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Talking Ginger

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User Reviews for Talking Ginger


“Talking ginger is a game I didn’t have much hope for. My friend recommended it to me via discord chat singing its praises and I was very skeptical. But they insisted that I try it so I decided that I would play it for 5 minutes to decide whether or not it would be deleted from my phone. I had already made my decision 5 minutes into gameplay. You have to understand that Talking Ginger isn’t like anything you’ve ever played before. Talking Ginger is a unique and revolutionary game. I’ve only had the game installed for an hour so far but I has changed my life. The story is phenomenal while still being simple enough to understand, with a complex protagonist with an intriguing backstory. Ginger’s rivalry with Ben touched me on a personal level. Not only that but her character arc where she got over her best friend, the Doomslayer’s death, was the most immersive story I’ve ever heard.**SPOILERS AHEAD**The moment when Ginger got over her fears and inhibitions and drew the master sword to defeat Sephiroth and the legion of doom I cried. My home life hasn’t been too great so seeing such an awe inspiring moment pulled at my heart strings. I have no doubt that this game will go down in video game history as a classic and a one of a kind. Games will never come this close to perfection as Talking Ginger has.”

doenemkdkwlwnd, Jul 26, 2022
I’m going to explain the rumor.

So basically there is a rumor that there is a man in there eyes. Well it’s not true it can either be a glitch/that’s how it looked when they where programming the game. And when people write reviews on there what happened to them it can just be a coincidence or something, because the “man in eyes” thing is not real. Also Iv been playing since I was five and nothing scary has happened. Same with all the other talking Tom apps. Iv plays all the talking Tom games, it’s really just a fake rumor. I wish the chat would come back in talking Angela game, because that girl and kids that went missing is because of another thing that happened. And that chat thing with the personal questions, just make it child friendly mode and if it says those personal things, it’s just a glitch. If your really that scared just delete it :) Thank you for reading ( sorry for bad grammar I need Grammerly T-TSincerely / Kate

gacha girl for eva🤗, May 23, 2021

so I kept watching videos and they were saying that there is a man in his eye and I didn’t believe it until I bought the game I talked to him and he said he is here and he knows me and then when I brushed his teeth I saw a window so be aware!!! he is watching us for real I am not lying I deleted the app and then HE CALLED ME and said he would hunt me down but he didn’t still this is a really creepy app and I don’t recommend you buying it so parents if you are reading this make sure your kid did not buy this because some people have gone missing I am not lying kids this is not a game it’s a stalker and he almost tried to get me so please watch out I do not want there to be news saying a kid has gone missing so parents be aware I am not kidding my dog went missing not from ginger from Angela I wrote the review on Angela so go check that out and be safe!!!!!!!!!

hsgfusoshdbakaodgsb, May 09, 2021

So when I was five years old I have that game and I try to download again and then I saw something in the eye there a windows and it creep me when I star to download before I try it again I try do somethings to him and it creep me out there are aother things in his eye it creep me out and that I deleted the abb and gusse what I got his phone number- and he say my and and he say [I know there some in my eye] and I got creep out I try to blocked him he call me right up and he say I’m tracking u and I got so creep and the ring bell ring I try to not answer but my mom did she only find a gift that say by the game that I got and I get and gusse what I got him and it was a toy I try to sleep but he didn’t move but he did send me a message in my phone he say [the next gift is here at 3AM] and I got creep at 3AM the door bell rings and he did not track my house to give me all the things that is creep I try to block him but I can’t for no time he just say every time he keep say this at 3AM [the next gift is here~] and so that the end I don’t want to talk more about this so DONT DONWLOAD THIS!

