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Step - Teen Banking

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User Reviews for Step - Teen Banking

Keeps Declining

I’ve been using step for what’s about to be a month and up until 2 days ago I had no problems whatsoever Until I got hungry a few days ago and asked my dad to put a little bit of money into my account so I could go to the store for some reason the money he was trying to transfer kept declining I ignored and said I’ll just by what I can so I go to the store and get my things when i rang up my items at the register boom my payment has been declined Instantly I’m confused and embarrassed so I ask for my card back I leave and think maybe it’s something that’s wrong today I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow and that day was today I go to another store to buy some snacks and the exact same thing happened and I can’t even get into the app because it keeps saying that its having problems loading I need to know if something is happening with my account that is making it to where I cannot buy anything.

AlmightyDC, Apr 06, 2021
I need help logging in

Hello step! Recently I started to use this app and I love it, but my main concern is the log in options. I just want to know why there is only one option for logging in. Recently I had to reset my Apple ID which caused me to have to log into everything, and yes even though it’s quite irresponsible of me, I used the opposite of my main gmail to log in just in case it wasn’t legit. When my phone got reset, my gmail accounts did also. The account I signed in with, I can’t remember the password or name of the account. I’m currently experiencing money problems and if I can’t log into my account, I’d just have to go to another app. Im honestly really worried because I currently have money on there. I don’t know if you can but I was wondering if you guys could change my email?.. I tried to do it from the outside but even then it wasn’t working. I’m seriously concerned and really worried because now and days no one really carries cash which means I have to adapt. Btw, my phone number to the account is my actual phone number but the gmail isn’t. I thought that I could find some sort of way to get a verification sent to my phone number but I just couldn’t.

appleoly, Mar 10, 2022
My Money Was Stolen

I have been banking with Step for nearly a year now. I loved this bank until recently. A couple of weeks ago, I don’t know how but my virtual card information was stolen and used to make a $40 purchase with a company located on the other side of America from me. I opened a dispute, which was closed after a “thorough investigation” concluded that the transaction was “fully authorized” by me. I made several complaints pressuring the dispute to be reopened. I am a high school student-athlete, and a graduating senior. I am already very tight on money having to prepare for prom and graduation, and I do not have a job or source of income considering I am a full-time athlete. An internal transfer for “Account Recoupment” led to the $23 and change of my remaining balance being taken from me by Step. My balance is now $0.00. Apparently Step contacted the company the unknown transaction was made with and got me a refund. The refund is $25 and change, not the full $40 amount. I am extremely upset. I don’t even know where the refund will be sent to, if not my account sponsor’s card. I hope my experience helps any of you make a decision before downloading this app and begin banking with Step.

brklyn., Apr 28, 2022
Great app until you have an issue, then they refuse to acknowledge or fix it.

My family has been using this for my two teens for several months and it has been great until now. I had two debit cards added to my account to transfer money to my kids. One expired and I tried to put the new card in but the expiration date is 2027 and their program doesn’t accept it. It has been a week of going back and forth with them. I have called my bank twice because they keep saying it’s a problem with my bank/card but the bank says it’s not. My other debit card in the account is from the same bank and the one I am trying to add is able to be added to Apple Pay and Venmo. Today they asked me to check the time and date settings on my iPhone because the expiration date is the problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this makes no sense and at this point I am so frustrated with the incompetence that I am looking for other alternatives. Enjoy the app until you have an expiration date on your card that is not within their programming.

Bsnsownr, Jun 24, 2022
This app is one of a kind!

Ok this app is AMAZING!!! I’m 14 and me and my friends find this app so helpful, we like to go shopping together a lot and obviously can’t bring our parents cards with us because it’s theirs, so we usually need to carry all of our money and we are always losing it, then we have to recount and all of that but STEP!!!! Step came into our life’s and we are SO THANKFULL!! And our cards came into the mail pretty fast! My parents can send me money and I can send money back! Same thing we my friends too! And also if you are a teenager and want to download STEP your going to need parent approval and you parent has to get the app also they they know what you spend your money on and who sends you money and also what money you send!! Overall this app is the best! Cash app and Venmo all have fees when STEP doesn’t!!! I hope this review helped because honestly from my experience you should 100% GET THIS APP!!!!!!

cloudytings, Feb 23, 2021
I recommend but….

