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Chi Ho Chun
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User Reviews for Slyder

PLEASE add autocorrect and swipe typing! PLEASE!!!

If this had autocorrect and swipe typing it would blow all other keyboards (I've tried them all) out of the water. The developer thought of nearly everything and included just about every feature you could ever ask for. Lots of customization options as well. With all that being said, I won't make this my go-to keyboard until swipe text and autocorrect are integrated

Djones22, Jan 27, 2021
Nearly Perfect Keyboard for iOS

This is probably the most complete keyboard available to download on iOS. I prefer it over the top 2 other iOS keyboards (SwiftKey & Gboard). SwiftKey since SwiftKey lacks a true “one hand mode” and also over Gboard because Gboard doesn’t have a true 5th Row. However the one thing that stops me every time from using Slyder on a daily basis is it doesn’t have any form of predicative text & autocorrection. Which in my opinion would make this the best keyboard in the AppStore. I’m truly hoping that within the new few updates those 2 key features are implemented.

Infamous_Ian, Dec 26, 2018
Amazing! But...

i love this app! Its by far the best keyboard app ive ever used! Ive been searching for a keyboard app just like this for as long as i can remember! the only thing i would ask is that they could add auto correction and give you the option to turn off the capitalizing the first sentence, and when you add a period. That is the only thing i would like to see new! everything is already great. But please add this because i've seen many people also wanting this.

jjane<3, Jul 06, 2021
Best keyboard on the app store

I have tried dozens of keyboards and this is by far the best. Everything is customizable. It even works well when I communicate in my second language (with non-latin characters). I highly recommend this. Once you learn how to take advantage of all its capabilities you will love it!

Lcfew, Jan 28, 2021
Auto-suggestion, please!

I enjoy the keyboard! It makes typing far more entertaining; however, I do wish the app contained an auto-correct/auto-suggestion option. That is the only thing stopping me from using this app as my main long-term use keyboard. Otherwise- in my opinion- everything is working splendidly.

Luna Lalonde, Aug 08, 2021
Far better & useful than others

Makes ios complete and productive than other keyboard app without sacrificing defult ios layout. Especially customizable additional 2 top rows. I agree with other reviews that lack of auto correct, prediction. Wish include in near future updates. But makes me rely on myself for correct spelling is an advantage. Cursor moving feature still intact. I will buy even if this become paid app. Thanks developer.

Mike Outlook, Nov 24, 2018
Comfortable, smart.

I can see how much the developer thought about users. After some tries and self learning, I decided to delete all the standard keyboards from my setting except this app (even Emoji, too!) Thank you so much for your work! 정말 간편하고 사용하기 쉽게 만들어진 자판입니다. 특히 텍스트를 많이 쓰는 일을 하기 때문에 번호 부분이 위에 올라와있는 것 너무 마음에 들고요, 그 밖에 작은 세세한 부분들이 정말 많는 생각을 하고 만든 앱이라는 느낌이 들게 합니다. 잘 쓰겠습니다. 😊

Moonbutterfly, Oct 23, 2019
Perfect keyboard for iOS

I haven't used the default keyboard on my phone in years thanks to this thing. The color options are great, the addition of custom keys is PHENOMENAL, the clipboard function is really helpful, and I dunno if I can go without using it.My only gripe is that the emojis on the keyboard don't update very much, and I would love to see more recent emojis get added.

sammy✦, Mar 17, 2022
It has everything!!! Only last one left to have

This is the best iphone keyboard that I've ever used. But it could still be better if it has the fuction of word recommendations like apple basic keyboard. I’m really hopping that it has that function very soon. :)))) Thank you so much in advance.

Zerqlinq, May 29, 2018
I love your app but,,,

Is there any way to change only the font of the letters in the keyboard button and make it come out as the original basic phone when typing? I really like your app. The translation might be weird because I'm using a translator.++ and I want to add a Japanese keyboard.

츄사마, Aug 23, 2020


Slyder is a lightweight keyboard with lots of cool & useful gestures and features that will save your life! Here are the Key features! - Languages: English, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Netherlands, Finnish, Swedish, Czech - Theme by iPhone color or color of your choice - Taptic feedback - Emoji recommendation (learns as you use) - Swipe ANYWHERE to move cursor - Swipe delete button left and right to delete and undo - Swipe delete/return button to copy deleted text(optional) - Swipe up and down to show any number top row - Swipe all the way down dismiss keyboard - Easily paste with paste button - Copy history - Change keyboard height - Customizable extra row with horizontal scroll - Long press shortcuts on every key - Long press key with no shortcuts to repeat key - English & Korean languages - Lightweight

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