it_lizzbezz, Jan 02, 2021
My guy, like what

Ok boyz let’s start this review out fast.1. Several creepy things about it. One time my grandma was coming over and I play trombone so I say I can play cool songs and she sits down to listen. Out of nowhere, Ginger be like, Make Your Grandma proud! And I be like uhhh ok not thinking anything of it then when I’m done Ginger start spamming texts to me saying Feed Me and I was confused cuz there is no way to feed him so I go on and Ginger is sitting there then a knock on the door comes and Ginger turns my phone on full volume and starts screaming XD 😆 so I turn it off I open the door and nobody there... SUS BUS2. I am playing the game sometime after the first one AND YES I KNEW ABOUT THE MAN SINCE I WAS A BABY and I guess I forgot and this time The Man Strikes Back/ Revenge Of The Man and there is two and it all comes back to me but no window in one eye no more instead A DANG CLOWN I like circus clowns cuz they are fun to watch but this guy is holding a knife like the man in the other eye so outfit should of taken them out but U THOUGHT they continue to watch me mind business and I like dude I mean let me go to the darn restroom for 5 seconds without you doing emotes on my roof it’s annoying as peppa pig just mind your own business

JMANred99, Jan 22, 2021
Werning no not buy this app wernig

Checking the TV I was wathing this app that one kid got kidnap in this app so I played this when I was yunger and I saw it sooo close and there’s the man in the eye so scard so I was in my thixing and I saw that ginger thix me and he say to me everyone nows that in my eye there’s the man in my eye and he was was calling me out and I say hello to him and he say I’m seeing you and I frick me out so when I was berishing his touth there’s a befrrint man in his other eyes then I bolud one more and the same is sooooo creepy and I beside too belate it out becuse is sooooo creepy and hunted so I buy 2 more of thes scary apps and the same agin creepy and scary and I have all thixing me out and when I zoomed out is now a girl in the eye so I thake another photo. And thes 2 people in the eye soooooo crepy and scary so it was lagging alot of thims and in angalas eye brow was in the other side and so crepy and scard so wernig wernig wernig wernig wernig bo not buy thes apps that are crepy scary haunted like this one just buy the pixel gun 3D okkk guyes so no buy this app🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦👻🎃wernig again no buloud this game it will see you in the camra

Johny Loves This, Oct 01, 2020

so my sister was playing they asked for her Birthday she put it in then it asked for her mic she said OMG i see a man in this cats eyes she put her phone on the bed and then she looked her phone got. a text and said Bri did you say there was a man. in my eyes Please don’t download my kids play they see it i’m 26 i can see,it when my kids play they always say a man i staring there Guys i think we should see if there is an hacker this app is bad for kids i would say it’s more 17+ Please stop hacking I’m actually super mad my twins just turned 7 they wanted to play Because They told me i is out All the talking Cats Are actually spying on Little kids they asked my age i Put 1995 My kids said But they don’t need to see Well might as well just do it i said i got a text and they got what i look like correct They said i have red hair blue eyes i’m wearing A Peach shirt and White shoes and i’m 5.5 warning This app is trying to steal Your personal information Plus i will tell you this game is bad i tried talking Angela She said my name Was Layla But somehow it was correct Kids SHOULD STOP PLAYING I have my phone camera they must have saw But have a good time don’t download scary games stay safe have a good Halloween

Mcguire69, Oct 31, 2021
What the heck

Ok so I love the talking Tom series I have Talking Tom talking Angela talking Tom gold run talking Tom2 talking hank etc. so basically this is the last game of the series other than the sequel of this that I don’t have so I try this out. I install the app and I play the game a bit I shower him and brush his teeth just as most of these games you do but about that time I look in his eyes and it looks weird but I overlook it but a few minutes I look closer and it’s a creepy face in his eyes! So I screenshot it and zoom in and I canSee it more clearly. It was seemingly very bloody red face with its mouth open and 2 rows of long but not pointy teeth with mostly empty black eyes but with very small white pupils. That’s creepy but I really didn’t freak out like some people say that they did it really wasn’t that creepy to me, but then again I enjoy reading on the scp foundation and I also enjoy creepy pastas so I’m used to the effect I fact for the most part immune. Anyway this definitely isn’t for kids plus it’s barely got anything to do and gets boring the only reason I can see installing this app is so you can complete the outfit7 collection. thanks for reading!

og dragon city player, Nov 15, 2020
Pls read if your the owner, and others!