Step is a GREAT app it is really cool haw you don’t have to be 18+ to be on this app. You can request and sent money with your mom, dad, or friends. This app is really cool if you want to keep all of your money in one little card instead of having to carry loads of cash. Overall this app is really good but I also feel like there could be some upgrading. If you want some type of card the use in atm’s to deposit money step isn’t the right answer. You can’t deposit money into the step card you can only take money out which kind of sucked when I found that out. It would be really nice if they had that feature. Another thing that I also don’t like is the you can only request and send money from the app. You can’t use it on Facebook pay or apps that have money sending features. It would also be really nice to have that option. But besides those two problems step is a great app.

cosyenough_4, Sep 24, 2021
Terrible app. Rips you off. SCAM!

So I was 15 when I got the app and I am now 16. I had just gotten a job and needed a card to keep my money on. Well my mom decided to get one to. We put $500 on the card and then like two days later it kicked us out of our account and WILL NOT let us back in. I have contacted the step account and they have been no help at all. They just keep saying I agreed to terms and conditions which I did but I read through them THREE times to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I did not violate any of the rules. The money was our money for bills. The people I have contacted about it won’t say anything other than about the terms and conditions and are not helpful what so ever. Do not get this app if your looking to put more and just like an allowance or something small bc so many people have had this problem. It won’t even let me back into my step account. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will get my money back one way or any other this is not ok for them to just not help us and take our money.

Jessica Littrell 2121, Jul 29, 2021

Ok so .. I was in need of a credit card because I hated carrying cash because sometimes I never knew how much to bring and I never want to bring it all because I don’t want to lose all my cash and I started looking for banking for teens .. I came across green light but it didn’t work for me .. I came across step from Charli Damelios tiktok and I checked it out .. it literally took me 10 minutes to sign up and get my mom on board with it .. u can hook it up to your Apple Pay & etc .. I’ve been buying door dash , shein & etc with this card .. even though my card hasn’t came in yet .. the catch it you get a virtual card to use until your physical card comes in .. and this was extremely helpful .. so since all the adults I get money don’t have step .. they cash app it to me & then I cash it out & it deposits it straight to my step account even thought I don’t have a bank account .. so yea I recommend this app I’m in love !!

Kenya | ig : @ughkae_, Jun 15, 2021
Unreasonable Actions

I’ve been using step for a little over a month now. I thought it was great, and my mom did too. We never had any issues until yesterday. I randomly got an email from an associate named “Karen” saying that my account had been closed because Step didn’t “fit my needs” and I apparently violated some kind of terms of service or policies, however I read through them all and had done nothing wrong. I’m severely disappointed. I had almost $300 in that account, as I am only 15 and it was direct deposited from my job. Because of this, I also have no way of receiving the money in my account back, as I did not have another card or bank account linked as a spending source. I’ve emailed them more than once, still waiting for a reply. I thought this app was going to be different, but it ends up just like all of the other ones I try for absolutely no reason. It doesn’t help that there are no options to speak to a representative on the phone either. Please fix this, I’ve worked too hard for my money to go to waste!

Kyia112, Jul 09, 2021
Cant get back into my account

I have been trying to log into my account for a few days now and haven’t been able to get into it. I keep getting an error message saying “Oops something went wrong, try again”. I have explained this to numerous agents in email and the issue still isn’t fixed. I have close to $60 on my account and can’t use it because I can’t access my account and my card wasn’t working. This was done intentionally because it all started when I tried to order from postmates and it didn’t authorize my transaction next thing I know I couldn’t get back into my account and I’m using my phone number. Someone needs to fix this or give me my money because at this point I am willing to seek legal action if this issue isn’t resolved!**Updated review**I was able to get back into my account after several emails and I’m happy I can use my money in my account. It’s a good app but has some issues. Please try to fix this!

SashasoLovely24, Dec 14, 2020


Step gives families and teens the tools to manage their money to become financially literate and independent at an earlier age. Sign up for your first bank account and spending card in minutes. Get your allowance, shop with your personalized Step Visa Card, get spending notifications, instantly send and receive money with family and friends and never pay outrageous banking fees again.

Benefits: - Apple Pay - No monthly fees, no overdraft fees - Customize your own Step Visa Card - Instantly send and receive money - FDIC insured bank account - Save for your wants and needs with Savings Goals - Track your balance in the app - Shop online - Earn unlimited rewards for referrals Convenience for parents: - Instantly send money to your teens - Autopilot your teen’s allowances & skip or adjust anytime - Visibility into your teen’s spending - Empower your teen’s to save with Savings Goals - Connect your existing debit card, bank account or other apps for instant transfers - Teach financial literacy

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