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Theme Park Trivia: Walt Disney World Edition

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Theme Park Trivia: Walt Disney World Edition

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User Reviews for Theme Park Trivia: Walt Disney World Edition

Still Needs An Update

The questions are REALLY outdated. It calls Disney Springs Downtown Disney, and one of the questions were, “What is the new area in Animal Kingdom called that’s coming out in 2017?” It’s Pandora. AND it’s seriously 2019. It’s not new anymore. It just makes the questions really easy. Look, all you guys need to do, is update the questions. If you do, I will seriously give this thing a 5 star rating. I know multiple people have asked this of you, so please, pleeeease update the questions.Now, let me focus on the good. This stuff is where the 3 stars come from. I really like how you guys made different categories for it instead of doing it all in one. It makes it MUCH more organized and enjoyable in my opinion. I also love how y’all included Walt Disney World Resorts as well because most people already know a lot of things about the parks and they don’t really think about the hotels or campground so it gives it a twist and definitely a bit more of a challenge. So, overall, I really love this app. I can’t wait to see what changes you make in the future to the app, and I hope you become even more successful with it. Hope whoever reads this has a safe, happy, and healthy rest of their day!

@ChelseaCheerleaderCamp!🏆, Jun 07, 2019
Update please

I like this game a lot. I like to test myself see how well I know the parks, when I’m not there. But I some of the question are too technical, stupid ones like how many guest were in the park in 2012. Please update to 2018. The owner of this game: try updating ones a year so it can have more recent questions

a small dude, Dec 01, 2018
Please update!!!

Okay so I really love this game, it’s super fun and challenging, but the questions are WAAAAAYYYYY outdated. Like I just played a game and like the second question was “once the seven dwarves rollercoaster is added, how many roller coasters will be in magic kingdom?” Like the seven dwarves mine train was added like five years ago. Please update the questions! If you would I’d give you five stars. It’s just a little disappointing.

anonymousravenclaw, Jun 15, 2020
Out of date info

I love the app!! Best trivia game ever! But some of the questions are outdated. Like WAY outdated. Malestorm has been replaced with Frozen Ever After, for instance, and Downtown Disney has Already been renamed Disney Springs. I’d like an update so the app can be even more enjoyable for me and my family. Thanks!

Btme28, Jun 21, 2018
Fun but needs updating

This is a great game to play in the que for a ride, but the info is outdated and sometimes inaccurate per Disney’s own website. We will continue to play and remember the old days!

DisneyTwinmom, May 13, 2018
Fun and easy!

Best Disney trivia yet! Epcot is the most simplest one. I don't recommend children playing Epcot because they ask questions about old rides like Body Wars, Journey Into Imagination, Maelstrom and most old rides. Otherwise it's a fun app!

FigmentAndTheDreamfinder, Aug 17, 2016
Amazing but could be better

Ok, just to start, my whole family loves Disney and watches every single Disney movie and has been to Disney world countless times. I find the game kind of challenging and I think it could be easier. Also it needs to be updated. It asks me questions from 5 years ago. I think this should be fixed. Maybe you could add some movie trivia or something to spice it up. I also had some questions asked twice in the round. That is all and I think this is a very good game! Disney is awesome and I think you really captured the love of Disney 👸🏼🏰🐭

HHIgirlie609, Feb 27, 2022
Too much fun!!!

I absolutely adore this app!! The questions are really detailed and at time quite hard. I can spend an hour playing!!

Huc3po, Jan 14, 2016
Love all things Disney

Haven’t been to Disney World in a few years, missing it. Fun to answer the questions, can picture the attractions old & new as we answer. Brings back great memories & piques interest on some attractions we might have missed or haven’t enjoyed yet.

Katbob91, Aug 23, 2020
Needs an update

The questions are old. In Resort Trivia it asks you what Downtown Disney will be renamed, newsflash! It's already been changed, it also asks what monorail version they are on, it says Mark VI, but I'm pretty sure I read on the website it was Mark VII. Also, get more questions. I find the abandoned parks (Discovery Island and River Country) very interesting, and it would be cool if you asked more questions about them. Update and I will rate more.



How well do you really know Walt Disney World? Walt Disney World trivia will test your knowledge of everything related to the resort. From the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, there are plenty of questions to test and increase your knowledge of the parks.

Did you know that Cinderella's Castle is 189 feet tall? Or that there are 27 towers on Cinderella's Castle? Or that Morgan Freeman is the narrator for The Hall of Presidents? Did you know that there are 120 speakers on each train for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster? These questions and many others are included in this great trivia app! This app includes 200 questions in 2 different trivia packs. As we gain more followers on our social pages we'll push more updates and more questions. Simple as that. Did we mention that it's free? Well it is, and there aren't any in-app purchases for us to trick you with. - Multiple Free Trivia packs This app contains 2 trivia packs to start out with and we’ll add more in the future as the app grows. The best part is that all the trivia packs will be free, you'll never need to pay for more questions. - Tons of Questions There are currently 200 questions that come with the app and that number will only grow in the future as we add more. - Easy to use and look at This app looks and feels great. The soothing colors and graphics will help you focus on the questions and getting them all right. We designed the buttons to be nice and big so you can easily select them (now you have no excuse for claiming to have hit another answer). -It's fun! Seriously, we made this game because we wanted to play it. Which we do often. If we want the app to be better then we update it since we play it. - Support indie game development Help support indie game developers by downloading and rating this app 5 stars. Follow Rendered Mouse for updates and new apps: Twitter: @renderedmouse http://twitter.com/renderedmouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/renderedmouse

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