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Silk 2 – Generative Art

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Silk 2 – Generative Art

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Silk 2 – Generative Art

Perhaps Not Up to Silk Paints

Silk Paints (the other Silk Paint) was, and is, the opportunity to create original art. This app is for the artistically challenged whose only chance for creative balance is in turning the canvas into a mirror image. Frankly a duck could draw a masterpiece. Download the other app and enjoy the difference.Thank you for your comments, Yuri. Perhaps Apple would do an article in the App Store using some of my work, then you might be able to jack the price on Silk Paint. Let me know where I could forward some of my stuff to you. My art has been in Mac shows and in national mags. As a rule i keep it off of the Net, but I would make an exception for some of my Silk Paint art—as long as Apple identifies my art with my name.

Eageralanpoe, Mar 18, 2018
I love this

This is the best app ever created in the whole entire world I’ve literally played this app for literally so long so The one thing I didn’t like so I can make a Perfect Circle, Monterey maybe make a new new update so you can make a circle show me this is so creative I love this so much it’s so creative and so much fun!!! It’s so much fun I kept playing it over and over again but the one thing I didn’t like about it but sometimes I didn’t look that good but I’ll fix it it’s so creative

gggggggggggg66666^%|€|, Jun 07, 2023

Very fun app, and absolutely beautiful graphics!I used to have a similar-concept app which has since been discontinued — I was excited to find this as a possible replacement, and it’s almost everything I was hoping for!The one feature from that discontinued app that I miss a lot on this one is an option to have cycling colors draw over previous colors rather than turning white. It can be so meditative to draw and just keep going and going and going without needing to stop to switch brushes. There was a sense of continuous unfolding pattern that felt like slowly turning a kaleidoscope. I don’t know how difficult this would be to do programming-wise — is continuous color-cycling self-coloring-over a possible future upgrade? An example (but nowhere near as gorgeous as this app) is Fingerpaint II by MeritumSoft. Either way, thank you for putting together this beautiful app!

Gold&oak, Nov 30, 2020
Beautiful art at your fingertips

If you have always wanted to create beautiful art, or just draw satisfying pieces that you are proud to show to your friends and family, this is the app for you. It allows us to explore our own creative energy, but gives you tools to make it easy and enjoyable instead of frustrating and complex. Some of the art apps are so complicated that there is a steep learning curve. With Silk you are off and running in no time. Use the links in the upper right corner to change the shape of your lines, the circles of color on the bottom right to change colors (you can mix them together if you like or use the arrows to forward through the prepared palettes) and the links on the bottom left to change what type of output you want. Mix, match, play, it’s all effortless and so relaxing. This app is well worth the price, I have gotten hours of enjoyable artistic expression out of it, and I am just getting started. Enjoy!

JeanneDip, Oct 21, 2021
I love this app. It's so satisfying.

So beautiful. So smooth and flowy. Such a rich opportunity for creativity. I can play with it for hours. This latest version allows many more permutations than the previous version. More line quality choices, and more colors. My only suggestion for further developments is please add more dark colors. Like the black, where dark gets laid over light. Currently, the only truly dark color is the black. The other dark colors have dark "thumbnails" in the color picker, but when used they lay down light. It would be nice if there were subtle dark colors to paint over the top of bright areas. An eggplant purple, a navy blue, a deep olive green, a rich deep umber, etc. Thank you for making this app, it is such a delight!

juliaxx, Dec 27, 2016

I personally enjoyed the computer version of this app, but I love the iPhone version even more. More color palettes, more symmetry options to work with. Even when you go to pick your lines (straight or curvy), there are buttons that give your Silking an airbrushed quality - with or without the actual lines! And you don’t even have to feel bad about not saving your Silkings - it only takes about 30 seconds to make one, anyway.All in all, this app is absolutely mesmerizing, and worth much more than the $2.99 price tag.

