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Slow Motion Video Editor SLOMO

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Slow Motion Video Editor SLOMO

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App Dynatics LLC
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User Reviews for Slow Motion Video Editor SLOMO

Awesome App!

Hello to the creator who created this game,I am really enjoying this app that you made. I have always wanted to edit my own videos and not leave them plane. I hope you will create more games like this. Oh and I wanted to give you an idea of making a Movie Editor app. Because if people want to make a movie on an app or game, they can easily use this app. I hope you read this review, your app is amazing. I will keep this app, you are really talented..you put a lot of effort into this app. Thank you so much☺️.

#AwesomeReviews, May 22, 2019
Video editor

I think it’s gonna be very fun because I had a TikTok and all those abs think it’s giving more experience to me to make edit videos and stuff or I can like it more so I think I’m really gonna like it because it looks cool looks awesome pictures movies and photo copy cropped version a whatever it is I think I like it because I am I think it’s really going to be really fun because I can already see it’s fun and young I have some abs that are fun but I’m like trying to get like absurd go away from TickTock and stuff but it’s OK I feel like this is coolReally cool app so I like slavery a kid just like live in this thing up and it’s very cool

alexadanajaylenearlene, Oct 23, 2019
Totally wasted money. STAY AWAY!!!!

I first loved this app, THE PAID VERSION! But after 3 months of paying I go to click it on and I have adds again, the extra money I spent on music is gone. So when I go to restore purchases it says I have not made any. Well that is $100 this year I’m saving. Too bad for this company. Get your stuff together and stop ripping people off. I mean, do it right, you have a great product (when it works).Update, just paid $3.99 and rebought this, had hoped this was fixed, no it still HAS NO CLUE I paid. I can not get the premium content. I needed a song on a video quick, so I paid, then got to music and it keeps asking if I want to upgrade. So I went and hit restore purchases, NO, STILL A PIECE OF CRAP!Ohhh I just tried your app support button right here on this page! Scam! Come on guys, how can this company be allowed on App Store! I’m more mad at Apple now!

Dan Blake (Bloomington), Jan 23, 2018
My review

This app said it was free and now I’m seeing that it’s not just waste of my time I actually though it was free guess I was catfished like all the other apps like these are you like kidding me I though it was going to be awesome guess I was wrong this app is so bad I have other apps but no I had to choose this one I am deleting this app I don’t know how people get these Money apps it says it’s free but it’s not I hate this I’m out I give this 1 star if I could I would give it 0 star because I was cat fished maybe some times you review are bad the person who made the commercial for this was lying and so were the people who maid this app now if you excuse me I’ll be going to edit my videos on a different app that’s way more far better than this one that cost money warning the people that want this app don’t get you only get cat fished so just don’t if you won’t to pay money every month for I don’t 20!! A month just 20 for a month don’t get me started with this app again now I must go edit my video elsewhere with more way more helpful apps than this

gigouf, Feb 17, 2019
Inevitable pop up ad without an exit button=unusable app

Personally I think this concept is great and the throngs you can do are like five editor apps combined. This replaces so many apps I had and I was so excited to use it. Sure, it is super stripped down and basic without pro but that is made up for by the quantity of actions possible—or it would be if I could use the friggin app. If I tap any button other than ‘Settings’ and ‘My Creations’, it instantly pulls up a screen wanting me to buy pro. Sure that’s a little annoying but what makes this worse is there is no exit button to that screen. You either buy pro or don’t edit. The only way off this screen is to leave the app. It’s horrible. Add an exit button to your friggin pop up ad, creators, then maybe I’ll consider redownloading the app and giving you five stars.

john Winchester., Dec 31, 2019
Video editor

I love video editor because I can make things without getting bosses around and told what to make my video about I am free to make my own choices on video editor and no one tells me what I have to make the story/video about and am allowed to be able to make it about Disney or wheather it is anything related to Disney no one tells you you have to make your video about Snow White or Rupunzel you can. Make it about anything or anybody it can also be your own imagination story that no one has heard before on video editor you can be free to make your own choices

OGPowellmighty, Mar 03, 2019
Do not get unless u will pay for pro!!!

So I was looking for a more complex app to edit some videos for my friends and such. I thought that this would be the perfect app. So I downloaded it and I had taken some screenshots of photos on social media of me and my friends, but for some reason no screenshots would show up at all. So I then just decided to use the photos I have that weren’t screenshoted. But I soon realized that u could only use 3 photos/videos without getting pro. I thought about how stupid it was but I continued with just three photos and then hoping that in the end I could make multiple 3 photo videos and put them together. So I went on to the editing and I was just playing around at first to see what edits I could do. First of all without pro u could only have 3 different themes, which were all very bad and childish. Then u could only add 3 effects that include: bubbles, sparkles, and fireworks. Again very bad and childish. So I then looked at the sounds and guess what. U could get maybe 5 sounds without pro. It was also very glitchy. So in conclusion I would not recommend buying this app unless u want to pay for pro.

poolparty627, Nov 12, 2018
To greedy

I think that this app uses taking money to much. I mean you can’t even do anything if you don’t have pro version. I click one thing and all I see is bUy PrO VeRsIoN. If your app is so special why didn’t you just make the app cost money. Also I suggest that if you don’t have pro you have more access to at least something. Like maybe a limited time to make a video or just less options. It’s still better than nothing. Overall this app really wants money and they should of just made the app cost money because it works for other apps. But if they’re gonna make it free make it so free people can do something. But the Videoshop is probably pretty good and worth the money 2/5 stars

Smurrgod3, Nov 11, 2019
Paid for one movie never got it

This app, like every other video editing app, is just a money sucking scam. $9.99 a WEEK for this!! No thanks. And of course after I spent an hour simply adding music to videos that I recorded OUTSIDE of the app on my iPhone, I had to pay 99 cents to save it. So I paid the dollar since I’d spent so much time on the video and then it never saved to my camera roll. Where else would it go? It confirmed my 99 cent purchase but is nowhere to be found on my phone outside of the app. And then once you pay 99 cents to save it, you have to pay again and again to save it again if it didn’t save the first time. Sorry, not doing it. I just want an app that will let me add music to my videos. Nothing fancy. Nothing overpriced. How hard is that???

Steen26, Apr 25, 2018
Don’t use

Made me use a free trial post subscription before even using the app, you can’t use folders in your photos so it’s unorganized, I wanted to combine a collection of short videos but you can’t use any video shorter than 3 seconds, as you select each video if it’s on iCloud it downloads it as you select it instead of loading everything at the end, making things more time consuming as I’m just trying to sort the videos, I can’t even get to the editing process because it says “not enough space on device”, I know I’m low on space but I should at least be able to add a photo. And it only tells you you don’t have enough space after you’ve already selected everything. Would not recommend.

Xara27, Jan 11, 2020


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