area: There are over 1500+ exercises, activities, videos, mini-games, and dozens of NEW face filters. We have lions, firefighters, monkeys, giraffes, hats, glasses, and more. Also, the app’s look and feel is even more child-friendly and engaging. There are some new animal characters to guide and motivate kids through exercises to achieve learning goals and make learning fun! Choose from 28 fun sections: Early Sounds, When I Grow Up, Get into Shapes, Living Colors, Yummy Time, This Is My Body, Mouth Gym, Animal Kingdom, Ride Your Wheels, Sing-Along, and many more! SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN LEARNING TECHNIQUES Speech Blubs uses video modeling for immersive learning, where children observe their peers as “teachers'' on video. When children watch their peers in real-time, their MIRROR NEURONS fire up! This scientifically proven and effective approach was confirmed in a UCLA study published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and showed that kids learn faster and better when learning from other kids. SUBSCRIPTION, PRICING, & TERMS Speech Blubs starts with a 7-day free trial. You get a free personalized report with tips & tricks, plus unlimited access to all the activities to try our app. Your subscription automatically renews unless the auto-renew feature is turned off at least 24 hrs. before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hrs. before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. WE HELP CHILDREN LEARN TO SPEAK & READ! Read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here: https://speechblubs.com/legal

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