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Stream Tracker for Twitch Live

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Stream Tracker for Twitch Live

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User Reviews for Stream Tracker for Twitch Live

This is actually perfect for what I need

Trying to grow my virtual reality stream, and it’s tough to get screenshots to post to social media to show that I am going live. This app lets me make easy overlays that look really simple but provide exactly what people need to see to know when I am streaming! Tracking of growth is nice too! Suggestion: more options to add text to the overlays so I can write what game I am going to play! (Although maybe this is in the app and I haven’t found it yet) I recommend trying it out, I mean it’s free!

94guitar08, Jan 01, 2021

Now I’ve just downloaded this app becuase I stream on a console and do not have a pc to check certain things like followers, views, ect I mainly got this app to help monitor my channel and I was hoping I could see everyone that had followed me but of course that’s for premium users only now I can’t afford to be spending money on something every month Ive gotta spend that money on something like food if I need. Being a 14 year old that has just started streaming I’ve been super hyped up about it but now I’m realizing that it takes money and I won’t get anything from it... I love this app so far but it’s just not what I’m looking for.

ashthepenguin70, Dec 06, 2020
Good app, mostly.

I downloaded this app just a few minutes ago and I can already see myself using this to set goals and to promote my future streams; it comes with several cool filters that can surround your thumbnails for best results when sharing your stream! My favorite part is the goals you can set on the app. My least favorite part is that there is not a lot of settings to fidget around with in this app, I would sure love to be able to costumize a lot more then available. Thank you for reading and Good luck on your streams

Gotdanger, Jul 31, 2022
A very helpful app

This app is very helpful I personally enjoy how easy it is to access my followers/viewers all at one time I don’t think this app could be any better I mean there really is only one issue and it’s that you have to pay for some access to things in the app although it’s a healthy amount of things you have to pay for if you know what I mean this app is really good especially if your a small streamer like myself I also just wanted to thank the creator and developers and designers of this app.

kingjaygaming, Aug 13, 2022
It's pretty solid... except for one thing.

It's an absolutely 100% reliable app and all, and it even has a promote ability built into it, but it doesn't update when viewed from the widget until it's pressed on. If the widget's display on my home screen updated at the same time as the actual follower count does, it'd be smooches and french fries babyyy!! Other than that one thing, it is absolutely AWESOME, AND, it even let's you know who UN-followed your channel, that's pretty handy so you know who to block heheh😂

LoganaterGames, Dec 25, 2020
Great app for dedicated streamers

App is great for helping to better yourself as a streamer. I’d definitely recommend this app to all streamers, small time or big time streamers. Ed is great with getting back to you with help when needed. It’s great knowing that there isn’t some faceless company behind this but a person who genuinely cares. Keep up the good work Ed and if you’re a established streamer or someone looking to start definitely try using this app!

Necro1783, Nov 02, 2020
Widgets change everything

Personally I believe that the app still needs to add a few more things to it like how many subs/previous stream summary. The AP developer sends his email to asks for improvements and instantly responds. I would give this a 5 if it had more features but other than that, it’s an excelent replacement for a mobile dashboard for twitch. The widgets are a simple and easy way to keep track of you followers without even opening the app. This app is very Pog.

Oofsieis, Oct 22, 2020
Good for what it is, features aren’t quite there

I like the app for the usefulness, but the features that are shown on the app aren’t entirely there. It claims to be completely free but the main feature of what I was looking forward to is the unfollowers. Problem is is that that’s part of the premium, and the milestones you can’t even set without premium, so your going off of a predetermined goal someone random made for you. As I said, good app for usefulness, but I’m not gonna pay $20 a year for premium. The base features are good enough though, the widget is quite nice.

PUBG's 100 times better, Oct 07, 2020
Great App, hoping for more API access in the future.

Very solid app with some cool simple to use features for Twitch streamers. Quick way to check your growth and useful templates to make good looking social media posts for your channel. Stat info is a little barebones but after speaking the developer, I was made aware that the API only allows for but so much info which is not the fault of the developer so hopefully Twitch opens that up some more in the future, because this app would make for a great dashboard replacement.

ShawtyKING, Jan 23, 2020
Absolutely Helpful!

I love this app! I'm a streamer/Dj on Twitch and I'm always experimenting on which days and hours of the day as too when I get the most traffic/ followers and supporters and as a tool, this is valuable because it's been giving me real time (of course with refreshing), numbers giving me a strong idea of when my streams are at their peak. I'm now able to finally lock in a set schedule and know when I reach a max following and show love to everyone while at it with a few pop-up Dj sets here and there! Definitely a 5-star app all the way.

The Michael Angelo, Oct 09, 2020


Stream Tracker helps you track your Twitch progress, compare yourself with other Streamers and promote your stream better on Social Media to get a boost of viewers at every stream. Stream Tracker is built by me, Ed, an independent developer based in Barcelona, Spain. By joining today, you'll get a chance to shape the future of this app as I always value your feedback and suggestions while planning future releases.

How does it work? It's mega simple. 1. Download the app 2. Connect your Twitch channel (don't worry, the app only requires read permissions to get some Analytics data and display them, nothing will be updated, deleted and added to your Channel) 3. Follow your progress, track other streamer's growth and promote your stream on social media. You can reach out to me via the app's settings page, via email at [email protected] or via Instagram @edouard_iosdev if you want to send me suggestions or feedback about Stream Tracker. Looking forward to hearing from you. —————————————————— Terms of Use & Privacy Policy: www.edouardbarbier.com/apps/stream-tracker/privacy Contact: [email protected]

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