Kalie L. Faul, Jun 04, 2019
Really good!!

This is a really good app and I recommend it for so many things!! It is good for random doodling, sketching, or even more advanced drawing. It works well because of the color features and drawing tools. The only thing I could say that would further improve this amazing app is to add white backgrounds. Sometimes I’m in a mess when I’m submitting for contests online and they ask for a transparent or white background when I used Silk as my first app to sketch a nice drawing and now my drawing has a black background.

laura_m_b, Dec 20, 2019
Really amazing, exceeds expectations

I bought this on a whim as I was looking for an app to create my own music visualizations. Not exactly what I wanted, but I absolutely love it nonetheless and find the various tools to be quite adequate for creating a stellar array of beautiful imagery. Highly addicting, and I cannot give the developer enough props for the SILKY smooth user interface and just the overall aesthetic. Very tasteful. A true masterpiece. My only wish is that there would be two additional draw tools:1. One that draws perfect circles that can be resized and spiraled with dragging motions, for easier “flower of life” type shapes 2. A straight line tool, where you place point A, drag to point B, and when releasing the touch a perfectly straight line is drawn. Currently, you have to swipe pretty fast to get anything close to a straight line and the swipe speed leads to lots of inaccuracies.Also I would love to see this somehow someway morphed into a custom music visual creator. It would be divine. That is what I was looking for to begin with, but I’m very happy to have found this.

Leom187, Jul 22, 2019
Best app I've ever bought

This app is spectacular! Creates beautiful art and anyone can do it. No matter how artistic you feel you are, this app will enable you to create a myriad of wonderful intricate creations, with endless possibilities. I agree with another reviewer who said that if you have anxiety, this app will help you. The calming music, the visual majesty, and the interactive design process will soothe you and center you in the moment. Let go of your regrets, let go of the melancholy nostalgia of hindsight, let go of the past, let go of nervous thoughts about the future, let go of your worries and predictions - rest and float happily here in the present. Sometimes we need a break from the constant stream of analysis and the reflexive judgements we make subconsciously about everything we see or experience - We need to experience for a while without evaluating or appraising or labeling anything and this is an experience like that. Don't think - just listen to the music and let your fingers move. Believe me. This is meditating without meditating. And it's worth every penny.

Shindnjaisn, Dec 22, 2016

So I was at school it was a normal day and basically we were have silent time aka computer time and I was playing keep out on portaportal and then i looked over to see that my best friend was playing silk I asked "what are you playing?" and she said "want me to get you on there?" an I said "Yeah! Just let me do this real quick"and then she got me on there and I was like "wow!" after playing it for awhile I absolutely fell in love with it! You would totally get it it's worth the money

udhfbcjyhfjdbyisknxn,cbc, Aug 17, 2022


Draw beautiful flowing art with Silk. With Silk's award-winning magic brush, anyone can be an artist. Featured by Apple as one of their favorite apps.

Relax, express yourself, and create mandalas and wallpapers. With the swish of a finger, Silk strands mingle and fuse, weaving together into wonderful works of art. Silk supports all iPhones and iPads, is enhanced for 3D touch, and specifically designed for the Apple Pencil. Buy once, run everywhere! "I can't believe even someone like me can create something cool looking in this thing. That's amazing!" ~ nickknw "Awesome! All I can think is woahdude." ~ MayhemMark - The official app of the award-winning website weavesilk.com, with millions of users - High-resolution export for poster prints or wallpapers - Eraser, a rainbow color, many new color palettes - Optimized for larger iPhones, iPad, and iPad Pro - Support for the Apple Pencil and 3D touch - Great for artists and non-artists alike - Cross-platform: play on your iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and iPad Pro - Original music and sound created for Silk - Create gorgeous wallpapers with the swish of a finger. The creature sketch in the iPhone screenshots was drawn by Oliver Wetter (www.fantasio.info) and the silk eye was drawn by Daniel Coonfield.

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