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The Book of Mormon

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User Reviews for The Book of Mormon

Audiobook features

I was hoping to use this app to listen to the Book of Mormon like an audiobook. Two important features need work before this will be useful. I wonder if any of the app developers are paying attention to these reviews...Firstly, there are only three play speeds: 1x, 2x, and 3x. 1x is too slow. 2x and 3x are too fast. Most audiobook apps allow for 1.25x, 1.5x, and 1.75x.Secondly, bookmarking. If I have to stop listening for awhile and the app gets closed, my place is lost the next time I open it. Would be nice if the app would remember where I left off, or at least allowed me to place bookmarks.

BluScoot, Jul 27, 2018
A great language learning app

It just works! I can choose a large font that will work for my learning efforts to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is very helpful to see these characters extra large while listening to the Mandarin audio of the book of Mormon at 50% speed. So you get big text and slow speed on the audio, a great combination to more carefully learn the language, while simultaneously being influenced by the Scriptures. It doesn’t get better than that

chordboard, Jun 16, 2021
It starts over

I Love the reader, but every time I go back to listen to the next chapter, it starts back at the title page and then introduction. I have to scan ahead to the end of what he’s saying then go and re-input the chapter I’m on. If I have to stop in the middle of a chapter, it doesn’t save my spot. I switched to this version because when my other app updated, it switched to a different reader that I can’t handle listening to. It almost made me cry! (Ok, I teared up). I was so thankful to find the good reader here!

frankozwannabe, Oct 19, 2018
This book is so good!

When my friend suggested that I should read this book at first I was hesitant but after reading it I had a desire to know more. This book’s contents just make sense and I can tell that this book was especially made for our day and age. This app is not a scam, there is no ads or money traps. Read it and you might be surprised to find the level and truth and peace you receive.

Get this app 🇬🇧, Jun 19, 2018
Update 3.1.0 from June 24, 2022

I used to read The Book of Mormon on my Apple Watch SE, almost every day because of how quick and nice it was to read anywhere. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, with the most-recent update my Apple Watch doesn’t open the app anymore—it just crashes, and doesn’t give me anything past a partial loading screen. I would love another update to come soon, so that I can keep reading on my wrist.

J Hague, Jun 30, 2022
Learn about Jesus Christ

The Book of Mormon is amazing! It’s similar to the Bible except it’s the testimonies, prophecies and teaching about Jesus Christ from his prophets on the American continent. It even has a section that details Christ’s visit to the people on the American continent after he was resurrected from his death and crucifixion that happens in the Bible. This book goes along with the Bible and testifies that Christ is the Savior for all people, doesn’t matter the color of our skin or our race. If we follow his teachings found in the Book of Mormon we will find lasting happiness.

jkrogue21, Jul 15, 2018
Love The Continual Improvement

Several years ago I was on a cruise and tried to share this app with someone I met who was interested in the Book of Mormon. I didn’t have a hardcopy and he wanted to read it. It was really cumbersome to try and share digitally. I figured it out after some blood, sweat, and tears. The latest improvements are terrific. Sharing is easier. I love all the languages and the audio listening options! I love the new instruction up front for someone that has no clue what the book is about. Thank you for helping me share what I love in an easier way that is more elegant.

justleth, Jun 09, 2021
Constantly Improving

This app keeps getting better and better. They improved the audio experience. It is so easy to share the app with others, now I do t have to carry the physical copy of the Book of Mormon with me with sharing T my fingertips! And all these languages (over 100 when I looked today). I can’t wait to see the future improvements, including the Book of Mormon Videos. I want content that will help me to introduce friends to this scripture.

MeisingerBE, Aug 20, 2021
A Very Useful App for All

Even tho' I am no longer a member of the LDS faith, I still have many family and friends who are. This app makes a very good and peace-making gift to the. The app is faultless. It has very nearly every translation available, maybe all of them. Plus, for several languages, it includes audio recordings that you can listen to. Finally, for non-LDS researchers, it provides an accessible resource for study. Go ahead and get it if you are interested in a unique, American religion.

Mike the Martian, Dec 31, 2015
My favorite book!

I got my first copy when I was 13 - I will be 40 this year and I still read it most days! The first time I opened it I immediately recognized the same Savior I read in the New Testament only the words were easier for me to understand. I still cherish my Bible and it still guides my life but I wonder if it would ever have had the same impact in my decisions without the extra help I got from the Book of Mormon. It is truly another testament of Jesus Christ and I love it!

ripesoff, Jun 23, 2021


Did you know that Jesus Christ visited the American continent? Soon after His Crucifixion and Resurrection, He came to the people of ancient America, where he taught His gospel, organized His church, and asked His disciples to keep a record of His ministry among them. That record is the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ and is a companion to the Bible.

You will feel your faith in Jesus Christ increase and His love for you as you read and discover His teachings throughout the text. Features * Translations for most major world languages * Audio narration in Cakchiquel, English, Guarani, Japanese, Korean, Mam, Navajo, Portuguese, Quiche, Spanish, and Tzotzil * Quick reference guide that highlights key passages about Jesus Christ, gospel topics, people, places, and events in the Book of Mormon * Search capability and simple navigation, including swiping gestures to navigate between chapters * Links to ask questions over chat or in person

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