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User Reviews for PopcornTrivia

Love this game but...

This is one of my favorite phone game apps to use with family and friends. My only complaint is that there is no sound on the questions asking what scene “this song” is played in. Can’t even answer the question because we can’t hear the song. Other than that, I really enjoy the variety of movies there is to pick from.

Acacia_42092, Feb 08, 2021
Great fun game

Like you game there is more movies being add to game you choose from movies past to present I would like see some Japanese movies dragon ball, yugioh, Godzilla but not big problem small minor one can there option to save your game name I made profile on my phone to try out I like game a lot I installed game on my tablet and deleted game from my phone will there be an option to transfer game save profile data from one device to another that would make game a lot better,.Able to choose different style avatars and background customizable

Batsksd, Jul 24, 2017
Fun concept but has bugs and all the same questions

I enjoy the slot machine option to choose a movie however some of the question types, namely the “what cocktail represents this movie” are just not fun and frankly kind of stupid. Also it would be nice to have multiple sets of questions for each title so that if you choose to replay you will get a whole new challenge. Also the ads bug out half the time forcing you to either tap them to open the App Store or close out the game. If these are fixed this would be a 5 star app.

IAMBETTIS, Apr 24, 2020
Great app! Tv shows?

While I do understand it is mainly a movie trivia app there are some tv shows thrown in there. I love that! As a fan of all moving pictures I like that I can chose trivia on both. As a possible suggestion, I would like more options for tv shows, like the Game of Thrones and Stranger Things trivia sets. Maybe you could have two voting sections, one for movies one for tv shows? I also understand it takes way longer to watch an entire television series than a two hour movie but I'd be willing to wait!

Krisderp, May 15, 2017
Well done. Just one issue

Great game I really enjoy playing it. The only problem I have is, when I’m in the middle of a question and there is a sudden screen change (incoming call for example) when it goes back to the game it passed up that question and I get it wrong. It’s especially irritating if I was on my way to a 300 score. And I don’t want to replay that one cause it will be the same questions. Other than that this is by far the best movie/tv trivia game iv played. Great work on this app!

M Scarn, Feb 25, 2019
It's Cine- Magic!

First off, I would like to say that I love this game and would highly recommend it to all movie lovers, like me. Having said that, I would like to state that I found a small error in one of the quizzes. In the pack for the first installment of Pitch Perfect series, you ask what Beca wanted to quit college to do and you had the answer as a DJ, while the correct answer was music producer. Instead, Beca's dad always confused music producer with a DJ, so I would suggest that you either rephrase that question or add music producer as an option. That is the only error I found so far, but other than that, super awesome.

musicalgirl2, Jun 24, 2017
My opinion

I think this app is very fun you get to take quizzes on movies and movies you didn’t even know you could take quizzes and they give you points and other things I give this app a 10 out of 10 it is amazing and I love watching movies so this is just an app that I know other people like me you won’t want to either play or multiplayer that’s the other thing you can multi play or you can single play so yeah that is my my review on PopcornTrivia I m

nhgdjn, Feb 25, 2019
Just What I Was Looking For!

This app is absolutely amazing! My family and I are a bunch of movie nuts and have had more than a blast doing these little quizzes! We absolutely love all the movie choices! We were especially happy to see The Labyrinth and Shrek! My father was a little upset that Dune wasn’t a choice and my mother was a little upset about the lack of Steel Magnolias but other than that we’ve been loving the game and CAN’T wait to see the new movie choices that will be added in! I definitely recommend to all movie lovers! :)

Niccimac, Jul 21, 2018
Please FIX for Apple TV

Really enjoy this app and the whole family loves playing it BUT almost a year ago it stop working on Apple TV. Anytime I open the app on Apple TV is just says “Connecting...” but never does. I have removed the app and added it back a few times, but still does not work. Just tried it again after not having for months and still not working. Works fine on my iPhone but prefer to be able to play it on Apple TV and not do screen mirroring. Please FIX it as we love this app when it works

RachnRyanGilleland, Aug 08, 2020
A lot fun. But one really annoying bug.

I have a ton of fun with this game. I love how you earn popcorn to unlock gear for your avatar character, I think that is really cool, and I'm having fun playing through games to earn what I want. But for some reason when you try and scroll through your multiplayer (on iOS) it freezes for about a minute before I can click on a new game or even scroll to see my notifications for games. I haven't had any crashes but it wasn't freezing when I first downloaded it, but now it does consistently.

The butthole :), Jul 24, 2017


Earn ranks and climb from a lowly cleaning crew member to a powerful studio head! Points earn you bonuses which can be strategically used on lifelines for those extra-hard questions. - Choose from a wide range of movies across all genres. - Challenging questions that test your film knowledge. - Questions are cleverly crafted by true cinephiles. - Encounter a wide variety of questions. - Great at parties or on your own. - New movies added weekly. - Answers offer trivia bits about your favorite movies. From the people who brought you CustomPlay, The Ultimate Movie Companion App for iPad and iPhone, comes a movie trivia game for your tv!

It's fun, addicting and entertaining!

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