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Siddur – Linear Edition

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Siddur – Linear Edition

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User Reviews for Siddur – Linear Edition

Great app

I love the format. The ‘smart’ feature that shows the relevant parts of davening (Rosh Chodesh inserts on Rosh Chodesh) are great. However, they don’t work on the bedtime Shema. (Days without Tachanun should have parts omitted )Otherwise an awesome app!

Adler-San, May 17, 2018
Too small print for practical use

I can’t believe they released this and charge us. I also can’t believe I fell for it and bought it! The Hebrew font is way too small to be useful to pray.

Apple born again, May 31, 2020
Good alternative to their Annotated Siddur

I bought this version while waiting for the Annotated Siddur to have the English translation added. I have been happily using the annotated version for years.This is an excellent alternative. I used it for davening today and it worked well. It also offered pleasant, unexpected surprises.Glad I bought it.UPDATE: April 2018. Still using this app almost every day and still satisfied.However, I noticed 2 issues:1. On my iPad pro there is a rare occasional crash. I also notice some occasional “blinking” of the screen. I don’t know if these are related.2. It seems to me that the Omer count is one day behind. I counted 3 days of the Omer tonight after Maariv but this app indicated 2 days. BUT, I enjoyed finding the Omer section inserted into Maariv. Very nice touch!

Bobby frown face, Apr 03, 2018
Great Siddur

I love it. I like that it shows you on the home page either the prayer for Mariv or Minja or Arbit depends on what time it is or it shows you the Omer. You have easy access to the prayer that you need on the time that you need them.However on the menu you can find a Table of Contents if you are looking for something else.Do you have a Spanish - Hebrew Version?

D.Yehuda, Apr 30, 2019
Black screen to make it easier to read

Dear developer thank you for making the app can you please make a black screen with a white text so it’s easier to read. Thank you. Eliyahu

Eli's life, Apr 14, 2022
Best Siddur app ever

For those of us who don’t have an actual Shule nearby that we can go to everyday.. this Siddur makes it possible to know what to do and when..I had to pull some shenanigans (bluestacks) to get it on my surface pro.. but worth it!!!! It literally is the only Siddur I use .. except Shabbat an holidays.. but I have a Rabbi on those days.. this is the one!!!! Needs to have a “not praying in minyan option” but otherwise.. perfect

Grassman0119, Oct 08, 2018
Nice app

Not working so well past week.Random parts of davening just pop up. Once they fix it I’ll give it 5 stars.

Shmuel J, Apr 23, 2019
Not worth the money

First the good things: Thought this was a great way learning the prayers with this translation. And it works because every hebrew sentence is translated and it’s easy to follow. It has all the prayer you need. The bad: 1. The text is not native to the app. Meaning to say you can’t increase the text size or change font. It’s just basically PDFs that you can zoom in and out but you have to scroll then horizontally while praying. 2. When you scroll further down and you want to get back all the way to the top of the prayer usually you would swipe up and tab the top bar and it would scroll all the way to the top of the page. Not in this app. Especially painful since the texts are long. 3. At the current state the price is very high. If this would be $0.99 it might be a slight different story. In the end I would like to have a great app and pay for it. See how the Rusty Brick siddur did all of it much better.

Shmuelik, Jul 22, 2018
Won’t open after most recent update.

I use an iPad. The app was fine before the most recent update, and now immediately closes after opening.

Skylark Poems, Apr 30, 2021
Simply Amazing

The content, design, and text layout is great.Would be wonderful if the designers of this app created a similarly styled Tehilim.Thank you!

SonOfKorach, Jan 31, 2018


A smart Siddur with halachic times Includes a tefillin mirror, compass, halachic times and more. Features the acclaimed Kehot Linear Siddur, now available wherever you are. Features: * Smart prayers * All the prayers and blessings with easy navigation * A "Zmanim" calculator that will give you the proper Halachic times for your location * Hyperlinked table of contents * Tefillin mirror * Mizrach Compass The Siddur that's always there for you. הסידור במהדורה לינארית – ניתן להשיג בכל מקום סידור תהילת ה' במהדורה לינארית באנגלית בצורת הדף של הסידור הנדפס כולל: • כל התפילות והברכות עם ניווט קל • חישוב אוטומטי של זמני ההלכה בכל מקום • מפתח התוכן עם קישור אוטומטי • ראי לתפילין • מצפן למצוא את ה"מזרח" הסידור שתמיד לצידך.