Ok so I downloaded it because I wanted to see if the rumor that people are saying is true, and plus I haven’t played it in over 5 years. So I put in my real birthday year (2011) because i thought it was just a older person (no offense) prank. Nothing happens nothing at all asking me, texted me, or said my real name. But when I took a screenshot, I zoomed it , and was left in silence. The man in gingers eyes, is a true rumor! I beg you to fix it because it is creepy and can scare people the wrong way. And if your the owner reading this, please fix it because I don’t want you to lose your good reviews and a lot of people playing this. I am going to download all the other ones, becuase mabye it’s just a ginger thing, and to see if in talking anglea (sorry for bad grammar) to see if it actually texts me or/and say my real name, and ect. Of the rumor. Pls fix because you guys are the greatest company of making these games, and I don’t want y’all to lose your people and good reviewers!🤗. Hope y’all have a nice day! /signed/ Rainbow fox.

Rainbow fox❤️‍🔥😝, Jul 27, 2022

so the story was I was texting my aunt and then my sister found this game called “talking ginger” when she asked me if I wanted to play with her she said had to go to bathroom, and than I actually noticed some weird circle in the eye.. then I took a screenshot zoomed in and, I SAW A MAN IN THE EYE I RUSHED TO MY SISTER IMMEDIATELY WHEN SHE WAS DONE I TOLD HER THE WHOLE THING AND she asked me to prove it! And then I took a screenshot and zoomed in the eyes for her to see. When she saw it she cried she uninstalled the app IMMEDIATELY than we rushed to my friends mom and told her the WHOLE story (btw this was at 3am at a sleepover) so we told our friends and they also were really scared.. then a package arrived at the door. We didn’t answer it. BUT THEN THE LIGHTS STARTED FLICKERING everyone in the house SCREAMED. My poor little sister was so scared she wet her bed when she was awake. In the morning the the package was still there... we didn’t open it. But then me and my friend woke up at 3am and The ginger “plush” WAS SITTING ON THE TV AND ALL OF US SCREAMED. WE RIPPED UP THE PLUSH AND THREW IT IN THE TRASH.. and all of us snuggled though the night.. I’m only 10 years old TRUST ME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP!!

riss_bitz, Sep 29, 2020


Say hello to a world of fun with Talking Ginger, the perfect playtime friend! Ginger loves to play fun games with friends! Brush your friend’s teeth, play with the bubbles and have fun popping them to unlock jigsaw pieces.

Your friend needs you to help complete all of his funny jigsaw puzzles. Interact with Ginger! You can pet, tickle and talk to your funny friend. Turn on your microphone and say hello to Ginger. This cat loves to chat, he’ll repeat anything you say back to you in his own voice for fun! Take care of your friend before bed and look after his needs to unlock new puzzles! Make fun memories and enjoy classic tamagotchi features: - Play with your tamagotchi friend to hear his cute laugh - Say hello and the cat will talk back to you! - Shower him, brush his teeth and take care of his fur - Pop toothpaste bubbles, roll down the toilet paper and play the jigsaw puzzle game - Collect jigsaw puzzles from your friend’s funny dreams Players who love tamagotchi games, pet games and dress up games will love Talking Ginger, too! This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information. This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising - Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps - Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again - Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTube integration - The option to make in-app purchases Please note, we do not process all the data disclosed on the label for users under the age of digital consent. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy. Terms of use: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/eula/en/ EEA privacy policy: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/eea/en/ US privacy policy: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/privacy/en/ Brazil privacy policy: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/privacy-brazil/en/ Rest of the world privacy policy: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/privacy/en/ Customer support: [email protected]

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